Provisional waiver of a PUK

at Least for now, is at the sole discretion of the control delegation (GPDel) of the Parliament, to shed light on the Crypto-affair. This was decided by the maj

Provisional waiver of a PUK

at Least for now, is at the sole discretion of the control delegation (GPDel) of the Parliament, to shed light on the Crypto-affair. This was decided by the majority of the national Council offices yesterday. The application of the Green for a Parliamentary investigation Commission (PUK) remained against the votes of the bourgeois majority of the game. For the decision, the Council office had heard before Chancellor Walter Thurnherr, as a representative of the Federal Council. Information about the investigation work had also given GPDel-President, Alfred Heer (SVP, Zurich). For further information to the media, both were not available.

the office of The national Council four tellers include, in addition to the Council President and the Vice-President and counter, as well as the Group presidents. After not want to, Express, Council President Isabelle Moret (FDP) for the decision, said the second Vice-President of the national Council, which is a Sensitivity to Irène Kälin (Green), the national Council office to see what the control delegation revealed promote. The results of the investigation were not satisfactory, could come back to the office on the decision.

This is a PUK, the strongest and broadest means of Investigation of the Parliament, is not yet definitely off the table. SP and the greens have already submitted yesterday a parliamentary Initiative that requires a PUK.

"full investigation"

green group President Balthasar Glättli (ZH) justified the Adherence to the requirement for a PUK with the necessary thoroughness. "It's about depth and not about pace," he said. A PUK is set wider, and have more resources than the GPDel. After Glättlis view GPDel has to wait too long until you became active. The Delegation had first to wait for the research of the "Washington Post", Swiss television, ZDF, and of this newspaper, and then – "quasi-live" to announce that it will hold inquiries into the eye. Glättli hopes that the national Council office to address now, as soon as possible with the parliamentary Initiative of the SP and his party, and she accepts.

FDP-President Petra Gössi refers, however, to the same powers of control delegation, and the parliamentary Commission of inquiry. "The FDP is still demanding a full investigation of the operations of the Crypto AG," said Gössi. So, as the GPDel was on the road today, this is possible.

As a climb-down of the original announcement of the FDP-President, it was a PUK code, want to Gössi know today's attitude is not understood. The will, the Crypto-affair educate, be unchanged, regardless of party stripes earlier responsible actors in the military and Department of justice, as well as within the administration. So Gössi alluded to the fact that the secret service documents, according to her party colleague, Kaspar Villiger, on the background of Crypto AG was in the picture. Villiger denies this. However, if no gap in achievements, clarification, stay of the PUK for Petra Gössi an Option.

Similar powers

The GPDel had decided last week to take over from the Federal Council has already initiated investigations. These are led by former Federal judge Niklaus Oberholzer. The GPDel has the same powers as a PUK. You may request information and documents, actors interview, and protocols of Federal Council meetings and secret documents.

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Updated Date: 02 March 2020, 23:04

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