Here you can also find rare comes to the table

What many on the right Bank of the Zurich lake and fish lovers, a term that is the same for all the other a secret tip: the Restaurant Sonne in Stäfa. The host

Here you can also find rare comes to the table

What many on the right Bank of the Zurich lake and fish lovers, a term that is the same for all the other a secret tip: the Restaurant Sonne in Stäfa. The host couple, Patricia and Cäsar Meyer served to the guests in the historic rooms, particularly regional specialties. In the sun you get in addition, but the fish that are otherwise cost hardly anywhere to. For example, the Trüsche, the Alet or There. Pike livers.

The Meyer's is not, however, jumped on the Hype of the regional cuisine, it relies on it, since it wirtet in the sun. And the are 18 years. Caesar Meyer knows the house already from birth: his father was head of the house, which was built in 1735. And his grandfather lived from fishing on the lake of Zurich.


The fish, prepared by Meyer, has dragged the hubby dörfler professional fishermen Sami Weidmann from the lake; they are fresher than anything that comes from distant countries. It means that they have more flavor and more interesting textures. Sectarian, the Meyer's is not, however, for friends of marine fish and shellfish from the distance a small offer. Currently the meals with tuna fish and Lobster are. This is also a tribute to the four years in which the Couple in Vancouver has gewirtet.

On the appetizer plate, with fish variants of the chef shows that he can deal with domestic catches. Image: Dominique Meienberg

The wine-native plants are also in the foreground – at prices which may be described as fair. In collaboration with Monica Hasler, and Matthias Bürgi from the Weingut Rütihof, Patricia and Cäsar Meyer have created their own Blend, which they call Sunny side, and the well-to aromatic fish dishes fits.

A few dabs of Wasabi

That Meyer can handle as a cook with the local fish, he shows the appetizer plate. On the color plate were directed with dabs of the edge of mashed potatoes and wasabi foam he presents a Tatar of pickled whitefish, a fish salad from the Alet, a Mousse of smoked Brachsme and a Brioche with a trüsche liver parfait.

The appetizer platter is part of the four course menus, the cost is 88 Swiss francs. Those who opt for a recommended wine pairing, paid 118 francs. As the first gear, the sun serves dumplings, a cauliflower soup, which is subtle in taste, with a Fish and pike caviar. Perfect the trüsche filet, meat white, tender, aromatic, and elegant is fried. It is accompanied by a light Pinot noir-mustard-Sauce, black Tagliatelle, Cicorino and monk's beard, which gives the dish a fresh, crisp Note. For Dessert, the sun offers a sweet and cheesy selection. The cheese plate was a Jersey Blue, and a mountain of pita from the cheesemaker, Willy Schmid will find, among other things.

Restaurant sun, Stäfa

the price-to-performance ratio
What is the Restaurant sunlight serves to the guest, is worth its price. A Starter will cost between 12.50 and 26.50 Swiss francs, a main course with lake Zurich fish between 33 and 48 Swiss francs. The four-course menu with wine accompaniment for 118 Swiss francs is calculated fairly.

In the cold Season, sitting in splendid parlors, the tables are right placed far from each other. It gets warmer, you can panels on the balcony and has a great view of the lake and mountains. The street in front of the Hotel does not interfere too much.

From subtle restrained to very entertaining. Depending on who serves the table just. We found both great. Above all, they were always very attentive.

– So one of the best public TRANSPORT
With the S7 every half hour to Stäfa. From the train station on foot in less than five minutes through the beautiful village centre down to the lake path.

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