Fire in Bauma: you are missing nothing, except your life

your love is still fresh. Between Christina Plüss and Remo wife is the lush, it had a spark it was only last spring. Trigger the Status on Frauchigers Whatsapp-

Fire in Bauma: you are missing nothing, except your life

your love is still fresh. Between Christina Plüss and Remo wife is the lush, it had a spark it was only last spring. Trigger the Status on Frauchigers Whatsapp-Account-was – he showed a photo of his dog Mia. For the animal Plüss enthusiasts, that is reason enough to contact a woman intimate. The farmer's son, who she knows since her Childhood.

at primary school age attended Plüss regularly in the courtyard of the Frauchigers. Almost every day she came from the village in the Lower wolf mountain hurried to feed "the hearted donkey". "The farm was my second home," said Plüss. At some point you had in the Frauchigers even a Hofkatze.

Christina Plüss found in the Lower wolf mountain your home.

In the age of puberty, I lost the Plüss and woman is the lush of the eyes, the farm visits did, the contact broke off. Until your bitch Mia appeared on the phone. Then the events came thick and fast: The 27-Year-old and one year older, woman intimate made an appointment and were quickly to the Couple. Last October, Plüss attracted-to-woman intimate on the farm.

"I said to Remo: Now with a change of clothes with me. Here I stay until I'm old." Christina Plüss

met seemed to her dream of a natural and Autonomous life. "I said to Remo: Now with a Change of clothes with me. Here I stay until I'm old." A few months later, on 10. February at half past seven in the Morning, stood in her yard and the whole village in flames. Storm, Sabine worked as a brand accelerator, after about 30 minutes everything the Couple owned, in the rubble was.

petting animals, instead of TV

look, you were just on the move: Mrs lush had found a partner that was willing to work with him the deprivation to lead the life of a Bauernpaars. Out on the field in any Wind and weather, on call during 24 hours, and this even in the case of falling prices for meat and milk. Holiday? Maybe all the leap years in time. "Who doesn't have passion, don't have to be a farmer," says Ms. lush. "Who wants to be rich, not at all."

Remo wife for an intimate look at what is left of his yard.

Plüss has passion. In addition to their 60-percent-Job as a house technician, she worked to Brand as much as possible on the farm. Woman is the lush says: "Christina is the Best thing that's ever happened to me."

Together, they led a life for the animals and a life with the animals. Their sparse leisure time spent Plüss and woman intimate with walks or TV, but often with calves in the Stall "study to pet the animals," says Plüss. Your bedroom, you moved as close as possible to the barn, so you saw all the emotions and Sounds of the animals. "What good is that to me a deep sleep, if I miss a calf reduction?", woman intimate asks.

Ten days after the fire, the Couple trudge through the Remains of the former existence. Your vans, to the bare-bones burnt out, with inch-high wall, where once your kitchen, a dishwasher with the dishes, the Plüss on the eve of yet had given. Save you able to save anything, except themselves and most of their animals. "I ran and ran, and drove the calves from the barn and brought them to the neighbors," says Ms. lush. Only then, he realised: Not only the stables burned, but the whole hamlet was in flames.

The dishwasher with the dishes from the night before.

woman soft take it now, he is relieved that all the people were able to save. Everything Material is replaceable. "We are missing nothing, except our lives." This has changed since the fire radical. His first thought was: "Now we sleep under the bridge," says Ms. lush. "Nothing there," said his sister, who gives the farmer some temporary shelter in their apartment in Wald ZH. Even otherwise, there was a lot of solidarity (see Box above right). And the animals? You are housed with fellow farmers. For how long is uncertain.

Lonely of the peacock

Only one animal has not left the Bottom wolf mountain rescue. A peacock by the name of Bleu. Lonely the giant bird is sitting in a dark roof floor of a barn, which remained from the fire spared. Its feathers shimmering in blue-green by the angeschw doctors entablature, his gaze is calm, but vigilant. "We had to bring him back here," says Ms. lush. Bleu on a strange farm? The have not worked. Too big to be homesick, to unleidig his behavior on unfamiliar Terrain.

Bleu was living on the Lower wolf, mountain, as a woman, was intimate still a Baby. "The do not want to leave here." For 25 years, the bird had led his usual life. Up to him a grabbed in the Morning, a firefighter, and with him out of the burning barn burned. A disturbing experience in the life of an old peacock.

"The animals have become extremely affectionate. You need more love than usual."Christina Plüss

"The animals are extremely affectionate," says Plüss. Bitch Mia, which is competing constantly for attention, the cows and goats, which are at the Moment very trusting. "You need more love than usual." Maybe you should be grateful, mutmasst woman intimate. To ensure that you have survived the disaster. "Or are you grateful because we have you saved? Who knows already."

bitch Mia in the ruins.

It is getting dark on the Bottom wolf mountain. From the distance Shouts can be heard: "Zooora! Neeero! Are you out there?" It is a neighbor, that is looking for cats, missing since the fire. "Well, you may come across," says Ms. lush. Animals are intelligent and extremely "gschpürig": Perhaps if you had foreseen the disaster ahead of and had fled in the middle of the forest. "We, the people are comparatively stupid," says Ms. lush. "We have lost touch with nature completely."

That is what miss Plüss and woman intimate: the relation to nature that you had on your yard every day. Therefore, you want to get back as quickly as possible on the Bottom of the Wolfsberg.

reconstruction as an opportunity

But until then, there is much to be done. "Red tape", as Mrs lush calls it. He replaced the tractor with the office chair: insurance talks, restoration of the burnt book-keeping, searching for a new apartment. Plüss works three days a week in Winterthur, their thoughts were constantly in the yard or what is left of it.

What is left of the yard left.

If all is well, can return the Pair in two years. Maybe leave in the reconstruction of a lot to optimize, what has not been so good, says Ms. lush. A bigger stable, a more meaningful division of space. "Seen in this way, it could be the misfortune of a Chance."

in the meantime, the former farmhouse remains as a ruin. Here and there smoke rises in the height – he comes from gluten-nests, which are ten days after the fire, still active. The neighbor calls out for her missing cats, otherwise silence reigns on the Bottom of the Wolfsberg. And high above in the rafters, as is watching a peacock.

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