I can't abide by my rules

Each week, answer people, the shape of Zurich, our questionnaire and tell us what makes the city for you. Today: Designer Nadja Stäubli. your Label beautif

I can't abide by my rules

Each week, answer people, the shape of Zurich, our questionnaire and tell us what makes the city for you. Today: Designer Nadja Stäubli.

your Label beautiful dust is known for fancy rugs. How would look like your typical Zurich carpet?
as one of our first collection, "Nebula", as we let ourselves be inspired by images from the Hubble space telescope. Zürich has made it possible at that time.

What is the significance of Design in Zurich?
A big one. For one, it has a lot of talented designers here. And on the other, the customers, support the local Labels. I am very grateful.

what time is Zurich-the most beautiful?
On a Friday in the summer, shortly after the celebration evening. It is best to have no plans with friends in the evening bustle.

Where you can meet your friends on the most?
In Bars, to friends,to home – I love to entertain! or to beautiful places such as the Idaplatz or on the Koller meadow.

Which corner of Zurich is overrated?
The Bahnhofstrasse.

you will Find the lake of Zurich is also stupid?
on The contrary, I love the lake!

My perfect day

– A glass of Lambrusco in the Sacchi-Bar, approx. 13 Swiss francs

– Tantamen Ramen in the Mikis at the Lochergut, approx. 25 Swiss francs
Or: Momos in a Tibetan Restaurant Shangrila at birmensdorferstrasse, approx. 35 Swiss francs

Vodka Mate in the Bar3000 in the Dienerstrasse, approx. 15 Swiss francs
– Then: Vodka Soda at the Club for the future, approx. 15 Swiss francs
– Or: a glass of Prosecco in the Rothaus-Bar, about 10 francs

total expenses:
approx. 70 Swiss francs

What background image is on your Smartphone?
for many Years, it was the image of my deceased mother. She is my biggest role model. For three months, but it is the image of my newborn son.

In what place or in front of what backdrop you can't resist to take a Selfie?
I could be anywhere and at any time resist to take a Selfie.

which way you like to look in the sky?
In the Koller meadow in Alt-Wiedikon and on the Allmend.

Accepted, you can eat your whole life in a Zurich pub – in which you have to go?
A very difficult question, I love so many Restaurants. For instance, the Shangrila, the Izakaya Ooki, the Gertrudhof, the house of the people or the Kin. But, ultimately, probably to the Inn of The Good luck in the circle 3.

What is your Züri-Soundtrack?
The Album "Lince" by Stereo Luchs, as well as "And the disadvantage" of Skor. And all of Lexx.

Nadja Stäublis Züri-Soundtrack: "Sunne gaht uf" Stereo lynx. Video: Youtube/Stereo Luchs

what are the luxury or you do not want to miss?
On contact lenses.

Where were you in Zurich, your best Date and with whom?
In the Tina Bar in the lower village with my friend.

Who or what is the love of your life?
My friends.

What is the smell of your Childhood?
The Laundry detergent.

when did you the last Time you cried and why?
Yesterday. Life as a new mother without my own mother in this, makes me sad sometimes.

Where to find a in Zurich happiness?
On the river or on lake Zurich in the summer with friends.

What hope have you given up?
abide by My rules.

2012 founded the now 36-year-old Nadja Stäubli the Label lot of dust. It is known, was initially with carpets, meanwhile, vases, towels or shower curtains are in the works. In addition to her work as a designer, Stäubli also works as a photographer and as a DJ. The Zurich-born, grew up, on the left shores of the lake, lives with her family in a circle 3.

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