The Virus was expected in Zurich already

The 30-year-old woman is suffering from the disease on Monday. Until a week ago they had been in Milan. For more information about the Person were not received

The Virus was expected in Zurich already

The 30-year-old woman is suffering from the disease on Monday. Until a week ago they had been in Milan. For more information about the Person were not received from the Directorate of Health, has informed on Thursday evening about the case to. For privacy protection reasons, such as the Canton doctor Martin Brian said. When she was sick, the woman went into a doctor's office. There she was examined and tested. On Thursday afternoon, the officially competent laboratory at the Uni has been one of the Institute for medical Virology of the positive test result.

The patient is now in the Zurich Triemli city hospital in an isolation room. The staff responsible for them are wearing protective goggles, density masks, gloves and disposable aprons to prevent Transmission of the Virus. In the hospital it is going according to Plan.

close contacts of the woman are already in quarantine. Other persons you come in the last days near, need to be clarified. The case wasn't ideal. The patient was examined in a doctor's practice was "contrary to the cantonal instructions", writes the Directorate of Health bluntly blaming.

The right approach

What is the proper way, said the health Director Natalie Rickli, a few hours before a media conference. She had invited the journalists on Thursday afternoon on very short notice. Now, the Canton of Zurich has its first Corona case, they all thought. Also responsible for the Virus expected, actually, especially since Zurich is a big Canton and the airport is located here.

But it was not yet so far. SVP-member of the cantonal government Rickli responded to a "worrying development", she said: "people crowding in surgeries of the doctor, to the emergency stations and the phones hot to run." The emergence of uncertainty she wanted to work with Information to the contrary.

Many are now afraid to have the Virus plugged in, if you get a cough or a fever. In the house medical practice of Josef Widler, President of the medical society of Zurich, called to a young woman and told that you've been coughing at work repeatedly. What the chief told, who cough, had to prove that he was not infected with corona.

Many people now fear to have been infected, if you get a cough or a fever.

"This is a really stupid idea", so Widlers comment on the behavior of the chief. "We should not succumb to hysteria." The doctors President, although, like other professionals, ensure that it is only a matter of time until the new Coronavirus come to Zurich. Nevertheless, the experienced doctor, and showed undaunted. He even made a joke: "After Venice, I would not travel now because of the carnival is canceled."

the Canton of doctor Brian Martin has the Lead in terms of Corona, he is in close contact with the medical Profession and the Federal office for the health . He gave the people that make it due to illness symptoms, a simple advice: "ask yourself first, whether it is at all possible that you have been infected."

Specifically, would it be possible in the case of persons who had recently been in an affected country in Asia or in the North of Italy. "If this is not the case, you have to do it with the greatest probability with a flu," says Martin. Because at the moment the flu season is. The suspicion is, however, you should call the Ärztefon (0800 33 66 55), the triage point, the doctors company. If clarification is needed, organized this Transport in one of the nine hospitals, which declared the health Directorate is responsible to the suspected cases be considered and treated Corona-patients.

a Total of 61 places for adults and 12 for children are available, as Martin said. Previously had been tested in the Canton of Zurich 125 suspected cases, and the number of cases "is increasing," said Martin. Last week, there had been days without a case, now they were a day over 40.

millions of masks

The Canton of doctor assured that in case of an epidemic all the Necessary pre-'ll return. The Canton have several million masks in stock. He could quickly deliver supplies to medical offices, hospitals and nursing homes, which give the masks to the potentially or actually Infected.

For the Rest of the population is necessary to protect yourself, especially through frequent hand washing and to the sick, keep your Distance. Two meters will suffice, since the Virus is by droplet transfer and to sink quickly to the ground.

For the quarantine, a civil protection accommodation is in the vicinity of the airport. In case of need, the University hospital would clear up a whole home with 120 beds and could create even more space. According to the chief infection Loge Hugo Sax, the hospital has set up this week already, eight additional rooms to Corona-check cases. Also, the Triemli is prepared for a next level of escalation. According to the media office room are almost on each Department, which may be separated from the Rest of the room.

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