SVP-group chief upset with Corona-action his party friends

"A mistake", "clumsy", "lightly": There are unflattering words, with which the Swiss people's party parliamentarians, described on Monday the behaviour o

SVP-group chief upset with Corona-action his party friends

"A mistake", "clumsy", "lightly": There are unflattering words, with which the Swiss people's party parliamentarians, described on Monday the behaviour of your group leaders Thomas Aeschi. The Zug of the national Council had been thinking about before the Session according to whether the spring session of the Parliament should be cancelled due to the Coronavirus.

On Monday step it to the fact. In the request of the SVP-group head has called for a Session for at least a week to break. Aeschi received a slap in the face. Only twelve other SVP parliamentarians voted with him, the other 42 members of the group not abstained, took part in the first place in the vote or said no – such as party Vice-President Céline Amaudruz.

The political competition commented on the relish, such as CVP-Nationalrat Martin Candinas:

The Episode will have a sequel, say, several SVP-national councils. On Monday, none of them wanted to just with a name – because they wanted to make Aeschi first group meeting on Tuesday to talk. "If a Faction leader or the party President submits a request, it falls back to the whole party," says a SVP-member of a similar party function held earlier self. "Aeschi doesn't seem to understand. He submits too many applications." The current proposal is particularly clumsy. The parliamentarians in Bern, would have to be role models. Therefore, it is not that they let the Session fail, while all the others had to travel in Switzerland continue to work.

No time for internal discussions

another SVP-national Council, criticized, Aeschi had clumsily communicated. On Sunday, the SVP-group members received a Mail, in which the chief informed them of his request to the session termination. For an internal discussion there was no time for it. "We have to at least have a debate before in the group," says the MP. Not least because some of the group have advised members of the Aeschi, to withdraw his amendment.

However, the SVP-group chief held on to his idea and was a public humiliation. In the national Council hall, his colleague, and the national Council Vice-President Andreas Aebi in the name of the Ratsbüros against a crash of the Session argued, and spoke of a "single application Aeschi, Thomas". Even more so, the highest SVP could, parliamentarians from his party leader to distance.

The other parties prior to the throw Aeschi, he run with the Coronavirus, especially voting campaign for the people's initiative for the termination of the free movement of persons, which has baptized the SVP limitation initiative.

Others, such as CVP national councillor Stefan Müller-Altermatt, see in Aeschis approach is primarily an attempt to derail important business of the current Session. The councils are planning, for example, a bridging pension for older Outsorted definitely close to the dam. The SVP wants to stop that, because it is against another social movement – and because of the bridging pension aims to contribute to the termination of the initiative will be rejected by you and cushion the negative consequences of the free movement of persons and the trade unions are motivated to engage in the vote battle.

"breaks down His authority"

it is an Open question whether Aeschi with its Corona-action permanent harm. SP-group chief Roger Nordmann says: "the result of The vote to Aeschis application shows that his authority crumbles in the SVP." At the same time Nordmann seems to look forward to the steep templates, to him, the political enemies provides: A termination of the Session would have been "desertion", frotzelte it.

In the SVP group are hear but no withdrawal loans and advances to Aeschis address. This is sometimes because the party is in a delicate Situation. Party President Albert Rösti wanted to retire at the end of March, his successor is still unresolved, and on Monday the SVP, due to the Coronavirus to the 28. March scheduled delegates ' meeting in Basel cancelled, to which the Bureau should be re-occupied.

Aeschi receives in its own ranks but also praise for his work. He was highly intelligent and exceptionally hard-working, says an SVP parliamentarian. The Faction leader was on Monday subjected to high voltage and delivery in a hurry through the lobby and said that He had no time to answer questions about his Order.

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