Federal government takes action against Crypto AG

Now, the affair to be based in Zug, Switzerland Crypto AG legal consequences of intervening – because the Department of economy Minister, Guy Parmelin. On Tuesd

Federal government takes action against Crypto AG

Now, the affair to be based in Zug, Switzerland Crypto AG legal consequences of intervening – because the Department of economy Minister, Guy Parmelin. On Tuesday, the cooperating state Secretariat for economic Affairs (Seco) has to be refunded in the case of display, such as searches of the Sunday newspaper show. The authority is, among other things, for the authorization of war material exports, responsible, suspects that she was deceived by the export requests for the compromised Crypto-cipher devices. The Federal Prosecutor's office confirmed receipt of the criminal application.

for Decades, has been supplied by the the Crypto AG foreign governments and armies with encryption devices that were decrypt the secret services of the USA and Germany, with little effort. Reason built-in the goods 'back doors' or deliberately weakened encryption algorithms.

So, the Crypto AG has States not only countless, especially in the Muslim world and in Latin America, across the table, but presumably also the Seco. The authority takes the position that they would have approved these exports never ever, if you would have been on the large-scale fraud schemes in the image. Crypto AG was until 2018 in the possession of the US secret service, CIA .

Harsh penalties and high fines, are possible

The criminal complaint against Unknown, because so far it is not clear who knew exactly when the Crypto AG, and elsewhere, of the manipulations. In his best time of the encryption had the plate of the device, rather, in the course of gastric Steinhausen around 400 employees, of which only a few were privy to. It is not clear, the period to which the complaint relates, and the evidence submitted in the medium.

what is certain, however, that the Seco with its display of article 14 of the goods control act. Accordingly, it is punished with prison or with a fine of up to one Million Swiss francs, who is making the application inaccurate or incomplete information, "for the granting of a licence". In severe cases, the freedom can be sentence up to ten years and the potential fine increases to a maximum of 5 million francs.

The Federal Prosecutor's office informed that they have not yet opened a criminal case. This is not surprising, because the display is arrived just. Prosecutors in Bern will now examine, according to its own information, whether a reasonable suspicion exists, and the displayed facts in the Federal jurisdiction are under. The latter question, the goods control act to provide a clear answer: according to acts referred to in article 14 for the prosecution and judgment of the Federal criminal court in Bellinzona responsible. From the same Law paragraphs, the Seco was obligated as a licensing and control authority, in the case of suspicion, the office of the attorney General to turn it on.

in order To become a criminal law investigation of the Crypto-affair to be a lot closer. The office of the attorney General does not need authorisation from the Federal Council to pursue alleged violations of the goods control act. In the case of a suspicion of espionage, this would be necessary.

The Federal Council has nothing more to say

procedure of the office of the attorney General often take a lot of time. Therefore, it is very possible that the on 13. February will contribute, begun inspection of the business audit Commission of the Parliament (GPDel) earlier to the enlightenment. The supervisors this week from defence Minister Viola Amherd and the Swiss Federal Council's expert, the Alt-a Federal judge Niklaus Oberholzer, taken. So the government has to say in this connection more directly. The book in Hand now, the law enforcement and the parliamentary oversight.

The GPDel has now heard at several meetings of persons, the information about the Crypto-affair could have. Answer to several current and former heads of the Swiss intelligence services, including the current Director of the intelligence service of the Confederation (NDB), Jean-Philippe Gaudin had to stand.

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