Italians may only come to work to Ticino

It was a turbulent Sunday for the Ticino. On the Morning of the cantonal leadership asked the state Council to an extraordinary session. The guide rod – a compo

Italians may only come to work to Ticino

It was a turbulent Sunday for the Ticino. On the Morning of the cantonal leadership asked the state Council to an extraordinary session. The guide rod – a composite of the police, fire, rescue and civil protection is active, if it is difficult. In the event of emergencies or at times of armed conflict.

After an emergency situation is what it looked like on Sunday morning, actually. Overnight, the Italian government had imposed a Travel ban for the residents of the Lombardy and the neighboring regions. 16 million people should stay where they are. Public life is at a standstill. What this means for Switzerland, especially the Canton of Ticino, where about 30 percent of workers from Italy to commute in Switzerland? Around 68'000 cross-border commuters of the Canton, of which work over 4000 in the healthcare system, would collapse in the case of a border closure is one.

Hourly new messages

But so far, not currently. As the Council of state appeared on Sunday 15 at the Palazzo delle Orsoline in Bellinzona for the hastily arranged meeting, there was practically every hour, new news on the Situation. Two-and-a-quarter hours, met the Council of state and was on the phone with Alain Berset, and Ignazio Cassis, with the health and foreign policy, responsible Federal councils.

in the Middle of the session, you will have received the Information that the Italian authorities allowed the work commute continue, says Lega-Council of state and security chief Norman Gobbi. In the night, the Italian government gave the impression, to the Northern Italian areas of complete lockdown. On Sunday morning, the Italian customs officials, border closed transitions between Ticino and Lombardy. A little later they were open again.

In an interview with the Federal councils of the Ticino state Council agreed on the following procedure: The border to Italy remains open. The passenger traffic is, however, controlled. Italy controlled the external borders of the restricted area, and Switzerland reviewed the Entry on the Swiss side. The have decided to Ignazio Cassis and his Italian counterpart Luigi Di Maio on Sunday during several phone conversations.

so Who drives in the next few days, in Italy, in Switzerland, must prove at the border that he drives to work – with a foreigner's identity card G or any other certification. Also, the Federal Council announced yesterday in a Communiqué. He spoke of a common "Monitoring" whose parameters would be defined in the coming days.

"It is clear that The wages must be paid even if the employee remain at home."Marina Carobbio, SP

The Canton Ticino police will position themselves, but as of Monday close to the border and Immigration control, says Norman Gobbi. If someone wants to just shop, he is sent back. "Or worse yet, If someone in Switzerland to the hospital to treat."

The Council of state had examined various measures, says Gobbi. Including the closure of schools. Provisionally, the Canton of Ticino waived. It is also important to justify Decisions, says Norman Gobbi. About the question of why Switzerland has not closed its borders. Such questions would be, if Italy declare whole areas to the exclusion zone.

employers in Ticino breathed a sigh of relief yesterday afternoon. Even in the morning to 7 at CVP national councillor Fabio Regazzi held with the Director of his company for a crisis meeting. Regazzi operates in the magadino plain is a metal construction company with 135 employees, approximately 55 are Italian cross-border commuters. And the cross-border commuters can be make in General, not the ones the home office says Regazzi. You are working in the production hall and on the construction sites. The office work is made of Swiss. Nevertheless, tested Regazzi and his Team options, such as a home office. Complications are inevitable, he says.

Other business owners have reserved for their Italian employees with important functions, as a precaution, a hotel room.

the crisis

United was right to restrict commuter traffic to a Minimum, says SVP councillor Marco Chiesa. "You have to strike a careful balance between economic and health policy interests." Measures such as a border closing or fever checks at the point of entry should not be taboo. Sure, you need to exploit opportunities such as the home office and distinguish between the strategically important Jobs and others, says Chiesa.

With his councillor colleague Marina Carobbio (SP) status Chiesa on Sunday for the Lunch-time"daily show" in the RSI-Studio. And together you will make the beginning of the week in Bern policy: you want the Exterior and the interior Department to contact. It is important to clarify a number of questions, says Carobbio, who practiced in the Misox, as a Doctor. So, there is a need in the Ticino reserve health personnel for the case that the infections are rising strongly.

Also Chiesa and Carobbio want the Federal government helps the Ticino company through this difficult Phase. Carobbio says: "It is clear that The wages must be paid even if the employee remain at home."

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