Women around the world are demanding more rights

on the Occasion of International women's day women around the world claimed on Sunday to have more rights. Regardless of the Fears of a spread of the Coronavir

Women around the world are demanding more rights

on the Occasion of International women's day women around the world claimed on Sunday to have more rights. Regardless of the Fears of a spread of the Coronavirus which involved thousands of people in Asia in demonstrations on women's day, even in Patriarchal countries such as Pakistan, women went on the road.

In Kyrgyzstan, dozens of women were arrested during a protest March festival. UN Secretary-General, António Guterres, defendant is a "huge gender inequality in politics and the economy".

In the ultra-conservative Pakistan, there were several cities rallies for International women's day - and also counter-demonstrations. In the capital, Islamabad, about a thousand women and some men have equal rights for the sexes demanded. "Women in Pakistan are considered to be the property of her husband", said a Participant, Tahira Maryum. "There is nothing Offensive in it, his rights."

The protesters were only separated by a police cordon from the counter-rally. This dressed women were in burqa signs such as "Anti-Feminist" and "Our body, the will of Allah" in height. A Reporter for the AFP news Agency saw men with stones and sticks and threw at the women's day demonstrators.

women in Kyrgyzstan fixed

taken To came the riots, it is also at a Demonstration against violence against women in Kyrgyzstan. Masked men with traditional headgear attacked the participants in Bishkek, pelted them with eggs and snatched them to the posters. The police arrested several dozen women.

In Europe, the participation in demonstrations was, in many places lower than in previous years. Many of the women's marches right groups organized under the Hashtags #female strike and #38InternationalWomensDay Internet campaigns rather than the Road.

In several Swiss cities, women took advantage of the international women's day, to demand more equality and less discrimination. The usual big parade of women was not to be expected in view of the by the Federal government and the cantons, adopted prohibition of events with more than 1000 people due to the Coronavirus to. Instead, women gathered to smaller demonstrations and actions in various places.

In Asia were overshadowed by the women's day demonstrations massif of the fear of the novel Coronavirus. Protesters in Bangkok have demanded in the face of dozens of cases of infection in Thailand, better employment protection and more rights for women. In China, where the Coronavirus epidemic began, highlighted the state of media, the use of female medical personnel in the fight against the Virus.

events canceled

In South Korea, with more than 7,000 proven Coronavirus cases, the largest source of infection outside of China were canceled several events planned for women's day. "Even if we can't be together physically, our awareness of gender equality more than ever before," said the South Korean gender equality Minister in a video message.

In India was cancelled due to the Coronavirus epidemic a scheduled women's Marathon. On the occasion of the international women's day, Prime Minister Narendra modi gave his accounts in the Online services prominent women.

The Demonstration in the Philippine capital of Manila, was also directed against President Rodrigo Duterte, the misogyny is accused of. Protesters burned a giant doll, which was Duterte. In the Indonesian Jakarta, demonstrators called for laws against sexual violence.

Guterres calls for equality

UN Secretary-General, antónio Guterres position of women in many areas, to be referred to the lack of the same as "the overwhelming injustice of our time and the greatest challenge for the human rights".

The 21. Century must be the "century of the equality of women," urged Guterres in a guest article for the "Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung" (FAS). He also criticised the everyday sexism, the women were exposed to. (Dec/sda)

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