Where is the Jail-Train stops daily

One afternoon during the week at the station Bassersdorf. On the platforms, some of the commuters waiting on the S-Bahn, Friend walk by, in front of Avec Shop g

Where is the Jail-Train stops daily

One afternoon during the week at the station Bassersdorf. On the platforms, some of the commuters waiting on the S-Bahn, Friend walk by, in front of Avec Shop guests bend over scratchcards. Then an unusual train on Track 1 – red locomotive, behind a windowless van. The people at the station, one noticed hardly. The train stops in front of a barbed-wire secured Area with point of view protection.

A door opens, two Securitas employees to diving and the two pivot set wings of the veiled gate precisely so that you can get between the rail fence and the view block. Only a narrow gap revealed what was going on behind them: Securitas-people lead successively to several people from the carriage and bring you to the barred Area.

transfer point for prisoners

The people are prisoners. Six men and a woman, leaving the Gefängniszug. The so-called Jail-Train runs twice daily between Bern and Bassersdorf. At the train station SBB and Securitas operate a large interchange station in your Jail-Transport-System (JTS) for prisoner transports on road and Rail. On behalf of the cantonal justice and police Director (conference of cantonal justice and police Directors) the guard company of the prisoners daily across Switzerland – in a different prison negotiating institution, a court, the identity of clarification, to the hospital or to Deportation.

The transport system consists of a distribution network with several dozen transfer points in the whole of Switzerland. Bassersdorf is a major hub. In the grid-Camp next to the Track 1, the redistribution of the prisoners will take place on the train and on vehicles of the police and Securitas. Per day the means of transport, such as Dominik Jud says, is in the case of Securitas for the prisoner transport responsible change in Bassersdorf between 20 and 50 people. Around 6000 people were there last year.

Call from the box cars

the Country moved Securitas 2019 with the Jail transportation System more than 16, 000 occupants. Since 2001, there were a total of 294'000 people. The annual costs for the JTS amounted to 8 million Swiss francs; two-thirds accept, the cantons, one-third of the Federal government.

In the Jail-Train series along a corridor 18 narrow cells with massive bars. The gear is bathed in artificial light, the air smells slightly stale. There is a toilet, air conditioning, video surveillance and the front of the car a small office compartment for the two-man Securitas-crew. The door to the driver is barricaded for safety reasons.

The Gang in the Jail-Train is barred, the left and right cells next to the other. Photo: Sabina Bobst

Since 2001, the special train is on the move, earlier between Bassersdorf and Geneva, for a few years only between Bassersdorf and Bern. According to Dominik Jud it takes the prisoner transport Rail: due to the large number of detainees, which are daily transported through the whole of Switzerland, and because of the train on the route Bern–Zurich-in contrast to the jam-prone the A1 promises to be more punctual.

In Bassersdorf the seven prisoners in handcuffs from the Jail-Train in the prison station, and there to ready the delivery vehicle of the police and Securitas. The "Transshipment", as he is called, is proceeding quickly. None of the detainees resistance. From a closed box unsafe "Hello are car? Hello?"-To hear the call. The van is in motion and leaves the enclosed area.

In Bassersdorf operate SBB and Securitas, a transfer point for the prisoner transport. Photos: Sabina Bobst

"With the JTS will only be transported by persons, which are considered to be cooperative, not violent and not a flight risk," says Dominik Jud. Persons are classified as dangerous, are chauffeured to the police.

The Transfer station Bassersdorf consists of an L-shaped Container with a break room for the staff, as well as the "setting range" with ten cells and a toilet – the "hour-jail", like the "view" once called him.

In the "hours-jail" will spend the detainees, their stay in Bassersdorf. Photo: Sabina Bobst

There, the prisoners may have to wait until the Gefängniszug or her van to arrive for further transport. "A maximum of one and a half hours, and unfettered," says Jud. In the break room, bottled water, crisp bread, Le-Parfait-spread on Bread and Mars are ready for the bar.

Prior to 2001, accompanied police officers to the prisoners, or they were transported unaccompanied in the cells of the SBB baggage car. Because the reasons of saving, not more police officers for the Job, wanted to leave and unaccompanied Transport in narrow track joined cells without a toilet, according to the NZZ on criticism of the Council of Europe, introduced a number of the cantonal justice and police Directors on the current System. This proved to be the right and push international interest, says Jud. So far, nowhere else in Europe, prisoners are transported by train.

grosser Hardly incidents

between the cases, it is come, according to Jud practically never. The Securitas staff are always great to have a pepper spray, but no firearm. In all the years there had been only one escape: A man of very narrow Posture made it in the bassist villages "hours-jail", to squeeze through the hatch of a cell. As a Securitas wanted to adjust employees later this escape, he remained, according to the Jud in the hatch plug.

"most of The detainees are cooperative," says Securitas-man. You asked for a maximum, where the journey goes and whether or not they can smoke. Only a few refused to get on the Jail Trail. "In difficult cases, we must call the police," says Jud. In connection with the Corona-crisis, no additional measures are currently envisaged. The operation is obtained according to Securitas, as previously maintained. You follow the instructions of the Federal office for health. Cell areas were cleaned as previously and regularly disinfected. The BAG should tighten the requirements, will you implement this. Dominik Jud points out that known cases of suspicion would not even logged in to the JTS.

Critical voices from the left

In Bassersdorf the prison station, beats next to the tracks, no high waves. "We pay attention to a discrete operation," says Jud. Criticism there is in the collection of transports to the "Transshipment". "Like a cattle transport," says the Lucerne criminal defense attorney Heinz Ottiger to the conditions set out in the Securitas van with up to six mini-cells. Probably from saving prisoners would have to endure in the narrow cells of the "multi-hour treks through Switzerland", to which the Transporter is doing elsewhere to other prisoners. "A disgrace," says Ottiger. This opinion will also be shared by the Democratic lawyers of Switzerland.

cantonal justice and police Directors-Secretary Roger Schneeberger rejects the criticism: the Size of The cells corresponds to the specifications. "The prisoner transport vehicle must meet the safety standards of the Astra and have been homologated by this Homo." The cells would have to be relatively tight, so that the transported persons in the case of a sudden stop or an accident would not be thrown around. It would also make ongoing optimizations to keep the transport time as short as possible.

In the cells in the train it has only a little space to spread out. Photo: Sabina Bobst

From the extreme left-wing scene in SBB and Securitas, see themselves facing the charge that they were deported part of the "deportation machinery," the refugees "" and misery, to enrich. The Jail-Train will be used for the unjustified Deportation of refugees from Switzerland.

"is used, This criticism is completely out of the air," says Schneeberger. Of their own accord to transport the Securitas no people. You get the contract for the transportation of a Person by the police authorities. The transport is fundamental for Securitas is not apparent, and you don't know the respective status of residence. For Securitas-man Jud the current System of public security, "because more police officers are to be provided for tasks that only you can fill".

At the station Bassersdorf is about disappeared forty minutes after the Prisoner the last Securitas van. The grid-Camp is leaving. Then the Jail-Train out of the station rolls. After a night in the Depot the next Morning to drive.

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