The EU backs the Greek shield

The staging was perfect. Provide full views of the European Commission, head of Ursula von der Leyen from the helicopter close to the border, via the short mess

The EU backs the Greek shield

The staging was perfect. Provide full views of the European Commission, head of Ursula von der Leyen from the helicopter close to the border, via the short message service Twitter delivered. Closed parade of EU leaders in the suburb of sightseeing, dressed in men's casual. At the end of the joint press conference under the Aegis of the Greek heads of government, Kyriakos Mitsotakis. And the before was the sound.

What are lines on the border, was not a refugee problem, said Mitsotakis. But an open attempt, Turkey, its "geopolitical Agenda" to enforce, and of the "terrible situation" in Syria to distract. Indeed, Turkey is entangled, in the meantime, deep in the Syria conflict. It was his duty to defend the sovereignty of Greece, said Mitsotakis. The Greek security forces were in service, protected from the outside border.

help for Athens

The police had secured the border, most recently with stun grenades and tear gas against the onslaught. Ursula von der Leyen said, although sympathy for the migrants, but criticized at the same time Turkey, to use people like chess pieces. Anyone who wants to test the unity of the EU, will be disappointed. Greece is Europe's "shield". The Commission boss said the government in Athens additional financial support in view. Also, the EU border Agency, Frontex, to help with more aircraft and personnel. Today, the EU in Brussels-Minister of the interior, at a special meeting to come together.

Von der Leyen had arrived, accompanied by EU Council President Charles Michel, President of the European Parliament David Sassoli and Croatia's head of government, Andrej Plenkovic, whose country currently holding the EU presidency. Host Kyriakos Mitsotakis welcomed the presence of the EU leaders as a clear sign of solidarity. The migrants at the border, lived for years in Turkey, stressed the Greek Prime Minister. And said, video evidence, according to which the Turkish authorities themselves, the people using buses in the direction of the EU's external border to be transported to have.

in fact, Erdogan threatens already longer public to send hundreds of thousands of the direction of the EU. This, despite the fact that Turkey has committed to in 2016 in the so-called refugee deal to control their borders towards the EU and tractors to load the craft. The agreement between Brussels and Ankara ensured that after the climax of 2015, the refugees dramatically decreased numbers.

The Turkey was prevented by the tug boats with the migrants from the coast in the direction of the Greek Islands store. In return, the EU has said Turkey six billion euros. A good part of the money is already gone. On the one hand, directly in the livelihood of about 3.5 million Syrians who have found refuge since the outbreak of the war in their homeland in Turkey. Moreover, non-governmental organisations to Finance health care, and schools for refugee children.

Erdogan wants more money

The resources are soon exhausted. Talks on financing progressing, but not really. In part because the leadership in Ankara for the Europeans, you impose unacceptable demands. So Erdogan wants the funds will flow in the future, in the Turkish household. The President wants to also means for the settlement of refugees in a so-called security zone in Syria, which is controlled by the Turkish armed forces.

The events on the Turkish-Greek border are regarded in Brussels as an attempt by Erdogan to make pressure for more favourable terms in a new refugee deal and to move the Europeans to provide financial support to the Turkish resettlement plans in Syria. They were ready to help Turkey with the refugees and in the search for a way out in Syria, but not under these circumstances, stressed the Greek Prime Minister Mitsotakis. The EU, however, Turkey does not give in to blackmail.

Created: 03.03.2020, 21:58 PM

Updated Date: 03 March 2020, 22:05



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