The minister of finance on the taxation of electric cars: We are still discussing

From the turn of the year begins taxes to rise on electric cars, despite a pronounced desire in the Parliament to the contrary. If there is not something is d

The minister of finance on the taxation of electric cars: We are still discussing

From the turn of the year begins taxes to rise on electric cars, despite a pronounced desire in the Parliament to the contrary.

If there is not something is done, increase taxes on electric cars from the turn of the year, and it is still an open question, whether there be taken care of it in next year's budget, in which the negotiations are inside of the final sprint.

Finance minister Nicolai Wammen (S) will on Thursday afternoon yet to reveal whether electric vehicles will be kept of the duty increase next year.

- There are so many issues included in the finanslovsforhandlingerne. It is one of the topics we discuss, along with many others.

- There are still some areas in relation to the foreign labor, social dumping and funding. But if the will is there, when we are in the goal, he says of the subjects, there remains no consensus on the.

the Rest of the parties in the red bloc has expressed a desire to do something in the budget bill compared to electric cars.

the Left, The Conservatives, Liberal Alliance and the Danish people's Party won with a motion for a resolution postponing the phasing in of the registration fee for electric cars by one year. It will say up to and including 2021.

On the way to the negotiations Thursday, the SF-chairman, Pia Olsen Dyhr, however, not out with, whether they reach their goal with it.

- It is among other things anything of it, SF has proposed that we look at electric cars, as we still need to have electric cars in the future.

- There is a committee to come up with a proposal for a completely new model of vehicle in the future, she says.

She refers to the committee established to make recommendations to a green transition of the transport sector.

the Unity of the political rapporteur, Pernille Skipper, focused more on having a large majority in favour in order to deter afgiftsstigningen.

- It is clear that if we must spend money on cars in a budget, so we would like to keep the prices down. And it looks like then that there is broad support.

- We have transformed the Danish car fleet, for it is a huge part of the solution to be CO2-neutral, that we are not running around in cars that emit it, says the rapporteur.

At the Left understand energiordfører Thomas Danielsen, not that the question can not be answered clearer:

- It is incomprehensible that a government that went to the polls on more green cars, can't say if they will pull the rug out from under the cars.

- the Government is talking much about the green transition, but do very little, he writes in a comment.

the Budget bill is expected to fall in place within a week.

- There are several things we need to talk about. But common for all is that you are trying to reach a common agreement in good mood, says Nicolai Wammen.

SF's Pia Olsen Dyhr, has previously said that she would consider a budget to be a good gift on her birthday Saturday.

Alternativets political leader, Uffe Elbæk, seemed almost ready to sign an agreement before he entered into forhandlingslokalet.

- Right now we must a few times in manegen. There is something ritualistic about it, but I hope when we land a finance plan, he says.


Updated Date: 28 November 2019, 21:00

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