The Zurich cantonal police uses German weapons

police officers in civilian clothes on the road, you want to can your service weapon in gun holsters as inconspicuously as possible under the clothing. You are

The Zurich cantonal police uses German weapons

police officers in civilian clothes on the road, you want to can your service weapon in gun holsters as inconspicuously as possible under the clothing. You are "covered, tight-fitting "outside" can be worn as well as "inside"", as stated in a recently published tender. And the police officers should be able to supply the guns for sure, and with one hand in the Holster and draw.

The Canton police are looking for a manufacturer for a total of 3250 such a Holster for civilian missions. We don't want you to say on request because of the ongoing procurement process. According to the latest annual report, the Canton police has a little over 2,300 corps members. Of these, about 200 are regularly likely to be civil on the road, because the security Directorate would like to obtain for the next four years, 250 Holster for the gun P2000SK. "The P2000SK is suitable for investigators or for covert operations, because it is smaller and therefore less noticeable than the larger P30", it means the official Swiss representative of the German arms manufacturer Heckler & Koch. The vast majority of the cantonal police is equipped with the P30.

police officer shoots himself through the Hand

The Canton police appears to rely in the future on the weapons of Heckler & Koch. This is despite the fact the gun and the manufacturer were recently the subject of negative headlines. Last November, the "Schaffhauser news had the headlines" in an article about the P30: "The problem gun to the police".

the trigger for the article was an incident at the base of the Schaffhausen police. A 37-year-old policeman shot himself accidentally through the Hand. A 30-year-old colleague, who stood next to me, suffered a blast injury. The Prosecutor terminated proceedings against the police officers for bodily injury in the meantime. Because it is a blast injury to a minor physical injury, would not need to see the injured police officer and his colleagues, which he did. The Schaffhausen police are currently still technically clarify, what was the reason for the accidental shooting. Results are not available yet, it says on request.

In their article speculate as to the "Schaffhauser Nachrichten", the incident could be related to the fact that the P30 is missing a particular backup. This opportunity to disagree with the Swiss representation of Heckler & Koch. It agree though, that the weapons would have in the standard variant, no external fuse, "but this is the world Standard for service pistols". In addition, the trigger weight is so high that not "just a shot" to be able to solve. This means that to shoot, you must press with the appropriate force to the trigger.

the Canton of Zurich police Department the introduction of the P30 as a new service weapon prior to ten years equal to three incidents with such an unintentional shot charges. An Aspirant was shot in the abdomen and a policeman in the knee and another suffered a grazing shot to the foot. Since then, reported no such incidents any more. The Canton police spokesman said: "we have no problems with the gun are known."

Financial difficulties

Heckler & Koch created recently for the negative headlines, because the company "is to be" in debt, as various media reported. A Luxembourg financial holding company wants to buy the most important small arms manufacturer in Germany. The Acquisition of such company by foreign owners, however, must be of the Federal government approved. The competent Ministry was examining the sale for more than a year, reported the "Süddeutsche Zeitung" in December.

Heckler & Koch is a possible supplier of the new assault rifle of the Bundeswehr. But the German policy is the question of how financially healthy a company must be, in order to supply armed forces.

Holster in the test

Wear is not a plan, holds the Zurich Canton police, with the pistol by Heckler & Koch to. The new Holster for the gun, but should be carefully tested. According to the tender documents should be weighted next to the price (to 40 percent as a decision criterion) and the quality (30 percent) as the third criterion and functionality test be crucial. The manufacturer must provide when applying for the job per model, three pistol holster for a wear test that is supposed to last five weeks. In the process, police officials testing the Holster on the handling, the comfort and the functionality of the patrol, and during the shooting training.

Until the beginning of may can enter prospects for your offer at the Canton police. In the autumn, the winner is likely to be fixed.

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