The threat was not meant to be so, but the woman is dead

A 38-year-old iron-Leger from the North of Macedonia does not dispute: That there came between him and his two years younger, also from the North of Macedonia-b

The threat was not meant to be so, but the woman is dead

A 38-year-old iron-Leger from the North of Macedonia does not dispute: That there came between him and his two years younger, also from the North of Macedonia-born wife again and again to the dispute. That he berated you for his defender no question. Because in the end, he was able to accept the separation request of his wife hard.

But you know nothing of the man from the accusation, he had threatened his wife between January 2017 and February 2018 on a regular basis with death, with shock, bruises inflicted, or her announced that he was going to connect with her hair to the car and through the city loop. "I was never violent."

death threats are something Normal

In the criminal investigation, he had said that he could not change a dog something to do, let alone his wife. And he also said that death threats in his culture, something Normal, but of course should not be meant to be.

drew May be at this point in his defender, as he demanded an acquittal, among other things, the note, the facts of the case, the threat was not fulfilled. Because a conviction requires that the victim is put in fear and terror. The note that the Couple had been married for thirteen years, should probably mean: Who is married for a long time, can assess the Manifestations of his partner right.

wife with a stab weapon

killed The Prosecutor countered that only a single sentence: "the fear of The wife has, unfortunately, been justified." Because in the 26. August 2019, the police found in an apartment in Dietikon with a stitch gun killed the wife of the accused. As an alleged offender, they arrested the husband sitting since then in custody.

The homicide brought, according to the Prosecutor, "long-term and constant violent activities" of the man to the light. The man was arrested in February 2018, three and a half months in detention plugged in, and then several times with a contact prohibition and exclusion order have been assigned. The protection against Violence, the Canton police took on the case, unfortunately, the wife refused, in consequence, twice is an invitation to conversation with the professionals.

"98 percent are not free inventions"

the homicide, it went before the Supreme court (yet). But the Knowledge of the death of the woman with a swung of course. The defenders of the 38-Year-old said the case had taken "the worst possible turn" which had shaken him "deeply". Even if it is in connection with the alleged threats and assault the credibility of the wife and the credibility of their statements probabilities in question, done "with the utmost respect."

The Accused, the leaned back most of the time with his arms crossed in his chair, dam word in his conclusion that he must spend four months in pretrial detention, although "98 percent true, but free inventions" were.

"The truth will come to light"

the court saw otherwise. The woman believed and had "no doubt" that the man threatened you with death, and in fact had become. Whether death threats in the cultural circle of the accused were normal, did not know the court. In Switzerland, in any case, that does not conform to the normality. It sentenced the man to a conditional sentence of imprisonment of eleven months. Due to the therefore, because the 38-Year-old is technically considered a first-time offender.

If it remains, if the negotiation about the death of the wife took place, is open. Because the Macedonians denied before the Supreme court in the short interview with the Person, to have his wife killed. "No, I have not." The truth will come at the end of "to light", i.e. at the end of the criminal investigation. And then will show who are the true victims - namely he and his wife. The question of the court whether he knew who had killed his wife, he left unanswered.

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