So you'd really be unemployed

The unemployment begins, strictly speaking, not on the first day without a job, but it used to be. Who knows that he will lose his Job, must report not later th

So you'd really be unemployed

The unemployment begins, strictly speaking, not on the first day without a job, but it used to be. Who knows that he will lose his Job, must report not later than three months before looking for work. Who stands previously without work, it must move within three days.

Unemployed due to Corona? So, go ahead

In times of Corona, the Jobcenter for public are currently closed. However, this should not be a reason to wait with the message to the Federal Agency for work. You must notify still looking for work.

The Federal Agency for work, however, shows the Reporting periods accommodating: "Can demonstrate to an employee that he could not reach the Agency partout if, for example, as in the first phase of the Corona-crisis happened, the phone lines of the employment Agency together to break, the Agency employees with the talk."

These cities offer Job opportunities to the Corona-crisis: future learn-analysis - In these cities there are the best job opportunities after Corona

you must register unemployed? Please contact the Agency for work
  • Telephone
  • in person, to a date
  • Over the Internet on the side of the work Agency

Who does not respond in a timely manner, the risk of a so-called lock-up time of one week. That is, he receives at the beginning of his unemployment, no money, and also the duration is reduced by a week.

Who announces, and gets no money

A lockout time threatening also, if you have terminated. Who has been terminated or because of his behaviour, dismiss, must reckon with a waiting period of up to twelve weeks. The reasons that led to the voluntary resignation or expulsion, must be given on a separate sheet when applying for unemployment benefits. Unemployed? – The most important information

The Text is part of the FOCUS-Online-guide "10 things you need to know when you become unemployed." The complete guide here:

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you have to Register with the competent employment Agency. What that is depends on your residence. (Please refer to the relevant service.)

After the first message, a personal visit is in any case necessary. Because the unemployment benefit is not paid automatically. It must be requested. For this you need to make a so-called basic application. Your professional will be recognized in the course of the past five years. You fill it in online, however, are queried only once, only the last 24 months.

These documents you need to apply for unemployment
  • personal identification
  • tax card
  • where applicable, evidence (letter of Approval, proof of performance) on a previous award of benefits (unemployment benefit, unemployment assistance, subsistence allowance), and other Agency work
  • certificate of employment (Here the form)
  • where applicable, the letter of termination
  • where appropriate, Declaration of the task
  • certificate of nursing money

back, may be A more important part of the application the certificates of the previous employer (up to five years). To this you must strive yourself. As long as the documents are not available, can not decide the employment Agency about your request.

The completed application, they submit to the competent Agency in person. In addition to the application, your supervisor will discuss the prospects with your future: do you Want to be in the same line of business? A debt restructuring is out of the question? What is your planning?

after the clerk verify the request. This will take a few days. Then the unemployment benefit can be released.

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Date Of Update: 12 June 2020, 04:27