In the new albisguetli the Menage is gone

In certain things is the modern city dweller is not as modern as he likes to be. This shows his longing for the so-called home-style, down-to-earthness. Accordi

In the new albisguetli the Menage is gone

In certain things is the modern city dweller is not as modern as he likes to be. This shows his longing for the so-called home-style, down-to-earthness. According to Cordon bleu, beer tankards, the cruet with Aromat and paper table advertising sets. The headquarters of this with vergilbtem paneling clad regulars atmosphere it is assumed in Schützenhaus albisguetli. It was the last one to witness the Swiss Federal Institute of solid culture of the 19th century. Century, wrote the governing Council before the Renovation last year. True: Here, the Zurich-based SVP meets once a year, here is a shot, and danced to Country music.

However, the image corrects itself shortly after arrival. A Parking lot full of assortierter off-roader and an inflatable beaver with the Logo of a construction company suggest that here is a ground independent event, namely, the Country Festival. However, the Restaurant next to it speaks a visual language, which is also in a chic converted factory, or a Gay Disco would be out of place.

Dadaist lettering

a cannon at the entrance, which glitters like a disco ball. Or the red-Neon-light snakes-adorned chandelier. Or a Dadaist grace by Neon lettering: "Alb-is-gütli". All in all, the high, stately room is very inviting and modern pimped.

The card speaks to many Parts of the old language. It is about Bäggli, calf leberli or mark the leg are to be found. Meatless dishes, there are only four. The owner has announced, after the conversion, in the year 2019, that there is no gastronomic Revolution was to be expected. And because of the changes that go slow, fit in this Mix so.

praise for the operation

The albisguetli salad as well as the edge of the salad with Buffalo mozzarella (19.50 and 15.50 Fr.) for a Starter, super taste. As perfectly, the beef Entrecôte (44.50 Fr are made.) and the braised chicken thighs (33.50 Fr.). This also includes the open wine, no Pinot Noir from the Zürcher unterland, but a Zweierli Château Poujeaux (24.50 Fr fits.). To mention the excellent home-made Cream cake is in the tasting variant (8 Fr.) for Dessert. And finally, the operation has earned a lot of praise: it does the Job perfectly.

So home-style kitchen looks today: corn poularde on the edge of the risotto. Photo: Andrea payer

This all seems to be for other guests to arrive. Many of the numerous tables occupied on this Thursday evening. No stammtisch atmosphere, but neat to be together in a sleek presentation. Confusing? Maybe the time for this nostalgia to a close with Beer mats and chips-French fries just slowly to the end. Only strictly Conservative regret the.

not Schützenhaus albisguetli

the price-to-performance ratio
The Restaurant is too expensive, but also not really cheap. But the quality is right, what justifies the price more than.

You don't need to find everything at the newly renovated albisguetli in style. But the overall atmosphere is pleasant. This has to do with the light and the height of the room. This leather armchair which are very comfortable come.

Everything correctly does not make the operation, if all error-free. But if you respond appropriately to error. So, for example, as in the case of our visit, something on the plate was missing. The friendly staff took the Sous-Chef, this in turn, have provided the Onion in a separate bowl.

– So one of the best public TRANSPORT
With the 13 Tram to the Terminus albisguetli. Or with the Bus number 32 till the last stop road traffic office.

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