The Bahnhofstrasse is attached to

In the perfumery Department in Jelmoli wait for shop assistants to customers, which is not. You are a Wednesday afternoon-clearly in the Majority. The few visit

The Bahnhofstrasse is attached to

In the perfumery Department in Jelmoli wait for shop assistants to customers, which is not. You are a Wednesday afternoon-clearly in the Majority. The few visitors to lose themselves in the corridors of the Department store, as they would have been by an atomizer hunted. In the upper floors of the same image: Under staff maintains, for example, over the Coronavirus .

the epicenter of the crisis lies on the Bahnhofstrasse. There is mass consumption and international tourism meeting each other – two elements that don't work any more. In an anonymous survey conducted by the Association of Zurich's Bahnhofstrasse, which the NZZ has reported, 36 of 90 Farms given their revenue losses. A third language of over 25 per cent – most of them are, however, Restaurants are suffering, because events were canceled and office lists the home office make. Half of the shops puts the decline at 15 percent to 25 percent, one-sixth less.

Much less passers-by

were to have houses, to have a good 20 percent of sales lost. Globus and Jelmoli to be disclosed on demand, no Pay, a definite pattern had not yet seen. At Jelmoli, there are, according to a spokesperson in all departments days to surpass the previous year's figures, and those for which we are significantly below it. The Band is good, the food ran Department and the Restaurant.

A complex picture emerges in conversation with a dozen smaller retailers in the city centre. Only three points of Unity:

reigns slowed The frequencies under a week.In terms of sales, the business is not ran for the last few days at the most good, but that could also be due to the rainy weather. Last Saturday did a lot of surprisingly good Numbers – as the shopping spree would be the last refuge, now, where Events and trips are eliminated.

the City of Zurich is not Extinct at yesterday's lunch, but you are tired acts. Halfway down the Bahnhofstrasse, one counts per hour extrapolated 2700 passers-by – in the case of an official survey a few years ago, it was in the peak hours gleichenorts 50 percent more. The Asian tourists posing else in the Rudolf-Brun-bridge in front of old city homes and panorama of the Alps, are gone.

City-distance is an advantage

luxury stores such as the jewellery and watch seller Türler and Beyer are not equally dependent on tourism as their counterparts in Interlaken or Lucerne, the sags of 70 percent and more is reported. Beyer speaks of a decline in sales in the low double-digit range. A dramatic drop of 50 percent, according to Milan Prenosil of the City-Association, only in individual cases, in heavily tourism-oriented shops. Who sells Souvenirs, has it hard. But also to the local clientele-oriented businesses this month to register a decline in two-digit sector: sporting goods, office supplies, kitchen appliances – all wanted less. In February, the had not been so.

The more you move away from the Bahnhofstrasse, the less the damage. In the shopping center Sihlcity on the outskirts of the frequencies of the ten percent declined. The same applies for the sales, even if Figures were available yet. Similar sounds at the trendy shops in the viaduct arches in a circle 5: minus ten percent, if at all.

110 applications in a single day

The classic craftsmen, however, a lot of don't realize the crisis, reported Nicole Barandun from the city's commercial Association. However, apparent that the orders of large companies would be suspended, because they were not currently outsiders in their buildings. On the country's tense prevails to Wait. "The customer frequencies have decreased this week easily", reports Werner Scherrer, the cantonal industry and trade Association. "Many Artists have a sinking feeling in the stomach."

the extent to which some SMEs shaken, show Figures from the cantonal office for economy and labour (AWA). This is granted for short-time working, which means that the unemployment insurance pays 80 percent of lost earnings of a worker. During the beginning of March, had applied for above all companies from the Event, travel, Gastro and hotel in the area of short-time working for employees, reported that now company "from almost all industries," says AWA spokeswoman Lucie Hribal.

yesterday, Wednesday received 110 of the previously 330 applications. 171 already approved. For comparison: After the abolition of the minimum exchange rate Euro/Swiss franc by the SNB in January 2015, the AWA granted in the three and a half years to August 2018 – 771 applications for short-time working, which were justified by the strength of the franc. "The Office of unemployment insurance edited the previous messages now with high pressure and without red tape", so Hribal.

state credit required

The economic side of the corona crisis also employs the policy. FDP-member of the Parliament Marc Bourgeois calls, in a call with the SVP and CVP, that the Canton of testing the existing instruments. So, the affected companies to pay their taxes and social insurance contributions later, and the public sector should pay their invoices at the trade faster. Subsidies, calls for Bourgeois explicitly.

in this Regard, Tobias Langenegger (SP) has less fear of contact, where he has explosive manner allied forces from the bourgeois camp. In a proposal you require a "substantial" double-digit million loan from the Canton in favour of Corona-affected SMEs. "The employer and workers should benefit," says Langenegger and is confident that his postulate is explained on the next Monday for urgent.

ZKB puts money to the side

the focus of the ZKB, which has just announced 845 million Swiss francs of profit device. Bourgeois says the biggest risk for Corona-battered companies is lack of liquidity. Due to its basic mandate, to support the Zurich commercial, should the Bank now "in terms of risk, go to the limit," he says.

Actually, the ZKB is ready. A spokesman confirmed a report of the "Finance & Economics": "The Bank provides a three-digit million amount as an additional line of credit." Also, you will be ready to talk about the deferment of the agreed amortization.

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