Vladimir Putin may still remain 16 years in Power

for weeks, Russia has discussed its new Constitution, it was argued about the role of God, or of the nature of a marriage. But then, all the debates have been r

Vladimir Putin may still remain 16 years in Power

for weeks, Russia has discussed its new Constitution, it was argued about the role of God, or of the nature of a marriage. But then, all the debates have been resolved in a matter of seconds in the air: Valentina Tereshkova, flew in 1963 as the first woman into space, suggested, to reset the count of the terms of office of the Russian President to zero.

Want to be called: to do so, as Vladimir Putin would not since 20 years in Power. To allow him to stay on as mayor when his term ends in 2024 is due to expire, but to run with fresh power again.

"And then we see more"

Tereshkova had to ask the President if he wanted to, replied President Vyacheslav Volodin, a good friend of Putin. And in a probably up to the last Detail orchestrated action of the state was made a chief in the Parliament. After many turns, Putin explained there, finally, he had no objection in principle nothing against such a solution. The Parliament had to submit to the constitutional court, this should check whether all walk with the right things. The Parliament also proposed new elections to the Parliament he described as "unnecessary", which is the proposal from the table. "Together we can achieve much until 2024," he explained to the deputies finally in a good mood, with a smug Grin, adding: "And then we look further."

to view a Lot of it will be as well: Far and wide no one is in sight who has even close to the political stature of the President. Without a doubt, Putin in 2024 will compete again, provided, of course, that the 67-Year-old is still fit enough. The first term in office, he can hang on for a second. And 2036 even Vladimir Putin would probably gradually said to be weary of.

The reform of the Constitution will make his office more powerful: Putin in front of the Parliament.

This has been the debate over a new Russian Constitution as a mere camouflage for an outright shameless Powerplay. Meanwhile, Putin had said in the discussion, many correct and important things: That Russia needs a regular change of power, in order to stay healthy – but only if the country was "stable and rich" enough. Also important is the proposal that the balance balance of power in the country and move more responsibility from the President to the Parliament and to the government.

Of which nothing is now left of it: The constitutional reform, will make his office more powerful – up to the Dictatorial, as put it recently, the Ex-Oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky in an interview. The power extension is effected mainly through the judiciary: The President appoints and controlled by the constitutional court up to the General prosecutors in the Federation subjects, everything.

The President is for him not just a Job, he said, but a "fate".

Also to be expressed through a Council of state, should get more Power, is again what he was: a toothless Advisory body. "There are proposals to give the Council of state, special powers of attorney and to make me the chief," Putin said last week. "What do you mean would? That would mean that the country has a dual power arises. Such a Situation would be absolutely fatal for Russia." The country will still need a strong President – just obviously the better of him. The President, for him, is not just a Job, he explained, but a "fate".

And the fate of his people. After all, many in Russia will have to convince Putin of his Plan. The last few years, has become clear again that a certain amount of Putin-fatigue makes wide. In particular, many young people are fed up with the old corrupt System, you feel of the same old guard is not represented and the hope for a new beginning, a modernization of the country. Even as Putin in 2012, returned after a term in office as Prime Minister to the presidency back, came the bad. The people went out to hundreds of thousands onto the street, resulting in the Kremlin panic relapses.

to have But in the meantime it has recovered apparently from fright, and thinks the mood of the people in the handle. The poll numbers for the President are mixed: A quarter of Russians want Putin to remain President. Another quarter want him to go. However, a third of the people wants, that Putin is also playing through 2024, in addition to an important political role. You and those, which are currently all the same, you must convince the Kremlin now believes that with a President Vladimir Putin would be best served.

Created: 10.03.2020, 16:04 p.m.

Updated Date: 10 March 2020, 16:04

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