In the Zurich hospitals, the protection of Doctors is just

We are in week two of the Corona-crisis in Switzerland. And it can be found: The Zurich hospitals, the Triage of suspected cases and the treatment of the affect

In the Zurich hospitals, the protection of Doctors is just

We are in week two of the Corona-crisis in Switzerland. And it can be found: The Zurich hospitals, the Triage of suspected cases and the treatment of the affected patients in the handle. In the meantime, in a number of hospitals in a large crowd, because a lot of insecure people went directly into the emergency stations, instead of first when Ärztefon or at the in-house doctor to call. But now the widely published behavior seem to be rules. The situation has returned to normal, like an eye in the Triemli and University hospital revealed yesterday.

isolation rooms in Bülach

Both hospitals, patients, and patient triage in front of the emergency entrance to prevent further contagions. In the Unispital this is done in two tents, and for the clarification of suspected cases was developed is a small modular building with several rooms. Around lunch time everything was quiet. Also, in the Triemli, not much delivery. For those who come to the emergency, must be first in a Container for a first assessment. In an hour, around ten people, including small children. Most went then in the normal case of an emergency.

masks, gloves, gowns, bonnets – all of these products are sold out worldwide practically.

Only two adults in protection were conducted clothes of hospital personnel out of the Container and in a car in the left set. According to information provided by the media office to bring suspected cases to a separate hospital entrance and from there to a clarifying station. Per day, 30 to 40 cases. Effectively sick and hospitalized in the Triemli two people are currently.

Nine hospitals in Zurich are set up for the recording of Corona-patients, including Bülach. The suspected cases will be received at the entrance and in insulating the room, as a Director, Rolf Gilgen says. Daily the five to ten people were. So far, the Spital Bülach has tested a Person positive. This is back home, since the Directorate of Health on Wednesday announced that milder cases are allowed to spend the quarantine at home.

Dependent from China

"Our processes are structured, and work well," notes hospital Director Gilgen. Provide something else to him: "We have supply problems in the protection material." Masks, gloves, gowns, bonnets – all of these products were sold out "in the world practically," says Gilgen. In a hospital you will be used thousands of times, without Coronavirus .

The stock in Bülach, enough for almost two weeks. Also, the Triemli has used his masks "depending on the further development of" in one to two weeks, as it communicates. According to Gilgen, which is networked in the industry, the Problem affects most of the hospitals. He also knows the reason: "Our dependence on China. The production of protective material is carried out almost exclusively in China, and there is currently supplied due to Corona nothing."

Christian Heeb is the managing Director of the company Vis Med AG, which is responsible for seven hospitals, shopping. He confirmed the delivery problems. "You are now alive from the Camps." Everyone look for themselves. "The countries will start to hoard Material. France and Germany, for example, nothing more to give." Vis try in South Africa buy. Because the market has dried up, going to a lot of Schindluderei, reported by Heeb: "Every day, call any of the dubious dealers and offer me products at exorbitant prices."

Canton needs a stockpile to

The Directorate of Health, which is ultimately responsible for ensuring put into perspective to the Problem. You have enough reserves and will help the hospitals, it means. The Canton of pharmacy will order next week a platform override, through which the hospitals of the Material, says Canton pharmacist, Andreas behind the man. However, the amount is apportioned. "We can only support it selectively and not for months," says the man behind.

to be able to deliver, the Canton to be pandemic-bearing. Actually too early, because the Corona-crisis has reached only the stage of an epidemic. "We give out the Material because it is now needed," says the man behind.

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