Media: the fraud squad investigating the false invoice to the Messerschmidt

A false invoice on the 375.000 dollars included in the Bagmandspolitiets (SØIK) investigation of possible fraud with EU funds through the european party SIGN, a

Media: the fraud squad investigating the false invoice to the Messerschmidt

A false invoice on the 375.000 dollars included in the Bagmandspolitiets (SØIK) investigation of possible fraud with EU funds through the european party SIGN, and the corresponding regional FELD.

It informs several of each other independent sources to DR.

the DR has seen the invoice, which is dated 30. march 2015, addressed to Morten Messerschmidt and his then adviser, Kristian Wederkinck Olesen, and addressed to politikerens former office in the EU Parliament. It deals with an advertising campaign in the printaviser, webmedier and on Facebook to a value of a total of 50,000 euros – that is about 375.000 dollars.

the Invoice is in English, looks as if it is issued by the Danish communication agency Primetime. The invoice contains the Primetimes bank details, VAT number and contact info on one of the agency partners.

But according to DR’s information, the fraud squad contacted Primetime to check the authenticity of the invoice. Then have the communication agency held a meeting with the police where they have denied any knowledge of the invoice, like Primetime has refused to have made a campaign for Morten Messerschmidt, the Danish people's Party, or SIGN and FELD in the mentioned period.

According to the DR's sources, there are problems with the formatting of the invoice itself. Among other things there is neither affixed to the logo or invoice number, as there always is on the agency's bills. And then there is the computerskrevne invoice listed a amount with the manuscript – namely, 62.500 – similar to that which is added vat in addition to the price of 50,000 euro.

'We have been presented with an invoice back from 2015, with our business name on. We can clearly say that we have neither performed the task, received the amount specified, prepared, or sent this invoice, which incidentally contains a number of obvious deficiencies in relation to the way we normally bill on. In other words, this is a false invoice, of which we nothing know. It, we have informed SØIK, as the matter now lies with, and hopefully you will come here to the bottom of the matter,' writes managing partner Casper Hyldekvist from Primetime to DR News.

the Amount of 50,000 euro is not apparent from the inventory, as the Danish people's Party, previously has published over party activities, which are funded with EU money from the SIGN and FELD.

Therefore, it is unknown what the false invoice is used for, and who made it.

But more myndighedskilder certify to the DR, that included several false invoices in the ongoing svindelundersøgelse of the SIGN and FELD.

In this week revealed the Extra Leaf, that in the case of multiple contracts, where the Danish people's party, the administration manager, Jannie Nørhave, recorded as employed at the hotels, where the party has held sommergruppemøder.

the EU's antisvindel-unit, OLAF, handed over in October the Danish part of the case to the fraud squad.

Then informed OLAF that they after several years of investigation, it was found that in Denmark, Italy and Greece was used 583.000 euro, equivalent to approximately a 4.36 million, on the 'illegal, improper or unjustified' activities in the MELD and the related fund, FELD.

the Danish people's party Morten Messerschmidt was the chairman of the SIGN, while the former DF member of the European Parliament, Anders Vistisen, was treasurer.

the office on the basis of, among other things DR's revelations from autumn 2016 examined whether Morten Messerschmidt and Anders Vistisen in breach of EU rules has used european taxpayers ' money to finance the Danish people's Party in Denmark. And on partimedlemmerne has given Parliament misleading information about what the money actually has gone to.

the DR has contacted Morten Messerschmidt, but it has not been possible to get a comment. The Danish people's party leadership writes to DR:

'We are aware that the authorities have such an invoice, but do not know from where it originated, and under all circumstances, be seen not to be paid, why in each case not used EU funds to cover the expense.'

Messerschmidts former adviser, Kristian Wederkinck Olesen, says to DR News that he only knows the invoice from the police.

"I was presented the invoice of the police and asked if I know about it. And I said to them that I did not. And I don't either."

Have you even been to make the here invoice?

"No, of course not. So I had seen it."

How can it be, your name is on it?

"I don't know. I have been a counselor for Morten Messerschmidt and has among other things been responsible for the collection of offerings, so in that sense, then obtain the offers with the, who must obtain the offer, but I have not seen it before, when it came forward."

the Danish people's party, Anders Vistisen has not wanted to comment on the case opposite the DR News.

Morten Messerschmidt, who is sitting in the party's powerful coordinating committee and today is DF's climate and energiordfører, has previously acknowledged mistakes in the case, but denied fraud.

Nor SØIK want to comment on the case or the DR’s information, that they have held a meeting with Primetime as part of the investigation of the fake invoice.

But constituted commander in SØIK Kirsten Dyrman has earlier told that the police have continuously helped OLAF with to unravel the case.

"Now we have a report from OLAF, and, therefore, will SØIK now examine whether, after the Danish law is the basis for initiating an investigation. I can tell you that SØIK continuously assisted OLAF in the course," it sounded from the fraud squad in October.

Date Of Update: 08 December 2019, 01:00