Stroll through the tunnel exit

"surprised Me, that is not before someone came up with it." This SP said district Council Urs Helfenstein to the idea that exit from the ulmbergstrasse tunnel

Stroll through the tunnel exit

"surprised Me, that is not before someone came up with it." This SP said district Council Urs Helfenstein to the idea that exit from the ulmbergstrasse tunnel, the Wiedikon and Enge connects to overlap in the direction of Close to a length of 30 meters and greening.

A postulate that claim to have to help stone and the FDP-Council Martin Bürki just in the city Parliament submitted. A green area would be to exit via the tunnel to realize at the next scheduled renovation of the tunnel with relatively little effort, stone will help convinced. The cover would have no adverse consequences for traffic or residents. "Nobody is blocking the view." For a additional and accessible to everyone, the green oasis with a positive impact for the climate and the noise it would create. The Park would benefit, especially the many students in the area.

SP and the FDP, for once, step by step

Because the FDP to join the initiative comes from the city of Zurich transport policy rather unusual Alliance. For FDP-man Bürki it comes to "quality of life and an appreciation of the area around the train station, Close". In view of the majority in the Council, the proposal is likely to be transferred easily.

the cost Bürki and stone help make still no information. You show yourself confident, however, that the green cover during the next maintenance cycle of the Ulmbergtunnels "relatively inexpensive" to implement could be. A proposal for the construction of apartments above the tunnel incision has been waived, according to help stone deliberately, because such a project would be associated with considerable more effort and significantly higher costs.

The civil engineering Department of the city Council Richard Wolff (AL) holds the lid idea when Ulmbergtunnel for an "interesting thoughts", as speaker Pio Sulzer says. One could not speak but in the Moment, because first of all, the treatment of the Request in the Parliament and thereafter, the examination of this matter to wait for needs to be. The city has renovated the Ulmbergtunnel for the last time in 2012 for just under 19 million Swiss francs. Was upgraded at the time of the 250-metre-long, little, welcoming, pedestrian - and Velotunnel. According to Sulzer, the Ulmbergtunnel is in good condition, so there is currently no comprehensive renovations are planned.

Park on the course during dig

In several places in the Canton of Zurich motorway or railway cuts have been covered, or will soon be covered. In Schwamendingen, the overland Park car track enclosure, a 940-Meter-long high Park until 2024. In addition, there are serious efforts for a green cover over the stroke of the trench, the incision is made between the hollow road and the train station Wiedikon. Zurich would be a blow to a 42'000 square meters the new Park.

auto train overlappings, there is also the Entlisberg in Wollishofen, in the area of Eichrain in Seebach and lake Katzensee. Another cover-up project is planned at the West portal of the new gubrist tunnel in Weiningen. Already in 2004, the 600-Meter-long Coverage of the airport highway was opened in Opfikon. A project for the Roofing of the railway incision Oerlikon failed several years ago for cost reasons. It was realized, however, the Overlap of the Wipkinger railway incision.

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