Trump has found a scapegoat

First he called it a "fraud". Then he spoke of a "Problem disappear". And until recently, he shook in campaign appearances, as usual, many hands. But now D

Trump has found a scapegoat

First he called it a "fraud". Then he spoke of a "Problem disappear". And until recently, he shook in campaign appearances, as usual, many hands. But now Donald Trump can't talk about the Coronavirus longer small, it has arrived in America and spreads. In spite of all the walls that had the U.S. President. In addition, the world health organization, WHO, speaks now of a pandemic, what also can't ignore Trump, even though he wanted to cut the international authority of the American contributions.

There remained to him only the assignments against attack by means of debt. He said in his short speech to the American people of "foreign viruses" that are infiltrated by and the Association with migrants from Latin America, the intention is without a doubt. And the US President was also to know where the pathogens come from, namely from Europe. The European Union, which he anfeindet particularly like, I made a mistake in the cautions. An accusation that Trump probably against their better Knowledge has raised, because Europe is, like the "New York Times" writes, to date, no primary source for known infections in the United States.

But, that's Trump: the main thing is, you have a scapegoat. Be choice-based battle in 2016, and in 2020 again. The US President feared, not wrongly, that he is a small, annoying creature might ruin the re-election. He, therefore, has two opponents in November: probably the old Joe Biden from the Democrats, and pretty sure the young Coronavirus by nature. The latter is likely to be more insidious and perhaps even more dangerous than the political opponent. That is why Trump has now, the air traffic to cease between the United States and the 26 countries of the Schengen area, including Switzerland.

This measure is not only dramatic, but their efficacy is also controversial. But trump's followers will know who is to blame for everything that could happen to the USA. No question of the Corona Tests are scarce, and that the US President wants to restrict the public health system that he plans to cut the upcoming Budget to combat communicable diseases, and that he has painted in his National security Council the Job of pandemics competent consultant.

it is Still not entirely clear to whom the Coronavirus is close, the Republicans or the Democrats. If it is the pharmaceutical industry, contrary to expectations – quickly able to develop an effective drug will Trump with a probability bordering on certainty as the heroes celebrate, has defeated the Virus. If Corona is, however, in the autumn, a theme – and most forecasts suggest that, should it be to the volunteers of the Democrats. The powerful choice of helpers, the Democrats need to defeat Trump.

Video: messy Trump communicated during Coronavirus-crisis From one Extreme to the other: Donald Trump confused with his contradictory statements to the Coronavirus. Video: Tamedia

Created: 12.03.2020, 15:49 PM

Updated Date: 12 March 2020, 18:00



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