The AfD will put your self-criticism again

Chaos, turmoil and strife are an everyday occurrence in the case of the Alternative for Germany (AfD). Uncertainty is less. But since a German supremacist shot

The AfD will put your self-criticism again

Chaos, turmoil and strife are an everyday occurrence in the case of the Alternative for Germany (AfD). Uncertainty is less. But since a German supremacist shot and killed in Hanau, Germany, nine people with foreign roots, don't know the party leadership as to how they should react.

At the beginning, it seemed simple: to provide the Co-party leader, Jörg Meuthen and honorary President of the Alexander Gauland vehemently denied that the perpetrators have ever had a political motive. He was neither left nor right, but a Madman. Accordingly, the attack could have to do with the my AfD nothing to (here's why the AfD for the assassination in Hanau, Germany, co-responsible will be made).

"Who talks racist about foreigners and foreign cultures, is against Germany and the AfD."Tino Chrupalla, party leader of the AfD

carrying The other parties to the languages of reality-denial: Who against Immigrant baiting, share the responsibility, if right-wing extremists, it made to move from words to deeds. So argued not only Left, but also the heads of the two Christian democratic parties CDU and CSU.

Even in conservative media houses such as the "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung" (FAZ) and the Springer-Verlag the heads wrote as sharp as The AfD have made the racist incitement of a political business model and could not play now as the innocence from the countryside. In surveys, only a quarter of Germans said the AfD have for extreme right-wing violence, no responsibility.


sagged sagged as the AfD shortly before the state election in Hamburg in the polls, she changed suddenly their strategy. The media Echo this, the blame is – scared him almost more than the act itself, said Tino Chrupalla, the second party leader. On Sunday, he sat in the name of the party to lace a letter to all members, in which he the fact, of Hanau, Germany, as the designated what she was: "a racist crime".

Also the murder of Walter Lübcke and the murders of hall, were "a disgrace for Germany". The AfD had separated from right-wing extremism is always clear, wrote Chrupalla. Nevertheless, one must ask self-critically, "why is it our political opponents are able to bring us all with such a crime". The letter culminated in a confession: "Whoever shall act in a racist and disdainful of foreigners and foreign cultures, is dishonourable and indecent, and against Germany and that against the AfD."

Höckes "wings" foams

Even in conservative media of the letter with skepticism was taken, Yes travesty: those Who can't make it over the years, the right-wing radicals in Thuringia, the country's chief Björn Höcke from the party to exclude, but how Gauland even in the "middle" of the party verorte, wool maintain with such hypocrisy, only the bourgeois facade.

In the AfD, in turn, Chrupallas a reminder, disappointment and anger provoked. Especially Höcke, and his right-wing "wings", protested strongly against the "capitulation in the face of the enemy". Also on the office of the party, a lot of angry responses to be received. Ironically, would be Chrupalla without the "wing"support in November last year in office had been elected.

The party's top-of-the grabbing that's why their is a pointed self-criticism, in-flight and started the usual counter-attack: Not the AfD was responsible for baiting, no, "lying media" and "old parties" poisoned with their "hate campaign" against the AfD society and democracy.

impractical way to justify Chrupalla at the same time again for flagrant racial hatred from the middle of the party: The North Rhine-Westphalian parliamentary group had issued a coloring book, the racism was so obvious that now the state protection.

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