Virus alert in Zürich: What are the consequences?

the Following areas, click on affected in the Canton of Zurich in one way or another from the event ban (to learn more): culture of consumption, the Zurich busi

Virus alert in Zürich: What are the consequences?

the Following areas, click on affected in the Canton of Zurich in one way or another from the event ban (to learn more): culture of consumption, the Zurich business school and education transport folk festivals

indoor stadium : The event, the prohibition hits the largest Indoor Arena in the country with capacity of 15000 spectators is particularly hard: All concerts and Events up to and including 15. March 2020 had to be cancelled. Whether the concerts can take place at a different time, is still unclear.

Samsung Hall : Cancellations must also be reported to the event hall in dübendorf, in the up to 5000 people at a time. Both the Shows from Halsey and from the Cabaret Duo Divertimento, as well as the concert of Avril Lavigne may not go as planned.

Tonhalle Maag : The Tonhalle-Gesellschaft Zurich, the two family concerts from the 1 had. March to a later date to move. About other concerts you informed regularly on your Website. The Tonhalle Zurich is situated with a Maximum of 1224 individuals just above the guideline value of the Federal Council of 1000.

theatre : Both the Playhouse and the theatre Winterthur are not affected by the Federal ban. Their ideas continue to take place. The other theatre in the Zurich area are sticking to your game plan.

Opera house : The events of the Zurich Opera house are held, until further notice, as planned. However, the number of seats will be reduced to 900 per show. This is to pass through rebooking and cancellation of larger quotas to reach, the Opera house. The Opera ball of 14. March had to be cancelled. The celebrations for the 20. The anniversary of the event will be in 2021 to be rescheduled. (tif)

garden fair : The traditional Zürcher garden fair in the spring is cancelled: The Giardina will not take place this year. In the halls of the Zurich exhibition, the organizer between the 11 had. 15.?March expected about 60'000 visitors.

shopping malls : On the everyday shopping, the measures of the Federal Council, however, have no influence – not even in the busiest shopping centre of Switzerland, with nine million visitors a year: The smooth center will be in the next few days, as usual, open. The Federal Council yesterday adopted a event ban, writes Marcel Schlatter, media spokesman for the Migros-genossenschafts-Bund, which belongs to the Glatt centre. "We do not assume, however, that the shopping centre is prized as an event, and, therefore, expect no impact on the opening Hours of the branches of the Migros group, including the smooth center."

The employees called to do everything in order to make a contribution to the non-propagation of the disease (hand washing, fever, stay at home). The Migros to meet, but the arrangements, to the staff in case of an emergency quickly with the means of protection equip.

markets : the weekly markets in the city of Zurich will take place as usual. A little unsettled by some of the market drivers, the many asked the industrial police about a possible cancellation were but yesterday. (zet)

pandemic task forces : In the case of the Zurich-based company, the Coronavirus is an acute issue. Some companies like Swiss Life or the Zurich cantonal Bank have established special pandemic task forces.

Handshake-ban : to renounce, Among other things, companies instruct their employees on the "Shaking of hands as a greeting ritual", as he put it, about the Swiss Life.

Contactless : generally, employees are asked to provide personal contacts to shut down. The Zurich-based HR service provider Adecco conducts interviews in these days, increasingly via telephone or Skype; the ZKB relies on phone consultations. Swiss Life Meetings holds for the time being, virtually, both international and internal.

home office : The construction company Implenia will arrange the home office in the "case of cases" in Zurich. In the case of the UBS home office in China for many employees, duty of, in Italy, recommended to the part.

travel restrictions : Lindt & Sprüngli controlled by visitors on their trip activities; for employees of the travel restrictions with respect to the Corona-affected countries in force. Adecco, UBS, Lindt & Sprüngli and the insurance company Zurich to write you based on the country-wide recommendations against travel to the affected countries. masks for all employees : The ZKB distributed protective masks and disinfection means. As in most companies, employees must remain at the end of the case of flu symptoms at home. (dap)

elementary schools : The most important Information for all students in the Canton of Zurich: The schools remain open, the school is. The health of the pupils and the teachers were with her in the first place, said education Director Silvia Steiner (CVP) on the Friday before the media.

Healthy children are also likely to visit abroad, run contain the lessons. "Sick children with fever are not allowed to visit as usual in the school." Schools should send sick children home. "Should a suspected case, the Canton of doctor together with the school doctor and, in consultation with the school care about the further course of action," said Steiner.

In the event of any school closures should be made a weighing of interests, because the social and economic impact would be significant.

school exams : The Central entrance examinations to the high schools found on 9. and 10. March, says education Director Steiner. Over 8,000 children take part in it, they are to be examined at the respective schools. Sick children would be rejected and could do a review. Steiner can imagine, however, to postpone the examination of the integral, you should escalate the Situation massively.

colleges : Even in Uni, ETH and universities (ZHAW, PHZH) to continue their operation, as in the past. The University and the Zurich University of Applied Sciences with parts that you do not carry out events with more than 1000 Participants. (zet)

The good news first: Zurich is also in the coming days still.

the main railway station and public TRANSPORT : in Spite of thousands of commuters in the Federal Council's decision has no impact on Zurich's railway stations. "Special measures for the Zurich train station or public TRANSPORT are the responsibility of the Federal office for health (BAG)," said SBB spokesman Martin Meier. And the answer of the BAG is extremely tight: "at The Moment, no such measures are provided for."

you Should avoid the train station? This is not necessary, says the Zurich Canton of doctor Brian Martin during the media conference of the Executive Council: "The Coronavirus is not as contagious as the flu, you may run a Sick pass by and are not plugged in."

airport : Also for air travelers Courant there is normal. The Zurich airport has to be prepared and have emergency plans for dealing with highly infectious diseases, said spokeswoman Sonja Zöchling Stucki. Be arranged this also from the BAG. And this didn't happen until now. The Only thing that travelers flight reminded at the moment of the Coronavirus: posters and flyers of the BAG.

border : cross-border commuters are not suddenly in front of a closed barrier. On the German-Swiss border, no restrictions are planned, such as the Swiss Federal customs administration informs. "The Federal customs administration keeps ever-ready measures in order to the BAG or other authorities to implement. Currently, there are no restrictions." (shu)

six ring : Although the six-ring 2020 is only on 20. April, the Central Committee of the guilds of Zurich is pursuing the development around the spread of the Coronavirus, but now "with concern", such as media spokesman Victor Rosser on request says. "If a decision comes from above, that the event or individual parts thereof to be cancelled due to the Coronavirus, we can do nothing about it."

The preparations for this year's Sechseläuten are already up and running for a year. The guest Canton of Uri, is also invited. "We can't stop everything, and then the procession will take place," says Rosser. Nevertheless, the Central Committee thought of emergency scenarios. "The move and the Böögg Burn must be cancelled, would be a variant. The Zünfter would then be able to just celebrate in one of the parlors."

of course, is that the Delegation of a Chinese school is not run because of the Coronavirus at the children's parade of the six-ringing. They canceled on Monday their participation in the group is "open to the World in Zurich".

carnival : The Züri Carneval on the deer course and the Münsterhof can take place as planned. The carnival Parade through the city centre needs to be relieved against it. Other carnival events in the Canton of Zurich, such as, for example, the carnival in Winterthur, Horgen carnival parade or the carnival in Urdorf can not be carried out this year due to the Federal ban. (tif)

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