VBZ have problems because of too tight pants

the Zurich Tram pilots and bus drivers are increasingly in fluorescent vests on-the-go. The reason: Because they do not have complete VBZ-Uniform, you must wear

VBZ have problems because of too tight pants

the Zurich Tram pilots and bus drivers are increasingly in fluorescent vests on-the-go. The reason: Because they do not have complete VBZ-Uniform, you must wear the vest in order to be at all recognizable.

Although the new uniforms were delivered in mid-September, are still some of the 1500 VBZler not fully equipped. Their dresses had to be adjusted. In the case of some, because they have been for the fitting last summer increased or decreased, as a VBZ spokesman Tobias Wälti says. Some of the new pants were too tight, because they are "modern cut". This will lead to a change in the feel.

Apparently, there are so many Changes that individual employees will also have to wait for small Change to your choice of up to eight weeks for delivery. It attempts to allow as many requests for Change, says Wälti: "This led to a variety of requests. In particular, the processing of special masses time-consuming." Because the Team that is in the VBZ for clothing to be responsible, was overloaded, it had to be due to additional employees added. This effort was expected but, says Wälti.

"Disastrous conditions"

Less sober it press multiple VBZ-employees with whom the TA has spoken. You are upset about the "disastrous conditions". Also Duri Beer, the competent regional Secretary of the trade Union SSP / VPOD, has heard the criticism. It relates to individual uniform parts, new sizes that don't match the old, or the fact that the new Uniform too little from the cold shooter.

According to the VBZ parts from over 150 uniforms had to be at the manufacturer's company Image Wear returned. Either they were replaced or adjusted. That's the equivalent of 10 to 12 percent of the order. The CEO of Image Wear, Patrick spark, power to request any specific information on the scope of the returns. He writes, they would "move in the normal range" and are not comparable with other similarly extensive deliveries. Only a number is called ignition, and writes: "Of the 1500 employees, we have a (1) single strap with a material error in the exchange – i.e. absolute leader."

Long history

suffer The Anger of some of our staff with the new Uniform is the last Chapter of a material acquisition, not reads just like a story of success. It all started in June 2017, as it became known, that the VBZ want to clothe your staff in a new and short pants will in the future belong to the Uniform. After violent protests VBZ made in January of 2018, backed down and ordered but also short pants.

With the invitation to tender of the contract the second Chapter, about the last of October, the "world weekly" reported began: The requirements made by the VBZ, were so detailed, that hardly a clothing company on the contract could apply. During the procedure, the VBZ individual Must criteria to fit, because they would otherwise have found no candidate. A controversial condition, but The provider had to have equipped in the past five years a minimum of 500 employees of a PUBLIC utility company or an airline.

Only four candidates

At the end of four firms competed for only a matter of the order. Including Fashion Promo from Olten. CEO Joseph Alain Scherrer was aware that his company could not meet this requirement, because he had founded his company only a year and a half before. Prior to that, he had dressed but with a different company in Aarburg, Switzerland, thousands of employees from companies such as the SBB, Swiss or Coop in.

However, the VBZ Fashion Promo, as well as a further competitor excluded, because the requirements were not met. Scherrer challenged this decision before the administrative court. This came in judgment in the end, the actions of the VBZ was "legally permissible, however, cumbersome and not immediately obvious". The court dismissed the complaint Scherrers, imposed the cost of the procedure, but half of the VBZ and obliged them to pay Scherrer is a party to compensation.

Overall, the VBZ at a cost of almost 15'000 Swiss francs. Fashion Promo was made with less than 9.5 million Swiss francs the most advantageous offer. The company had been awarded the contract, would have saved the VBZ about 4 million Swiss francs. Because you decided to, finally, for Image Wear, which offers the uniforms for 13.6 million Swiss francs.


Even today, Scherrer annoyed by the VBZ. Not so much because of the lost job – Fashion-Promo has won in the meantime, a half-dozen orders in the Canton of Zurich as well as in Switzerland and in the German-speaking authorities and private industrial companies, but "because of the actions of the VBZ was so amateurish and a lot of taxpayers 'money has been swallowed up". A young, innovative company have in such conditions, no ability to submit a bid. "This is a distortion of competition," says Scherrer.

The VBZ will see the different. Of course, you have to in the case of a complex tender lessons to learn. But: "We are with the course and outcome of the tender satisfied," says spokesman Wälti today in retrospect.

wrong coat-of-arms

printed After the presentation of the new uniforms last August, the next Chapter in this story, harvest the VBZ ridicule and mockery: The Zurich coat of arms on the Jackets had been incorrectly printed. The blue part is displayed in light and white is dark. Local councils of the SP and the FDP called for, to correct the error.

Also, the audit Commission dealt with the case, as in the recently published activity report. This criticism of the VBZ was loud, which did not want to admit their mistake. The transport authority said only that it was neither economically nor ecologically sensible, to dispose of the Jackets because of the wrong Logos, and buy new. In the case of new Jackets will be printed with the correct Logo. This year about 100 new Jackets for new employees, ordered.

The Zurich coat of arms the Blue and the White are reversed. Image: zvg

The Anger of some of the tram pilot and bus driver inside was not yet gone, because the VBZ already wrote the next Chapter of the uniform history. Or more precisely: To the seven-page "guidelines for personal appearance at Zurich public transport VBZ operated". It is also how to wear the Uniform and to maintain. Among other things, the VBZ wanted to record: "In long sleeve shirts and long sleeve blouses, the Sleeves may not be rolled back."

These and other provisions have been deleted from the VBZ, at the request of the trade Union SSP / VPOD again. Controversial remains the extent to which employees may join in the conversation at the end of in the future in the selection of the product range. The new uniforms are now to pass through once "a certain gestation period before a range of adjustment will be discussed", held VPOD and VBZ recently together. The long history of the new VBZ-uniforms is likely to be a further Chapter.

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