Here went Trump over the line: Own fans buher at him

In one day has Donald Trump got both God and the electorate in the svingstaten Michigan on the neck. During an otherwise successful vælgermøde in the importan

Here went Trump over the line: Own fans buher at him

In one day has Donald Trump got both God and the electorate in the svingstaten Michigan on the neck.

During an otherwise successful vælgermøde in the important svingstat Michigan, where B. T.'s broadcast was among the audience, hinted at Donald Trump first, to the just-deceased local politician arranged John Dingell is smoked in hell.

And few hours later was released America's most powerful evangelistic-christian magazine, Christianity Today, with the headline 'Trump should be removed from power'.

Under the hådtpumpede Trump rally in kellogg's-the capital Battle Creek, where the president otherwise harvested applause after the applause, was jubelskrigene in a moment turned to the disappointed left.

And today demands even some of Donald Trumps most faithful supporters like senator Lindsay Graham and the republican minoritetsleder in the House of Representatives, Kevin McCarthy, for the president to say sorry - something, Trump rarely do.

"It was really far over the line. And Trump should definitely say sorry," says Lindsay Graham, who also is the president's also receive discounts from. And the democratic flertalsleder in the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, calls the Trumps the opinions of the 'taktløse and tasteless'.

Just as the us president went on the stage in front of the filled the floor of Kellogg Arena, he got the news that the democratic majority in the House of Representatives had approved rigsretssagen, where Trump is accused of, respectively. the abuse of power and attempts to prevent congressional work.

One of the democratic yes votes came from Michigan's own Debbie Dingell, who has just taken over the square from her husband, John Dingell, who died earlier in the year.

"I'm sure that John Dingell's looking down on us now ... or maybe he looks up - who knows?"

Thus, the implied Trump, to John Dingell, after his death, ended up in hell and not in heaven. And when it went up for the 10,000 spectators, whatever it was, Trump had just said, went the chamber until death. And ago saw Trump scattered left from his own supporters.

"It's clearly not gone up for Donald Trump, to democrat John Dingell and his grieving widow is also very popular among republican voters. Dingell sat in congress for almost 50 years. And in Michigan so that you before the election in 2016, many front yards with both the Trump-signs and Dingell-signs."

How to tell the lokalte host and journaist Stephen Henderson to B. T.

And while Michigan's Trump-voters still waiting for an apology, got the rigsretssagsramte president yet another shot across the bows, and again came the shot from an unexpected front.

ever since deployment in January 2017 has Trump so enjoyed massive support from the U.s. nykristne society, the so-called evangelists.

And so it came as a shock to both the president and many of his nykristne fans, as America's leading christian magazine Christianity Today was published with the headline "Trump should be removed from power".

the Magazine, which in his time was founded by the evangelist society, perhaps the greatest, and now deceased star, the reverend Billy Graham, writes, among other things:

"We let usually our members to draw their own conclusions. But we can no longer watch. Our current president has broken the law by asking a foreign power to interfere in our election campaign. And his Twitter profile that is filled with lies and abuse, is a perfect example of a man who is morally lost and confused."

In 1998, wrote Billy Graham himself, that the president's lack of morals was to destroy the UNITED states. And according to the latest issue of Christianity Today should be the same moral code used in connection with the U.s.'s current president, Donald Trump.

On Twitter was the president quick to respond:

"The left-wing media is doing little. And they will tilsynaladende rather let the leftist radicals take their religion and their guns than to have Donald Trump as president."

And also via Twitter, took Franklim Graham, Billy graham's son, Donald Trumps party:

"How dare you abuse my father's name to defend their ventreorienterede positions? My father voted at the Trump."

Rigsretssagen against Donald Trump is a fact. But at the moment argue Trumps the republicans and the Nancy Pelosis democrats on the rigsretssagens design.

the Democrats will have more witnesses. The republicans will have the matter over without further witnesses.

Date Of Update: 25 December 2019, 01:00