In every meal, Soul, for Soul is feels like love

"Really, there's still?" This is an often read and was one of question, especially when it comes to Live performances by Kelis Rogers aka Kelis. Because, alt

In every meal, Soul, for Soul is feels like love

"Really, there's still?" This is an often read and was one of question, especially when it comes to Live performances by Kelis Rogers aka Kelis. Because, although their earlier Hits such as "Good Stuff", "Trick Me" and especially "Milkshake" on the Hip-Hop, R'n'B and Soul dance floors of this world still belong to vibrate, and sometimes polarize, it has become the in the August 1979 in the New York-born singer in recent years a quiet. And she cared for caused a stir, was more of culinary connoisseurs and Gourmands, the you delighted with it's own sauces-line with cooking the books or a TV series – not be denied that Kelis knew to appreciate your new preference with the Album "Food" in 2014, also a musically worthy.

After a long, wild years in Los Angeles, with a few weddings, a couple of divorces and everything else belongs to the everyday life of Showbiz metropolis, moved the multi-talent with your current husband and the two sons on a Farm far outside the city, apparently with the aim to leave the past behind. A past that included in addition to a lot of success also arge disappointments – such as the fact that you have been ripped-off by your friends Chad Hugo and Pharrell Williams, aka The Neptunes, which produced, among other things, their impressive debut album "Kaleidoscope", financially.

she had concealed for years, until she told the British "Guardian" and some of the larger magazines recently about it. But Kelis had said what needed to be said, the topic was off the table. So the conversation turned on the occasion of their Show from the Friday in the merchants, where the concerts will be carried out in spite of the Corona-restrictions until further notice, especially to sound, food and drink.

we Bring the difficult part behind us: How often you were asked after your favorite Milkshake?
About a Million Times.

your smartest answer to it?
That I drink no milk shakes. I'm more of a fruit Smoothie-type.

do you Have an explanation as to why this Song polarized for 17 years to Appear in advance in the case of women is still strong? to say
Difficult. I think a lot of people reduce the Lyrics to this special issue. It is a metaphor, as is in art often the case. But for me, it's okay if you make it what you want.

we Change from erotic to an innocuous "food": Would you say that you can compare the art of cooking and the art of music?
definitely, Yes. But they are in their own way also very different. Music is a selfish, self-serving, they can also make just for yourself. When cooking, however, it's always about the people you wine them, dine with whom you enjoy the food. Since you can't be selfish.

To continue the game to drift?– you can have a food Soul? Or more specifically: How might sound like a summer salad?
In every meal, Soul, for Soul is feels like energy feels like love. And to cook for people, is an act of nature, a soul full of, loving. And to the salad question. Listen to my Album, "Food", and I'm pretty sure you will find a Song whose vibe you allude to a summer salad.

Speaking of music to listen to: they have two sons – are actually aware of what their mother has been released so all the music?
Yes and no. So, you know, but you don't listen to my music, newer music is not your thing. Ever since we left the big city and on the Farm do not live – this is really long, you're outside literally all day. I think it's great.

What was the main reason for this unusual step to move from the bustling city to the quiet country?
I've always wanted to live on a Farm. This probably has something to do with the fact that I used to as a child in Upstate New York, often on a farm to visit. And I was Los Angeles after all these years, really getting tired of it. And so we live near a small town called Temecula.

Although they are out there, you will listen to is probably still current music. How are you, what you like, what less?
to be honest, I was always one of those people who loved music, with the help of which you grew up. The legends Roberta Flack and Chaka Khan for me. And much of what is in the Golden Era of Hip-Hop came out like Mobb Depp, or Biggie. But there are also current music that grabs me, for example, the Jamaican Reggae singer-songwriter, rapper, and Koffee. In addition, I'm going full-on Afro beats, and so on, artists such as Afro-B or Burna Boy.

Recently read in an article about the record: With your Talent you would have had to have much more success than they actually had. Would you agree with that?
no, not really. I am absolutely grateful and happy with my path to where I am today, and with what I've got it all.

What do you see as your primary legacy?
My music. I am very proud of my work. I know what my Songs mean, particularly for a young, dark-skinned people, and especially women who are where I once was. And the fact that I have created for these young people a space where they can connect, where they perceived and heard feel, is a wonderful legacy.

Kelis, 13. March, 20, Merchants. Tickets:

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