The target of the Republicans

That he won on "Super Tuesday", created unrest in the Republican camp. Until quite prepared his Republican adversaries, such as the sovereign Joe Biden won,

The target of the Republicans

That he won on "Super Tuesday", created unrest in the Republican camp. Until quite prepared his Republican adversaries, such as the sovereign Joe Biden won, however. A broad coalition of African-Americans, Vorstädtern, women and independent voters supported the Ex-Vice-President, on Tuesday, precisely the coalition, therefore, had conquered in November 2018, the house of representatives for the Democrats .

No question: Donald Trump and his party friends in Congress would have preferred to see a success from Bernie Sanders . The left-wing Senator from Vermont offers, in your opinion, an easier target in a presidential and congressional election campaign, the Trump, and his party, if necessary, with brutal methods.

Sanders as a socialist of the worst sort to brand, to back him in the vicinity of the Venezolaners Nicolás Maduro and similar rogue make: That was the Republican strategy. The Comeback of Joe Biden's has these plans may cross. "What affects the outcome of the congressional elections, is Bernie's better for us", well-known, for example, Senator Lindsey Graham (South Carolina).

"the Referendum on socialism,"

With a view to the democratic socialists Mitch McConnell (Kentucky), the Republican leader in the Senate, had declared, in the past year, the choice of 2020 should be a "Referendum on socialism." If Bernie Sanders fails in the democratic primaries, it becomes nothing. "If it is not Sanders, we will not get the majority in the house of representatives is likely to return," believes the Republican Senator Rand Paul (Kentucky).

Also a candidacy of Joe Biden's, however, would provide the Republicans and their allies in the US media welcome attack surfaces. Among other things, Biden's Republican enemies want to be poking around in the Ukraine affair, to find perhaps, but still incriminating evidence against the former Vice-President and his son Hunter Biden.

in the coming week, Senator Ron Johnson (Wisconsin), the Republican Chairman of the Committee on homeland security and government Affairs to initiate an investigation. Biden's numerous Opinions during his long tenure in the Senate will, moreover, be scoured, such as his eight years at the side of Barack Obama.

Joe Biden's mental Constitution

in Addition, there is growing in conservative media voices Joe Biden's doubt as to mental condition and his suitability for the office of the President. His mental dropouts provide plenty of ammunition. So Biden had trouble at an election event in Texas on Monday, visibly, to remember the first sentence of the American Declaration of independence. He also implored his audience to vote in the "Super Thursday", before he corrected himself.

"Have you ever seen a national candidate who stumbles over so many words and such difficulties, sentences together?", Senator Rand Paul asked about Biden's appearance in Texas. Donald Trump would make the TV debates of the presidential candidates in the fall of 'minced meat' out of Biden, Paul.

The President but in the upper story also has problems. He also appears sometimes confused, and makes assertions which are fictitious. In addition, trump's sentence is hardly better than Joe Biden's.

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