The Unfrau from the Oberland

"A little bit of white wine?", Clementine will ask you in your great kitchen. The inertia of a late February afternoon is about the Zurich Oberland. looking

The Unfrau from the Oberland

"A little bit of white wine?", Clementine will ask you in your great kitchen. The inertia of a late February afternoon is about the Zurich Oberland.

looking next Door, in a room with red Wallpaper, a young man for a few Hundred francs to the fast luck. With his silver Opel he was hurried down and to the rear entrance, where a friendly woman welcomed.

Clementine raises her glass. As she takes the first SIP, it is believed, to hear the orgasm of the Opel-driver. Clementine laughs, her red hair dancing. They don't call you "Madam", you yourself like the name, brothel boss, more like it. In the tax return you are a woman "Business" as a profession.

her house is nestled road a bit lonely on a main. Behind it is a Parking lot, around the Winter bleached hill.

Clementine leads into the living room, where she sits on a black leather sofa. On one wall was a picture of HR Giger, the prophets of gloom, death and destruction depends. Clementine lights a cigarette and begins to tell. As you 20 years ago was a prostitute, as she remained fond of it until today, at the age of 39, and why it is time that you freed them and their colleagues from the Dirt, you throw it at the company.

The boxer, the dancer

Sometimes reminded Clementine of a boxer, you should not stand in her way, and when she is pulled over, rushes to the head. And sometimes, Clementine is like a dancer, light-footed and funny, step by step, you are talking about the contempt of the world.

For the first Time is an evening in mid-February. In the cosmos in Zurich Clementine is organized in a discussion about sex work, from the online magazine "Republic". The hall is crowded. Clementine plays the Entertainer. "It means always, the women would have to be between 18 and 35," she says. "Oh, come on! Those aged 35 and can only some." Or: "The accusation of exploitation comes up again and again. I swear to you, my women can afford every day, lamb ribs. Some of them even drive a Mercedes."

Prostitution Can ever be worthy of being in a sex industry is full of gangsters? Mental wounds do not always stay?

Later, the audience is allowed to ask questions. A woman stands, her voice is icy as she speaks: "I'm from Germany, 47 years of age. Between 17 and 32 I was a prostitute. It was never work for me. It has always, and without exception, such as a rape feeling." Clementine, the boxer, in position. "I hear someone here from an acute victim attitude," she says. "You can't condemn that's why the whole of society. If someone is a victim as you are, you will attract probably the perpetrator."

A second woman answers, she introduces herself as Isabella from Romania. In tears, she says to Clementine: "When I was working as a prostitute, I thought as you do. It was only when I stopped, I noticed a massive amount of damage in me. For years, I go to therapy. Sex is not a job, Sex is based on mutual attraction."

After discussion, the hall empties out, in the thick air the questions hang. Can Prostitution ever be worthy of being in a sex industry is full of gangsters? Mental wounds do not always stay? It is not cemented so that an age-old model of the man, and determined, the woman gives and follows?

Poland: Where it all

"volunteerism is absolutely mandatory. And you must like intimacy and his body," says Clementine on her Sofa. HR Giger's Skull watching her smoke.

Clementine grew up in the Belarusian Brest, on the border with Poland; since it was still called Svetlana. Her father was an artist ("narcissistic and unfaithful"), the mother of a seller ("she was unstable and died early"). The school closed Clementine with distinction. She began to study Economics, but broke off soon. "Communism was overthrown, all the head. A good education was no guarantee for a decent life," she says.

"a little wine?", Clementine in between asks. The ashtray fills, and HR Giger is smiling in his grave.

"was My first Sex incredibly enjoyable": Clementine in your work room. Photo: Raisa Durandi

"at 15, I had my first Sex," continues Clementine. "I found it incredibly enjoyable. And I asked myself: Why can men have Sex and women don't? At 18, I went to Poland, where I joined a so-called friendship Agency", Clementine laughs, in Poland, Prostitution was forbidden, made it anyway, hence the strange Name. "It was a great adventure."

2000 francs on average per week

she met the 22-year-older George, a business consultant ("highly intelligent but not a nerd"). They moved to Switzerland and got married. She accompanied him on business occasions, learned English and the language of money. After five years, they had a divorce, she wanted to see more out of life. For some time she worked in Bars and a Casino. With 27, she decided to become self-employed.

Clementine leads in your work room. Through the curtains, dim light falls on the turquoise walls, a hook, a whip made of leather depends, and on a bedside table, a dozen Dildos in all colors and shapes.

At ten locations in the Zurich Oberland, and Eastern Switzerland – she rents rooms to women, and transsexuals. You are between 18 and 63 years old. Almost all come from the EU, Clementine organized the permits. The women decide how much you work. On average a woman earn 2000 francs a week, says Clementine.

Who pays your site a visit, you will find there a code of ethics. "Only protected traffic is allowed", it means that "there is no incentive to alcohol and narcotics consumption" takes place, and all the women "can stop their activities at any time and without giving reasons".

"of 15'000 per month,"

"Hi," you will hear a bright voice. In the doorway to the living room, Leonie, mid 30's, long blonde hair, and boots that reach up to the knees is. "May I sit with you?"

Leonie is from Germany, since two days ago, she rented a room at Clementine. "This is the perfect Job for me," she says. "The Bad thing, however, is the condemnation from the outside. It is considered to be Unfrau. I always hear the question: "Have you learned nothing?" But, I have, according to the psychology studies, I led a practice. But as a prostitute I deserve more, 9000 to 15,000 francs per month. And I'm a lot more flexible."

Conceals Leonie the negative sides? No, she says, you could always reject. "Sure, all men are not pleasant or attractive. Then I'm looking for a Detail, I like that, nice ears, for example. In what Job there are already only dream customers?"

The mafia boss

Clementine goes back to the kitchen and fetches a new bottle of wine. And a couple of pralines. The radiator invoices with magnets are attached to, taxes, rent, garbage fee. It comes to money talk. "In the adult industry you will not get any loan from the Bank," says Clementine, "and my foreign girls are not allowed to open a account. Prostitution is considered shameful money. Once a girl was robbed of her handbag in the train, in that you had your whole month's pay, 8000 francs."

"you want me to deny it. You do not say I was Mature, capable of judgement."Clementine

Therefore, would attracts dubious people, such as, for example, her Ex-boyfriend (she calls him just "mob boss" or "shark in a Tuxedo"). "When I sent him three years ago to the devil, I was left with 200'000 Swiss francs of debt," says Clementine, "which I paid for, but that's why I'm not rich."

"The Problem is the shame,"

"Look," says Clementine, and lights a last cigarette. Outside it has become dark. "As I said in the discussion, the women argue from a victim attitude, I didn't want to give her the blame for their suffering. Of course, I find violence, coercion and pimping bad."

But what if Prostitution is causing incurable wounds in the Psyche? "The Problem is the shame, the fear of the society despises is rather," says Clementine. "The trauma can have a dramatic impact. And from this injury an aggressive defense arises, traumatized women, maybe even yourself, to a kind of perpetrator: you want me to deny as a brothel boss and a prostitute. You do not say I was Mature, capable of judgement. You want to criminalize my guests."

And where the solution lies? "In the Destigmatization of Prostitution. The higher the social acceptance, the more free the women are in the decision, whether you really want to work in this profession. I am," Clementine smiles angriffig, "for an unconditional basic income. All are designed to make the Job you want."

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