Hundreds want to see the Kunsthaus-new

In the Tram to the Kunsthaus up coughing a woman. A second, sitting in front of the Coughing, stands up in a hurry and a couple of rows to sit in front of it ag

Hundreds want to see the Kunsthaus-new

In the Tram to the Kunsthaus up coughing a woman. A second, sitting in front of the Coughing, stands up in a hurry and a couple of rows to sit in front of it again. Earlier, at the Kiosk, the seller, a mouth protection, the customers will have him laughing for this reason.

It day one, since the Federal events with more than 1000 people banned. The day of the open door in the Kunsthaus takes place, the authorities gave it their blessing. The event, which takes place every year, attracts several thousand visitors, but not all at the same time and certainly not in the same room, has a media spokesperson Kristin Steiner said on Friday, the day when the ban came. The question is rather: visitors Come from anyway?

"Who cares who is to come"

A quarter of an hour before, the Kunsthaus opens its doors, there are perhaps a hundred people in front of the entrance. Who you ask: fear of the Virus, no one has. An elderly gentleman is reported from a well-Known, have with astonishment asked: "What, are you going there?" He himself had no concerns. "It seems to me that the anxiety is a little out of hand. You are allowed to clear his throat hardly more." A young visitor is confident that "nothing happens – and if it must be, it must be holding." An elderly lady says: "you're Either interested in art or not. Who cares, come anyway."

the Kunsthaus-the new building for visitors: Video: Tamedia

And the people come by the hundreds. There are also two fascinating attractions that want to be many not to be missed. Since the new building opened on this day for five hours is. He is still a construction site, but the entrance hall and the staircase to the first floor are almost finished. Many people are interested in it, here it is the first Time that the construction for a wider audience is open. It doesn't take long until a snake in front of the entrance makes – or better said: in front of the suppliers entrance, through which the Curious, the building may enter. Briefly, one wonders whether it's dangerous, but it's not a thousand people waiting are, only a few dozen.

caution, construction site

About the reason for the snake you have to smile then. To protect it is also at health. But not because of the Virus, but because the house is still under construction. Each visitor must confirm by signature that it was aware of the fact that he enters a construction site. And that, the Kunsthaus is not liable if someone falls over a safety fence. A nice young man explained that everyone who joins him at his table, with professional patience and a radiant Smile. Just as the two young Italian women, the study in Ticino, architecture, are, part, frozen for a fraction of a second before he wishes them a friendly have a nice day.

Every visitor must confirm by signature that clear to him is that he enters a construction site. (Images: Boris Müller)

Hardly, it no longer occurs in the entrance hall of the new building, the star architect David Chipperfield designed the world out there is so important. The hall is a terrific space with its marble floor, the big, broken window and the filigree brass structures. Still construction material around, wires hanging from holes in the wall covering individual elements are missing, and everything has a fine layer of dust film. But all this spoils the impression of little the the light, high, open entrance hall awakened. "Wonderful", finds a visitor who outs himself as a skeptic. "The outside of the building like me, but inside, he's really succeeded."

Fascinating Eliasson

Back in the old building, which is also well attended. The current Exhibition by Olafur Eliasson, is already a hit with the public. On this day the admission is free, people flock in droves to his installations. In front of the entrance two women in the air kiss, perhaps because of the Virus, maybe they do it all the time, who knew. And who wants to think about this right now.

Then you enter through a double curtain in the world of Olafur Eliasson, no, you are immersed, literally, in it. It is a light games expect, then, a kind of fish-eye through which the visitors will distort the room and standing on the head to see. One Installation that fascinated children and adults alike, comes the climax. Which is hard to describe. A dark room, on the ceiling, meandering lighted mist, it looks as you see from the below, a churning, glowing water surface.

"Symbiotic seeing" is the highlight of the Show by Olafur Eliasson. The plant was designed with the artist in Zurich. (Image: Boris Müller)

From time to hiss time, the fog generator, blow new steam in the space, generate new effects. You would prefer to stay hours in here and everything outside is forgotten.

A kind of escape – so what?

at the beginning of February has asked the NZZ to Eliasson's art maliziös: "his sense of baths more than runaways for Eskapisten?" One is tempted to ask: Even if you weren't there, what would be on days like this wrong? He was totally enchanted, "flashed", says a young man at the exit, no, with the help of a journalist he does not want to talk, now. He still wants to remain a little in his concentration.

Then you leave the Kunsthaus. A family, the father is Asian looks, all mouth protection. A passer-by sneeze. And winces involuntarily.

The Kunsthaus is today Saturday, 29. February to 20 PM, and admission is free.

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