To play 40 years of puberty, would be silly

This weekend, all events will be held in the Red factory, despite the Virus warning. The 1000 Limit on audience will not be reached. Susan Peter worked from 199

To play 40 years of puberty, would be silly

This weekend, all events will be held in the Red factory, despite the Virus warning. The 1000 Limit on audience will not be reached. Susan Peter worked from 1994 to 2004 in the concept of the office of the Red factory and is now on the Board. Kyros Kikos is since 2006 responsible for the concept office.

What have you done in the founding year of the Red factory?

Susan Peter: in 1980 I visited in the city the kindergarten seminar and ran into the midst of the Opera house riot. This got me politicized. From the beginning, I went as a visitor in the Red factory.

Kyros Kikos: I got nothing. Since I was a 15-year-old students in Germany.

Was Zurich really so dead at that time, as it is always?

Peter: is A cultural wasteland. There was virtually nothing for Younger. And suddenly, the halls opened on a lake, in which you can implement ideas and New could try out. This spirit makes the Red factory for me today.

"Our task has become more difficult. We are no longer automatically the Place to Be."Kyros Kikos

Currently running in Zurich. Where is the Red factory?

Kikos: is Our task to become more difficult. And interesting. We are no longer automatically the Place to Be.

Peter: Of the Red from are always many cultural impulses. We were often at the forefront on new and controversial topics. Today, many culture make places something Similar.

You could say: The Red factory has your order been fulfilled. It no longer needs.

Kikos: I think not. As an alternative, subsidized house, we differ in two main respects from the rest of the offer. We are organized as a community. And we are open to the outside.

Open to the outside?

Kikos: Who has ideas, but no space and technical possibilities, may at any time call for. Depending on the type of event, we propose a co-production or rent one of our rooms.

Since can all join in?

Kikos: There are limits. Here nothing is held Racist or Sexist. In addition, the events should be open to the public, kind of interesting, and not primarily commercial. To throw just a Party, it is not enough.

Peter: Tend to not have it impose ideas from the outside simply, against the existing program. But there is no other cultural center in Zurich, where Outsiders can contribute.

Was Head of the Red factory never a or a boss?

Peter: Never. She was always organized democratically. Sure have formed again and again, informal hierarchies. And with the years, processes have been simplified and combined. But the decisions to run today so transparent and democratic, as in such a large group.

The theatre office is called the anniversary "40 years of discussions". That sounds exhausting.

Peter: , and The Negotiation of attitudes and goals, cost is always a lot of strength. In the process, all need to take care that the culture is not too short.

Kikos: to create The final goal of a collective can never be perfect processes. There is no System in which everything dissolves in satisfaction.

"In a collective conflicts are quickly and personally. But the effort is worth it."Kyros Kikos

This means that the dispute belongs to it?

Peter: Yes. And unfortunately, this can be hurtful. The joint Negotiating requires high social skills. You must come to be able to bring opposition to bear with other's opinions clear.

Kikos: In a collective conflicts are quickly and personally. But the effort is worth it.

self-organization: What this brings to the visitors?

Peter: The Red factory lives since the beginning of a curiosity, a vole-like Approach. With a normal directorship would be created here never so much Innovative.

Kikos: Today, participation is fashionable and politically just. We've been doing this for 40 years. These experiences are very valuable.

What would have kept the moving boy 1980 by the current Red factory?

Peter: I would have found them great.

Today, the Red factory, it oozes history. Does not scare the boy?

Peter: I think a lot of Young just appreciate this historical depth. I have a niece in her early 20s. They considered the Red is very critical. You will find that the lack of throughput, that the same people would Say that. But basically, I like it here, the diversity, the Other, Ungepützelte the.

And: Has your niece right? There is a need for more throughput or a ratio of Young?

Peter: she speaks to a weak point. And I do not carry my age well for rejuvenation.

Kikos: the danger is to repeat itself, always the same people speak up and lose the sense of current dynamics is always. Therefore, we have converted a year ago, our club concept and strongly tapering. Therefore we have addressed to us early on, with events directly to children and young people.

Some say that the Red had become a Museum.

Kikos: But a great Museum. Seriously. The criticism of us is often along certain preferences. A Heavy-Metal Fan missing, that we can hardly make a Heavy Metal concert. But the claims are very different. The theater audience is a different than the one that visited our concerts. There is no uniform picture.

Is it possible to stay 40 years young?

Kikos: We are not a Squat, but a set Institution, which receives from the city every year, 2.4 million. To play 40 years of puberty, would be silly. It's important to keep a sub-cultural currents in the eye and provide you with needed space.

The Red factory is on the edge of the city. What do you think – is the remoteness of a Prior or a disadvantage?

Kikos: it takes some of the pressure. In the centre of the claims would be greater. Out here, we were able to develop hipster-free.

On nice days, the Red factory acts as a Paradise for medium-sized families.

Kikos: This is great. All are welcome. Here, people mingle in a way that you have nowhere else.

The "reithalle" in Bern, often causes Controversy. The Red factory, it remained in the last few years quietly.

Kikos: , The two cities can be compared only to a limited. Zurich always had big Squats, in which the Autonomous scene collected. The Red factory, does not shy away from conflicts. But provocation is no value.

Peter: , The SVP wanted us to swipe the money. There were times when we feared for our future. Currently, this is a risk, fortunately, is small.

the Red factory in 2060 will celebrate the 80-years anniversary?

Peter: We all dream of a retirement home here. No. I hope that the Red factory is still for a long time. The prerequisite is that you remain awake.

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