Where no pipes go unnoticed

And then the three-car Transporter on the motorway in the Canton of Uri, just the reverse. Several Hundred meters they drove against the direction of travel.Par

Where no pipes go unnoticed

And then the three-car Transporter on the motorway in the Canton of Uri, just the reverse. Several Hundred meters they drove against the direction of travel.Part in the breakdown lane, and partly on the lane. Until they were on the Gotthard raststätte stop.

in mid-February, this story went through the media. The chauffeurs wanted to escape the control in the heavy transport centre in erstfeld. As the alerted the police inspected the car Transporter later, it became clear why. The sins of the Transports is impressive: work and rest periods were not observed, the vehicles were technically deficient. True Polluters. In the words of a Police report: The driver had been brought along with the other complaints due to "the passing of vehicles with environmental charges to display".

Sometimes the checkers lend an ear to

need, it's always so dramatic to-and-fro in the first field, where the URI's of thousands of trucks under the microscope? So obviously, the rule violations, are not always. Sometimes the control need your keen hearing.

On this day of the week at the end of February, about a barely perceptible hiss comes out of a Truck with an Italian registration plate, just to the Control area arc. It sounds almost like a Tire air would lose. Something to do with this nearly 18-Meter-long vehicle is not true. The Truck with trailer is more closely inspected in the inspection hall of the heavy vehicle centre.

Patrik Arnold (left) and his colleague Benno Mauri full use of the body bars: the Only way to get to the suspect hiss to the track.

There is only a small part of the car daily on the 9000 load, in the South of the road ends up but: a Maximum of 80 more inspections per day are possible. Although all the trucks have the 70'000-square-meter terrain to traverse. But because the land transport agreement with the EU prohibits discrimination against foreign transporters are only allowed to be random checks.

The URI of the selection with two lanes at the entrance to the control center: The driver selects one of these two, without knowing whether he is subjected to a pre-audit or unmolested back to the A2 one pure can. The driver hit the "wrong" track, he and his vehicle subjected to a first inspection Is overloaded, the truck, the cargo properly secured, has complied with the driver's rest time and he is sober on the road?

air spring bellows licking

All the best to the Handlebars from Pescara. But why is the Truck there is this strange whistling from? Patrik Arnold rises with his colleague Benno Mauri under the car, and searched with the flashlight of "birth" of the noise. The expert quickly found The air spring bellows is surrounded by rust, has a leak. The air suspension provides for a compensation of the axes, permits gentle Transport. During the journey a failure, bad things can happen, the braking force is restricted, the car can tilt dangerously to one side.

in Particular, in the 16 km long Gotthard road tunnel with oncoming traffic seemingly minor Defects can cause major damage. The last fatal accident was barely a year ago: A truck lost a wheel, this slamming like a missile through the windshield of a car. The 65-year-old Arm from the Canton of Zurich, died at the site.

the driver of The Italian Camions waiting for the result of the inspection: for the time being unimpressed.

Such accidents go to the head of the heavy transportation center Uri (SVZ), Stefan Simmen, and his Mitarbeitendenan the kidneys. Give your work a deeper meaning. "Our inspections are extremely important for safety on the roads and anything other than harassment," says Simmen and quoted a variety of statistics. For example: In the ten years prior to the opening of the heavy goods traffic centre in the year 2009 were recorded in the car between erstfeld and Airolo 123 accidents with load. In the ten years after that, has halved the number almost.

Whether the Italian sinner feels harassed, it is difficult to assess: is He talking while the control is not a word, makes the whole process seemingly unimpressed endure. You treat the drivers with dignity, says Simmen, there is still no hand had become rough, and swear to a halt a bit. Even the Swiss commercial vehicle Association Astag, eager, initially, to the fact that the control must serve the activities of the security and not harassment should be evaluated the work in the field as very well. "There are professionals at work," says Astag-President Adrian Amstutz.

20'000-load set

As necessary, the controls are still in car, show recent Figures: In the case of inspections on the road, as well as a total of eight Swiss heavy traffic-control centres it came to complaints, 2018 and every third truck. Also, the data of the oldest, and by far the largest control center are impressive: Around 20'000 vehicles have been pulled in the first field from the transport and were only allowed to continue after repairs. Last year more than 2700 load have been set car.

are the URI's safety Director, Dimitri Moretti (SP) is clearly too many. Would have failed at the Italian Truck in the Tunnel, the brakes, could have been the fatal. "Such dangers we need to eliminate even more consistently",says Moretti, and therefore calls for an intensification of checks He wants from the Federal government the green light for more staff and a more Prüfbahn in original box. Especially since the shift of freight traffic from road to Rail will be supported. Some felt Moretti, as his party colleague, transport Minister Simonetta Sommaruga, contrary to come, in the last autumn, a listening ear, this concern is signaled.

Wait for the Ticino

Although Thomas Rohrbach praises of the Federal roads office (Astra), the work of the URI, he must put off: "We consider this to be a concern, but a definite commitment is not possible at the moment." The reason for this is to search in the neighbouring Canton. The Astra wants to first determine how the starting is the hard-to-traffic center in Giornico. The opening of this plant, in which the heavy traffic from the South to the North will be monitored, has plenty of delay. In 2012, the Federal government went from a start-up in 2016, in the meantime, there is talk of 2022, or even 2023. At fault are Objections and clarification of who must pay for the remediation of heavy metals contaminated Monte Forno site.

the Canton of Uri, is the control center in many ways, a blessing. The Federal government pays the salaries of 57 employees. Also, the surrounding commercial benefits: In the last ten years, were executed on the orders of the specialists around 19'000 truck repairs. Add to this the Fines. At many a Stammtisch is teased that the Canton of Uri with the buses for camion your healthy push. Director of security Moretti knows this, and replies "but It's not about more revenue, but to increase the security." The URI's police commander confirmed Reto Pfister: "The government makes no requirements as to how much Fine are we supposed to take."

The two experts have not only discovered a leaking air spring bellows: two Tyres of the Italian truck sized holes on the meadows.

Also on this day, so some money is coming back Alone from Italy, where the offending truck is enrolled, flow 1200 francs on Deposit amount and fees in the state Treasury of Uri. The height of the buses is yet to be determined. The Maximum fine of 10'000 Swiss francs, it will not be, but a painful one for the transport company. Finally, the experts discovered, in addition to demkaputten air spring bellows of the two damaged tyres, and the vehicle was a few inches too high on the road. A Garagist on-the-spot corrected the defects complained of on the same day, so the driver was allowed to take it after a re-inspection. At least, not to annoy the holding company about damaged goods: it was Loaded with salt.

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