It has bracket service plus

Regula Kellenberger (28) reaps derision and admiration. She is Ironing in the Morning "". And your colleagues will tease the woman with the rare occupation as

It has bracket service plus

Regula Kellenberger (28) reaps derision and admiration. She is Ironing in the Morning "". And your colleagues will tease the woman with the rare occupation as a "Aufgablerin" or "Abschlepperin". It has met the marketing Manager from Erlenbach (ZH) the dream that pretty much all of the stressed-out office list have the inside of the flat country: A winter season in the sun – or storm – out holiday guests and prepared to assist. Marketing people in the city there are many ski lift anbügler are so rare, such as construction Workers.

regulators attack every 7.5 seconds with the right Hand upwards, touching the bracket and holds it to skiers with both hands as accurately as possible under the Buttocks. Then a few friendly words to follow, and you get a thank you, while the next pressing of the customers ' loops, the poles on the outer Hand, and your skis in parallel alignment. In what other profession gets you 1000 times per hour, happy to hear words of thanks?

Anything other than a "Tubelilift"

The number 1000 is, however, a theory, calculated according to the maximum capacity of the ski lift Crestas on the Lenzerheide. In fact, the skiers a dribble inside and skiers rather in the one-minute rhythm. In 1948, built in Lift overcomes the 140 meters of altitude. To refer to him as "Tubelilift", would, however, cross wrong. The old t-bar lift is the gateway to the ski area of Lenzerheide. See who Regula anbügeln, lands a few hours later, via Tgantieni and Scalottas in Arosa. And, most importantly, The Crestas-Piste is FIS homologated race track.

Regula Kellenberger was in Zurich marketing Manager in the travel industry and organized large Events. In the fall, the realization came: "I need a change of air." Via the ski school Lenzerheide, where she applied originally for a seasonal job, she landed at the Crestas ski lift AG, which in turn is owned by the citizens of the municipality of Vaz/Untervaz.

Zurich-regulators is not lift on the Bracket, even so in addition. This is because the System of the Zurich engineer Ernst Constam, who built the lift in 1934, at the Bolgen in Davos the first Stirrup was invented. As a Constam had after 1940 in the United States success, was followed by other inventors. The original version of the Crestas Lift comes from the brilliant Gerhard Müller Männedorf, the later had also designed a ventilation system for the Pfäffikersee. Today, Ironing is a lift to the other chair and gondola lifts to be replaced. Your advantages: faster, more convenient, greater capacity, can be used also in summer for hikers and in the present-day snow at times, across the green meadows.

Manager with student wage

"Because of the money I'm not here," says Regula Kellenberger. You earned 3,000 francs, the fractional part of a Zurich Managerinnenlohns. "To me, all of the prepared people do well." And Regula I, in turn, the holiday guests well. She knows the Lenzerheide from childhood, every bump and every Restaurant. Your "Ironing service" includes a comprehensive advice of the best slopes between Parpan and Arosa, on the Postbus connections to Chur to Insiderbar for the Après-Ski evening.

Regula Kellenberger: the marketing Manager to Anbüglerin. Photo: Nicola Pitaro

"Regula is our sunshine," says Silvio, the second in the Crestas-team. He alternates with regulators: a is always at the cash register, the other on the Anbügeln. The single journey costs 3 Swiss francs, the days map 26 Swiss francs for bookings on the Internet there discount. Silvio can anbügeln with one Hand, regulators of both needs. "I give me the biggest trouble, that it is not tätscht of my flock the strap around the head", says Regula. Because for Action it is anyway: At the Crestas, it has many students, and ski storage.

the spectacle be

can Anbügeln "it is often children's first ski lift ride in life", says Regula. And because of the coordination requirements: show up in 7,5 seconds, couple make, quick 90 degrees umtreten and avoid it when bunches of sticks, gloves, rice, caps, mobile phones and the tip comes to a shameful disaster. "Then I must leave the Lift as quick as a flash," says the Anbüglerin, "until the whole mess is unraveled." The most difficult customers are usually a beginner on the Snowboard.

regulators Kelle Bergers seasonal job lasts until the end of March – if it's as long as snow has. Then you want to brush up in Biarritz, French. The old ski lift disappears less quickly. The operating licence applies for another twelve years, says Marcus Lenz, President of the citizens municipality of Vaz/Untervaz. "We consider even a snow-making system, to be able to Lift and slopes, not only as a feeder, but as a training facility for our juniors."

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