The Experiment: Better blood values thanks to the plastic waiver?

It is darn difficult to attach a bottle of Shampoo with an adhesive strip to a wall. However, the 5-year-old Skye and her younger sister, Kyra does not give in.

The Experiment: Better blood values thanks to the plastic waiver?

It is darn difficult to attach a bottle of Shampoo with an adhesive strip to a wall. However, the 5-year-old Skye and her younger sister, Kyra does not give in. Finally, this is your contribution to the plastic experiment that started this week in Baden.

The idea is to dispense with as many people as Possible for a month, as well as possible on the use of plastic. The call was well received: in addition to countless individuals have made 110 shops and Restaurants, to save at least a month long intensive of plastic.

Some of them are also followed by the invitation of the organizing Committee and have hung the plastic in the plastic Central literally on the nail. Or glued. With plastic free tape, of course.

hint: It can be done differently.

As synthetic socks and Slippers, hang, washing brush and Tetra packs. A toothbrush – they are also available in bamboo, we learn. And Ball-Point Pen. Caught. I let my purse fall, and start to search for a pencil.

Denise Werder is the mother of Skye and Kyra. At an introductory evening to the plastic experiment is to become aware of how carelessly we handle plastic. At all: "It's not just plastic. It's basically a matter of a responsible with our resources." It was immediately clear that she wants to engage with your family on this Experiment.

hardness test: yogurt

the first hardness test: yogurt. "We devour tons of them. From the plastic Cup. This is not only absurd because of the waste, but may also be harmful for the health." In fact, micro-plastic passes through the food stored in plastic, in the body. As well as shower gels, synthetic fiber textiles or plastic toys.

this is the origin of the plastic experiment is. The Baden house doctor Christoph Broens las a presumption about the effects of such micro-plastic on the body. Is explores the not yet sufficient.

not Yet proven to Harm the micro-plastic health?

Demonstrated, however, is that micro-plastic in the Form of plasticisers reaches into the blood: So the German TV-journalist Jenke von Wilmsdorff has lived for a month in plastic packaged foods. Subsequently, 400-fold were measured increased values.

Kyra hands in horror beating in front of his face. Looking but at the same time fascinated by the fingers. Your mother is being stabbed. "Hardcore"-experiment participants, as well as Denise Werder have enrolled for a blood test. You will be at the beginning of the month and then have blood drawn and in a special laboratory on such a plasticizer is analyzed.

she wants it collection know: Denise Werder in the blood.

Enough withdrawal a month is Plastic to achieve measurably better values? Up to now, have enrolled about 180 people for the blood tests. In the Vaudoise-house on a Wide alley, it is sometimes like in a bee house. Between 12 and 20 at the Plastic control panel is open.

Here you can get tips for saving Plastic, but also – for instance in the improvised Bistro – about the sense and nonsense of the experiment, discuss. Three women do this. It's striking that There are almost only women. It was a good opportunity for old habits to be questioned, says the one. And to reflect again on long Standing, Werder finds Denise.

the grandmother of your husband asks how it went because earlier, when plastic was still omnipresent.

So to the question now in the over 90-year-old grandmother of her husband, such as was not since earlier, as the plastic was ubiquitous. When the yogurt has set already. First, they bought only in glass containers, but since they were disposable material, it has begun to make my own yogurt. Ask the children: Are they good for? Both nod and radiation. "Vanilla," adds Skye yet.

more Complicated than in the everyday life of the plastic waiver in the business, says Werder. She operates together with her sister, a tobacco-lädeli in Baden. "Since a lot is pre-engineered and packaged appropriately." But even there, you often have the choice. "We are increasingly open to tobacco that you can store in leather bags." Just like in grandma's times.

As it was called earlier? Jute instead of plastic. Pictures: Sabina Bobst

The seven individuals initiated the project, has already drawn wide circles. Even in Large firms such as General Electric or ABB form appropriate working groups formed. And from other municipalities – such as from Winterthur is logged in to the like to the legs.

you can, for example, next Friday at a Forum to be inspired. Or on Saturday at the marketplace of ideas in the hall 37. According to Brunhilde Mauthe, which is for the press working of the plastic experiment can be carried out, the events in spite of Coronavirus. They are officially approved. As of right now.

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