Mette's body was stored in a refrigerator: I betrayed her

In the two years lay the body of 40-year-old Mette Bønnelykke wrapped in a tarpaulin tucked away in a fridge on the island - without any discovered it. But ho

Mette's body was stored in a refrigerator: I betrayed her

In the two years lay the body of 40-year-old Mette Bønnelykke wrapped in a tarpaulin tucked away in a fridge on the island - without any discovered it.

But how could this young woman lie dead in a refrigerator in such a long time, without any missed her?

to get the answer to that question, we need to turn back time. Many years back.

In the Channel 5 programme 'Murder in the family' is Mette Bønnelykkes family namely the forward and tells us about a tumultarisk childhood, headlong falling in love, and a violent pillemisbrug.

although Mette Bønnelykkes life otherwise began well as most others, she had already at the age of just 11 years like the first hard defeat, when her mother, who she was close to fall down a steep flight of stairs and turns back.

And it's going to put its stamp on the rest of Mette's life.

"It's hard. Really difficult. We are missing our mother. Mette missing his mother, and it changes our teens the whole game. Mette starts to take money from home, and it develops that she also takes from the grocery store instead of buying. In the beginning, I think that it is innocent barnestreger," says Mette Bønnelykkes sister Jette E. Halskov in the Channel 5 programme.

But that was far from talking about barnestreger.

as Mette Bønnelykke was older, she also began to steal the strong medicine, as her mother was for his bad back, and it was that she changed behavior and personality.

the Man who changed everything

But when Mette Bønnelykke is 19 years, however, something that once again turns up and down in her life - at least for a while.

the production school in Randers teacher she John to know, and the meeting develops into a stormy love affair between the two. He is her life love, she is convinced. And of course there is also something about the.

the couple were both married and had two children, but beneath the surface simmers the turmoil. John began to drink and Dumanbet is betraying her, and when he is out for a serious work accident where he badly injured with his back, snapped the film.

John had to take strong medication to endure the sharp pains in the back, and the past sought suddenly Mette Bønnelykke.

"She is directly skewed, change the behavior and it is here that she steals, it takes to. She steals the medicine from the mother and the father, and it ends with that John must unlock the medicine inside, because she is running and taking up everyone's medicine," explains the sister.

And although the pair tried to get it to bloom, was the relationship not to save. Finally throw Mette Bønnelykke the bomb.

She had gotten an apartment in Randers, left the John and left the couple's two children with him. The fracture ended up with serious consequences for John, who soon after tried to take both his own and his daughter's life. It failed, and John was subsequently sentenced to a behandlingsdom.

Suicide and the new man

With behandlingsdommen over so Mette Bønnelykke possibility that she and John could get together again and restore the small family, as they had been. That's how it happened, however, it is not. Shortly after found the couple's son John dead on the couch. He had committed suicide.

Back stood Mette Bønnelykke with responsibility for both children, which end up being taken from her, and, not least, the drug use, as she has for years been in.

at the same time, the relationship to the family more and more tightly.

"When she visits us, it is an abuser who is on a visit. I have the desire to be together with Mette - my sister and not a pillemisbruger," says Jette E. Halskov.

But when Mette Bønnelykke in the fall of 2009 met Mickey Anton Pedersen, happened all of a sudden something again. The pair moved together, and again it seemed that all was well.

that was How it was, unfortunately, just don't. Mickey Anton Pedersen had a past that she didn't know.

"He is a drømmemand, and so is he just a psychopath," says the sister.

as the relationship developed, was Mickey both dominant and violent, and Mette Bønnelykkes contact to the family gradually became worse, until it eventually was non-existent, and shortly before christmas 2010 was the then-40-year-old woman beaten to death.

the First two years after she was reported missing and when the police raided Mickey's home in Dannemare, Lolland, they found the body of Mette Bønnelykke tucked away in a refrigerator in the far corner of a shed. A refrigerator, as Mickey according to police, had moved several places, all the while he had raised her disability and fiddled her friend for 42.000 dollars.

"When it goes up for me, that it is Mette, I will get it bad, because I had failed her," says Jette E. Halskov

the 47-year-old Mickey Anton Pedersen was in 2013 sentenced to 13 years in prison for the death of Mette Bønnelykke.

'Murder in the family' can be seen on Channel 5 on Tuesday evening at 21.00

Date Of Update: 26 November 2019, 22:00