The mysterious million-Youtuber from the lake of Zurich

His millions of Fans have never gotten to see, not his face, not his bright blue eyes. His place of residence he keeps secret, his last name, he does not want t

The mysterious million-Youtuber from the lake of Zurich

His millions of Fans have never gotten to see, not his face, not his bright blue eyes. His place of residence he keeps secret, his last name, he does not want to publish. However, the workshop of Urs to know his Fans like your second living room. A tiny room full of old machines, some of which are even from the Grandfather. About brand new LED dangle-emitters, such as in a television Studio.

doses Here, between the dusty spray and clean-stocked tool cabinets filming Urs the Videos for his Youtube channel "my mechanics". Not with Gaming, not with Comedy, but with crafts. Urs restored old tools such as vises, planer and oil Lamps, of a pathetic rusty pile of scrap metal to Museum quality. The Videos last around 20 minutes and are silent. Apart from the constant drone of the milling machine and the hiss of the paint-spray cans. No music, no Hyper-active film editing. Urs self-you only get the hands to see.

Fifa has not yet overtaken

With this concept, the 33-year-old native of Canton Schwyz, managed within one and a half years, to 1.3 million Fans, and in the Top 10 of the most subscribed active Swiss Youtube channels. Behind organizations such as Fifa, Uefa, Swiss Beatbox and the Eurovision Song Contest.

In real life is Urs not a Celebrity. And don't want it to be. He comes from a down-to-earth family: The Grandfather, was repaired, gunsmith, of the father, and sold Radios and televisions. Urs around screwed the age of 14, on own Töffli. And was promptly caught with his souped-up machine.

His true identity, he wants to hide from the world better than the former Töffli-Tuning. In photos, he makes sure that his face is not seen, even in reflections. At the beginning of his online career in the fall of 2018, it is still a pragmatic decision to only show the hands in the Video. It should only be a couple of small contributions, the interested artisans to watch. What is the man interested in behind the craft?

worry before the fame

But Urs under the mass, he spoke with his restorations: young people, senior citizens and people who have no idea of estimated, what should be a one-trip-cutter at all. Today, he holds a completely different reason anonymous. "Who knows, maybe all of it in 10 years is over. Or not," says Urs, "I want to be able to go in any case, even in the supermarket without someone recognizes me."

It sounds unbelievable when a young mechanic by the worry that the celebrity speaks. But then he mentions, as the press inquiries from Germany and the United States came in front of the "Tages-Anzeiger". As SRF at him to turn, and the tool manufacturer Gressel wanted to advertise with him. As already shady offers arrived, if he wanted to sell his channel with all of the subscribers to lucrative. All of which he declined.

And then the digital "stack" of Fan Mail, the Urs receives from all corners of the world, from Canada to the Philippines is still there. From Youtube he got in November, a Golden plaque as a congratulations for Crossing the million-subscriber mark. The chalkboard now hangs over his Desk.

How can it be that 24 million people have clicked on a Video, in the Urs a rusty vise Mr-directional?

For someone who never sought the limelight, found Urs very soon his place in it. Just four months after his first Video, the click went-to Pay through the ceiling, that he could quit his Job and since then his Youtube revenue lives. How much exactly varies from month to month. And like every other Youtuber he keeps the exact amount a secret. But it would definitely deserve more than a trained car technician in his profession.

on the one Hand, he receives a share for the advertisements that are allowed to switch companies before the rest of his Videos, on the other hand, he is supported by his Fans. From the beginning they insisted to pay as a thank you for the Videos a few francs to "tip" to the Youtubers. On the U.S. side Patreon 470 people transfer meanwhile, a month money. First, Urs was skeptical. "I thought: This is naughty, money from you to accept. You receive nothing in return," he says. "But you have requested it, Yes, almost."

At this point, the question of all questions: Why? Why are people so excited about the Youtube channel that they will support him voluntarily financially? How can it be that 24 million (in words: "twenty-four million"!) People have clicked on a Video, in the Urs a rusty vise re Mr-directional?

"Made in Switzerland" also draws on the net

Perhaps it is the hypnotic sleep, the whirring of the repetitive work and monotonous, hissing and Hammering out. ASMR is called to this remote part of Youtube, the rubs completely the relaxation waste. People with anxiety and sleep disorders write Urs and thank them for his Videos. Recently, a pregnant woman, the help, the Videos when going to Sleep reported.

On the other hand, there are the many young people, where the constant overstimulation of the consumer society on the mind. You admire the craft skills of Urs and nostalgic the almost indestructible tools that he has restored. Simple steel or cast-iron items, free of electronics, and Software Updates.

"in Addition, the Restoration of old use of the objects in the Trend is – in the context of the worldwide movement for sustainability and against the disposable culture," explains Daniel Süss, Professor of media psychology at the ZHAW. According to his assessment, my mechanics didn't fit "" into the Trend, the young English shows of the Swiss audience in the studies. There is metered Videos of Julian Bam or Bibi dominate quickly.

Still, so Sweet, longed people in today's hectic time to focus and rest. So he could explain the success of the deliberate and just staged Videos of Urs. And analysis of columns, the comment, you will see that the label "Made is regarded in Switzerland" continues to be high. Even in the Internet.

Kazakhs held Swiss

By the waiver of spoken explanations of his Videos are globally marketable. In fact, 20% of his viewers, US-Americans, 10% Russians and 5 per cent of Brazilians. Switzerland follows at # 40, behind Kazakhstan. Most of the viewers are between 18 and 54 years of age and to 90 per cent are male.

How it goes, don't know Urs yet. For the time being he is working on the next Video. In it, he restored an old hacksaw. With a Camcorder in Hand, he swings over the freshly de-rusted items. He lifts two small steel rivets. You are so bent out of shape that he needs a new one. "I make a new one" is the Slogan of the channel. So much of a perfectionist Urs is that he is making self-rotation, the small parts such as screws and rivets to the metal Bank after the Original one-to-one. "It does not have to be perfect, it's the only way," he says, "you expect me to."

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