Like a Couple of 24 hours on his Corona-finding waited

"We are well prepared," said health Minister Alain Berset, when he announced this week an increase in the capacity for Corona Tests. Ten laboratories in Switz

Like a Couple of 24 hours on his Corona-finding waited

"We are well prepared," said health Minister Alain Berset, when he announced this week an increase in the capacity for Corona Tests. Ten laboratories in Switzerland to be able to a total of one thousand Tests per day. Also, the hospitals are well prepared: you could also test people with severe respiratory problems.

Very different is the story that tells readers Manuel F.* sounds. He and his wife, Linda,* speak of a true Odyssey. A story in five acts.


The weather was spring-like mild, as Manuel and Linda F. strolled past weekend through the streets of Verona. They arrived on Friday evening, went on Saturday with a stroll through the old town, after all, a Unesco world heritage site. The weekend culminated in a dinner at well-Known in Legnago. Really, the couple F. could not enjoy the Dinner but. In both, the dry, irritating cough occurred suddenly. Given the headlines, which in Lombardy due to the Corona Virus, entire villages were sealed off, they decided to return to Switzerland.

1. Act: The BAG-Hotline

On the way home f Mr. and Mrs. F., increasingly, a bad feeling began to spin but the news from the North of Italy, according to which the Corona-Virus was spreading there more and more rapidly. In a Parking lot in Chiasso, the Couple made a stop and chose the number of the BAG-Hotline to inquire, whether, in his case, a Corona Test would be displayed. The employee certified the Manuel F., he should call a doctor or a hospital. There, a doctor will decide whether a Test was necessary.

Manuel F. called the cantonal hospital of St. Gallen, and explained his case. An employee is promised, with the relevant Infectious disease specialists should be consulted. When she called back, she gave the all-clear: The time interval between the Arrival in Lombardy, and the Occurrence of cough was too short. It was, therefore, not be considered to be an infection, and a Test is unnecessary.

Manuel and Linda F., relieved, decided to enjoy the beautiful weather in Ticino and visited the carnival Festival in Ascona. Then they crossed the Italian border and strolled through the town of Cannobbio and Intra, before they returned home in the Eastern part of Switzerland.

2. Act: a start-up

The cough did not want to subside days later – he was stronger on the contrary. Linda F. felt, also, shortness of breath, if you are struggling physically. Meanwhile Thursday, and the Corona Virus had also reached Switzerland. An Infected in the Ticino, the media reported that he had already shown two days after infection, in Milan, symptoms of the disease.

Manuel F. called his doctor in Wattwil, this referred him to the emergency supply Hotline SOS Doctors. The Doctor at the other end of the line saw – in contrast to the first – certainly a cause for concern: There is a risk of infection exists. You are advised to contact the cantonal hospital of St. Gallen.

no sooner Said than done. However, the F. needed according to their information several times until he was connected with the competent body. Once he had landed on a Combox, then again in the case of a staff member, could not reach the infectious diseases also. "I have the feeling that nobody knew what to do, what to do," says F. the Situation. At the cantonal hospital of St. Gallen, you can make it to the concrete case, no information. "If the case has wear, it was certainly not good," said a spokesman.

it worked finally, it was recommended F., to make a Test in the middle of Spital Wil. A staff member told the couple F., against 14 o'clock to arrive and to wear when Entering the hospital, a mask.

3. Act: The toilet-excitement

Linda and Manuel F. on the surgical masks, which they had bought in Italy, and registered in the hospital, Wil be at the reception. An employee handed the Couple a respiratory protection mask, with the request that this is put on. The two followed the instructions. "However, it was not me, because other patients were in the vicinity." The Pair was led into a small waiting room in which it was alone. The Doctor will come soon.

After a half hour of waiting, Mrs. F. inquired at the adjacent emergency reception if she could use the toilet. The receptionist replied in the affirmative. As other members of staff noticed that a woman with the breathing mask and headed for the toilet, broke out, however, is excitement. After Linda F. left the toilet again, pasted someone a paper with the words "locked" on the toilet door.

Barbara Anderegg, Director of communications of the hospital, Wil, says: "If a Person, in the case of the suspicion of Corona Virus, has used the toilet, so is it correct that you subsequently locked until they are adequately cleaned." A mask change was also in the presence of other persons is not a problem.

4. Act: The lack of protective glasses

As F. describes, it came a short time later for investigation: A Doctor with a protective coat and mask, but without protective glasses, have both measured the temperature and made a note of the symptoms. Another Physician, who had also worn only a normal correction glasses, made according to F. subsequently, the swab is for the Corona-diagnosis is necessary.

"she made my wife and me a throat swab with a very long cotton swab. As she took the swab, I had to, unfortunately, with an open mouth in the direction of your face cough, because the procedure was very uncomfortable," said Manuel F. He fear that the employee was protected due to the lack of safety glasses to a little in front of a possible infection.

hospital spokeswoman Anderegg says: "Our instructions in dealing with the coronavirus suspected cases are congruent with the directives of the BAG that require us to Wear protective glasses. Because the Doctor relied on the protection of your own glasses, it has dispensed with contrary to the General instruction on the goggles."

After the smear has been informed of the couple f. moreover, the samples would be picked up in the evening, the hospital will report on Friday morning.

5. Act: The long Wait

Now it was time to say: Wait. Until the test results are available, should Mr and Mrs F. in your apartment do not leave in contact with other people avoid. On Friday morning, Manuel F. called at half past ten o'clock in the hospital, to inquire about the test results. You have to internally ask, as the answer. As the hospital called back a half hour later, it was said, the laboratory was overloaded, and the result is not yet known. You can register in the afternoon.

"For me it is incomprehensible that in Zurich after four hours, the result of a test is determined, in St. Gallen, however, takes so long," says F. "We felt ill-informed and not understood that the hospital informed us about the development – after all, we were locked up at home and the outside world cut off, and made us Worry."

At the hospital, Wil it means: "The hospital receives the results of the laboratory analysis communicated as soon as they are available." After the Presence of the sample in the laboratory, the analysis method of 8 hours. "All patients are informed immediately after the finding on the phone."

In the case of the married couple F. passed more anxious hours in the afternoon, Manuel F. called again unsuccessful at the hospital. After 15 o'clock, then the all-clear: The test results are negative.

For F. nevertheless, there remains a bitter aftertaste. "Many processes have seemed to me very amateurish. I don't want to know what happens if in the future an even more aggressive Virus should reach Switzerland."

spokeswoman Anderegg says to the employees acted in dealing with the coronavirus suspected cases strictly according to the guidelines of the BAG and the infectious diseases of the cantonal hospital. A impression of excitement was created, appeared to be but not unreasonable. "The emergency unit at the hospital, Wil showed yesterday, in principle, a high patient volume, were added to the first suspected cases of the Corona Virus."

The processes with these suspected cases had been known, but not yet recorded. Some purely practical processes in dealing with suspected cases had been adjusted on Thursday, so would now be taken, for example, all of the patients that consult with the appropriate symptoms, the emergency station the emergency station in reception.

*name changed by the editors

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