SVP and Left to argue about in response to the refugee crisis

The Situation at the border between Greece and Turkey is coming to a head. Thousands of migrants waiting at a border fence near the Turkish town of Edirne on th

SVP and Left to argue about in response to the refugee crisis

The Situation at the border between Greece and Turkey is coming to a head. Thousands of migrants waiting at a border fence near the Turkish town of Edirne on the inlet, in order to apply for asylum. Try to prevent the Greek authorities; among other things, they fired repeated tear gas into the crowd.

Now, the migrants are included, the majority from Syria, in the no-man's land between the Greek and the Turkish border post. The Turkish interior Minister Suleyman Soylu sent on Thursday 1000 police officers of a special unit at the border. You should ensure that the Greeks are not able to send back the migrants.

Turkey no longer holds the refugees since the last week of the EU to continue to demand from Brussels for more money for the approximately 4 million Syrian refugees in the country. In the meantime, it has developed into a real information war. Soylu claimed on Thursday, the Greek authorities had infringed 164 migrants.

calls The SVP , that the Federal government controls the borders sharper.

The day before, reported the Turkey, a refugee had been shot, which dismissed Greece as a propagandistic hoax. Established the research network has Bellingcat in the meantime, the Greek authorities fired a highly concentrated tear gas in the tapered cartridges. These cartridges could cause fatal injuries.

The operations at the border of the Schengen area in order to drive the Swiss politician. Asylum Minister Karin Keller-Sutter insured this week, the FDP parliamentary group, the Confederation and the cantons would have the Situation in hand, it courses for asylum-seekers would provide enough end. Your party colleagues seem to have for the time being, rest easy – you have deposited, no inquiry on the subject. The other parties are critical: you have submitted this week, 16 of the corresponding initiatives. The SVP tried even, an urgent debate to foment in vain.

Nevertheless, the European asylum crisis of the dominant topics in the national Council's question hour on Monday. The SVP calls on the Federal government controls the borders sharper. A Problem she also sees in Italy, to raise The neighbouring country has been exposed to the readmission of asylum-seekers due to the Coronavirus currently. But Switzerland has only six months time, an asylum seeker according to the Dublin-contracts to Italy to send back, then you will be responsible for the asylum application. The deadline for Deportation to Italy runs according to the state Secretariat for Migration, however, only in the case of a single Person in April.

asylum centers, more capacity

Many of the requests from the left in the Parliament. The SP demanded that Switzerland is pounding as the Depositary state of the Geneva Convention on their compliance. In addition, the Federal government and the cantons should utilize your asylum centres completely by migrants are taken directly from Greek Warehouses in Switzerland. Confirms this requirement of two online petitions, which have found in the past few days, nearly 18'000 supporters.

The Greens are particularly concerned about unaccompanied minors in Greece. Switzerland has pledged in February to those with a relation to Switzerland. However, that is what happened so far in any single case, as Secretary of state, Mario Gattiker said this week on the edge of a meeting of the EU's migration Minister. The Greek authorities had so far not submitted any dossier. The green national councillor Sibel Arslan wants to know whether the Federal Council is willing, a family reunion, even without a Greek request to initiate.

"The Federal Council is pushing the refugee issue in front of them."Peter Meier, head of policy on asylum the Swiss refugee aid

hope to put the Green in addition to private initiatives, such as Canada and the UK. There sponsors can promote the inclusion of refugees; in return, they bear part of the cost. In Switzerland there is no legal basis. The Federal Council promised in 2016, to examine a change in the law, left it but so far in the promise. Now the Greens want to know if it goes forward. The goal is more from the UN high Commissioner for refugees, help to get UNHCR recognised refugees in Switzerland, as the Federal government is already doing.

Peter Meier, head of the asylum policy of the Swiss aid to refugees, criticized: "The Federal Council is pushing the issue in front of them." In the past few years, a strong commitment from civil society was formed. Various actors, such as cities, municipalities, churches, non-governmental organizations, and Private wanted to be more involved in the humanitarian intake actions. A clear legal basis would allow.

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