In the shadow of the throne

Like a white wave in the silk organza skirt of her Dior dress and spreads on a red damask bench, her fine-cut face shimmers, side-lights, such as porcelain – on

In the shadow of the throne

Like a white wave in the silk organza skirt of her Dior dress and spreads on a red damask bench, her fine-cut face shimmers, side-lights, such as porcelain – only a shade darker than the rows of Pearls around her neck. Icon the same Cecil Beaton Princess Margaret to your 21.Birthday photographed. The image of 1951 has the unreal magic of Hollywood movies of that Era. Even if she wears no crown – more Princess goes hardly. Margaret was a media star, fashion model, dream-like figure. The photo can not have guessed that you would be the Enfant terrible of the British Royal family. Margaret has been to the conventions-killer – similar, but very different than her great-nephew, Prince Harry, and his wife, Meghan, enabling today, the monarchy is in turmoil.

The world into which Margaret was born, was completely different than today's. The British Empire was at its greatest expansion, it covered a quarter of the world's population and a quarter of the surface of the earth, as on the evening of the 21. August 1930 Baby Margaret Rose of York, came into the world, number four in line to the throne, and the child of a happy family: mother Elizabeth – the future "Queen Mum" – father Albert ("Bertie") – the second son of king George V and the daughters Elizabeth and four years younger than Margaret.

To Edwards resignation prevailed terrified of scandals

Then, the Damocles sword whistled over the family idyll: The shy, stuttering Bertie king had to be what he hated:. His brother, David, was followed in January 1936 the father as Edward VIII on the throne and insisted to marry his great love Wallis Simpson. But the twice-divorced American wife of the monarch should be of a monarch, the head of the Church of England is, what a divorce refused, was not acceptable.

In December 1936, Edward VIII abdicated and Bertie went as George VI, as he called it, to the slaughter. Edwards's resignation is considered to be the GAU of the king's house: and The Monarch had preferred his private fortune to the service of the country, in that it was the unpardonable neglect of duty. You left it in the king's house, terrified of scandals. The incident also coined life Margaret's and lasts until today. As Harry and Meghan announced their withdrawal was immediately reminded of Edward and Wallis.

16 years older, married, children

Because Margaret fell in love 1950/51 in the officer of the Royal Air Force, Peter Townsend, Deputy Lord-in-waiting at Buckingham Palace, a position of trust in the immediate vicinity of the king. Townsend is 16 years older than the Princess, and civil, he was also married and had children. His divorce in 1952 made the situation better, and also that the Romance became public.

it was Townsend banished to the Embassy to Brussels. Margaret and he hoped to eventually marry. But the concerns were victorious. The Princess declared officially on December 31. In October 1955, that they renounce the marriage with the officer. You substantiated this with your duties to the Commonwealth and the doctrine of the Church, the indissolubility of marriage. Margaret, even if much of it seemed to speak against it, was a woman of faith. You brought a huge sacrifice for the role, in which she was born.

Soon they took on in addition to your duties a lively social life, which had amazed the world. Almost every evening she visited Restaurants, theaters, Musicals, ballets. You saw them in the Jazz concerts of Louis Armstrong, she was inspired by Count Basie. The always-tipped cigarette holder was an accessory, they acquired the ability to be able to amazing drink, the first Gin and, later, whiskey.

. And, although many Royal houses had canceled the participation.

Other life-long characteristics were also. So funny, quick-witted, warmly Margaret could be, she was also capricious, aloof, snippy, even brusquely. That made them all popular. The writer and Director Jean Cocteau once said, disobedience was her joy. You made Violations like not a Princess in front of her, but worked hard for the king's house, and helped the Queen to open the antiquated monarchy, for the egalitarian society. Hardly a figure in the British monarchy embodies Margaret the difficulties of life in the characters of the crown – especially when you are wearing no crown.

of Course, Margaret was regarded as a sought-after bride, especially as she was a beauty. She was 29 when she Antony Armstrong-met Jones, one of the most fashionable London photographers, witty, unconventional, good-looking, with common interests and friends. The press pursued the Princess and her friend met the stealth because in an old warehouse on the Thames, where a friend of Armstrong-Jones left the room with outside toilet. A friend was quoted, what the Couple connect with, especially, leave three words to summarize: "Sex, Sex, Sex."

For the king's house was also the photographer is not a dream Prince, but Margaret to forbid a love that would have been too much. On 6. May 1960 the wedding was. Many of the Royal houses canceled their participation. But Margaret's wedding with 2000 guests, was the first in the Royal house, broadcast on the television. The honeymoon carried on the Royal yacht Britannia in the Caribbean. On Mustique, a businessman gave the Couple a plot of land.

in addition to many representation tasks, they have been in the Swinging London of the kings of the Society with a huge apartment at Kensington Palace. Armstrong-Jones was awarded the title of Earl of Snowdon. The Beatles were well-Known, mini skirt inventor, Mary Quant, star hairdresser Vidal Sassoon, actor Peter Sellers, to name just a few. Are you associated with ballet icon Rudolf Nureyev. In 1961 and 1964, the children of David and Sarah came to the world, but the marital bliss was crumbling from 1965 on. Snowdon had constantly Affairs, was often absent, also Maragaret began from 1966 to loving.

17 years younger, aimless

in 1973, flared up for a man by the name of Roddy Llewellyn, he became the biggest scandal. Undeterred, she had re-elected-to-date a Friends: 17 years younger and without the right goal through life tripping. Margaret and Llewellyn spent in 1974, the first holiday on Mustique. The young man was far more than a distraction from their desolate marriage.

Margaret has been accused of an unworthy life change for a representative of great Britain, and wastefulness. There ensued a debate about whether you should continue to get state money for their tasks, what Harry and Meghan have now on a voluntary basis. The Church also attacked Margaret's Lifestyle.

Diana, with the help of which you understood well, has been called the first "modern Princess". But it was Margaret.

the media have declared Margaret's relationship with Llewellyn after the divorce, the Snowdons in 1978, with the desperation of a not more young, unfortunate woman. Friends described them as very zugetanes Few. "We sing, we dance, we are at all happy, and I don't know why it is not so should go on forever," said Llewellyn in 1980. The following year, he fell in love with another and wanted to marry her. Margaret responded a generous thing to do, even gave a Dinner for the Ex and his fiancee. Pragmatic, ironic, as in other difficult moments.

Soon after, another time broke: Margaret's nephew, crown Prince Charles, married Lady Diana Spencer, the world had a new Princess, the should stage major scandals. Margaret stand less in the spotlight, from the mid-eighties to your health issues through the press. She died on 9. February 2002 at the age of 71 years.

Diana, with the help of which you understood well, has been called the first "modern Princess". But it was Margaret. Much of what children today is for king, of course, fought you, or refused. If it came down to it, chose Margaret duty, accepted personal sacrifice as the price of Royal privileges. You just came from a different world.

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