The Trauma of 2015 returns

"2015 is not to be repeated." Angela Merkel promised for the first time in September 2016, after well over a Million war refugees from the Middle East came to

The Trauma of 2015 returns

"2015 is not to be repeated." Angela Merkel promised for the first time in September 2016, after well over a Million war refugees from the Middle East came to Germany. The escape movement had triggered overwhelming willingness to help and euphoria, then great Fears. Merkel was admired as a "refugee Chancellor", then as a "German-hater" insults.

Now that refugees assail once again, the Greek border, to say it all again – not only Merkel's Christian Democrats and the liberals but also many social Democrats and Green: "2015 must not repeat itself." Many afflicted Merkel on her word. The AfD, which was a result of the crisis, only large, calls for Germany to immediately close its borders.

the CDU and the CSU have with the creed, one such escape movement should not repeat the lesson from the then-loss of control pulled. What this means in concrete terms, has spelled out the Union, but never really. In the summer of 2018 Merkel and the then CSU fought-in-chief and current interior Minister, Horst Seehofer, because of possible refusals at the German border, so much so that almost the government is broke. Merkel rejected the measure as divisive, UN-European and illegal, Seehofer do not want to enforce, by means of urge but.

How to more at the borders?

The crucial question is, whether Germany would close in an emergency its borders to refugees, remained unanswered. The Union could afford to, because the Balkans since the summer of 2016, much less people came to Germany than before – primarily due to the agreement with Turkey. Since President Recep Tayyip Erdogan this, in fact, terminated has, to rule on the EU's external border, dramatic States. "Completely unacceptable," mentioned Merkel, Erdogan's maneuvers. You could not know the desperate refugees occasions in a "dead-end" drive.

your party now speaks quite openly of "rejections" on the German borders. Thorsten Frei, Deputy faction head of CDU/CSU in the Bundestag, threatened with the closure for the case, that it is not successful to protect the EU's external borders. Then you have to check "closely", asylum-seekers stop at the border and send it back. Seehofer spoke out behind closed doors in the group, also for this approach, avoided but, apparently, the stimulus word "rejection". Merkel did not hold back, to resist Seehofer said.

the Chancellor praised the approach of Bulgaria and Greece: In contrast to 2015/16, this would not be waving the refugees this time, but sought to prevent you from crossing the border. Merkel welcomed a European and international law practice, which it had excluded itself to the German border, always categorical.

"It is meaningless"

at The Moment is the question of how Germany's going on to his own limits, largely theoretical. Merkel and Seehofer stressed that the EU's external borders are closed. In contrast to 2015, as the German government, refugees are welcome, sent, signalling to the Ministry of the interior this time, immediately multi-lingual warnings in all of the world: Meaningless was it, to Germany open. "The EU-borders are not open, and the German borders."

The all see of course. Anna Lena Baerbock, Head of the Greens, demanded to bring thousands of people from the Turkish-Greek border to Germany – no matter whether other EU mithülfen countries or not. You should reactivate this immediately to reception centres. Union and the SPD rejected this categorically. "For the one we get," said Michael Grosse-Brömer, the managing Director of the CDU/CSU parliamentary group, "make a hundred more on the way."

Even the Green realized that they had covered with their claim. Instead, they brought in on Wednesday in the Bundestag with a request for 5000 to protect the refugees of the Greek Islands is worthy to get to Germany. But not even the SPD agreed with you. The Head of Saskia esque proposed, together with other EU countries, a total of 1,000 unaccompanied young people from the Greek Camps. Countries such as France, Portugal, Luxembourg and Finland are also ready to help, the five SPD-led German States and many German cities were already places.

population was. refugee-friendly

Also Seehofer presented "humanitarian recordings" in view, even spoke of a total of 5000 people, also from the Aegean sea

However, he set conditions: not a German alone, but a joint action of several EU countries, such as most recently the search and rescue. And at first, anyway, the "order" of the EU's external border must be restored. The SPD that is too slow, urging you to make a decision at the latest on the coalition summit on Sunday.

polls suggest, by the way, that the population is a refugee-friendly-minded than the politicians: Almost three out of five find, Germany could take in more refugees, half of them even Not in it alone.

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