Erdogan threatens the EU with a million refugees

In the dispute over the opening of the border for refugees increased, the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's pressure on the EU. The borders remained ope

Erdogan threatens the EU with a million refugees

In the dispute over the opening of the border for refugees increased, the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's pressure on the EU. The borders remained open, said Erdogan on Monday in a televised address. Now it is up to the EU to carry their "part of the load".

"hundreds of thousands" of refugees have made since the opening of the border on the way in the direction of Europe, "soon it will be millions," said Erdogan. According to field observations, these Numbers seem to be greatly exaggerated.

as a result of the escalation of the military conflict in the North of Syria, Turkey had opened at the weekend their borders to refugees seeking to enter the EU. Thousands of people tried to get across the border to Greece. The step Ankara is not justified that the EU stick to its obligations under the 2016 with Turkey concluded agreements on Refugees.

The Syrian ruler Bashar al-Assad since December, together with Russia, an Offensive around the last stronghold of Assad's opponents in the province of Idlib. Mainly Islamist and jihadist militias are active.

On Monday captured Assad in the town of Saraqib back troops, according to activists information. With the support of the Russian air force, the troops had gained "complete control" over the city, said the Syrian Observatory for human rights.

Frontex is expected to be a "mass migration flows"

There will be mass migration flows are expected "to Greece," wrote the EU border protection Agency Frontex (Frontex Situation Centre) at the weekend in an internal and confidential "situation report on the Greek-Turkish border", which is the news sheet "the world".

In the report for policy-makers in the EU, it means further: "It will be difficult to stop the massive flow of people who have made the trip. Therefore, in the short term, expect in the coming days, a rise in the pressure – even in the case that the Turkish authorities should act to prevent border crossings".

The reason for the development of sun according to Frontex, the social media: the widespread "news from increase the likelihood of a mass movement of Turkey to the EU borders." The EU foreign Ministers want to discuss in this week on the situation at the Greek-Turkish border.

Frontex wants to react quickly to the aid of Greece, due to the large number of refugees from Turkey. The request by the Greek government for rapid Intervention at the external border of the EU was received on late Sunday evening in the case of Frontex.

"We look at how we can be Greece at its best in the shortest possible time to maintain it," said the authority in the short message service Twitter on Monday.

tear gas and stun grenades against refugees

Greece is under the protection measures on its borders to the highest level up, as head of the government, Kyriakos Mitsotakis announced on Sunday night after a crisis meeting of the national security Council.

the patrols on Land and water should be strengthened in the North-East of the country, after Turkey had opened on the weekend its borders to the EU for refugees.

Greek security forces have used on Monday morning, tear gas and stun grenades against refugees on the Turkish-Greek border. Hundreds had again tried to cross the border in Kastanies and to get to Greece and in the EU, as the Greek state television (ERT) reported. The Monday night was relatively quiet.

On Monday will carry out units of the Greek army on the Islands of the Eastern Aegean extensive shooting exercises. This is the ERT reported, citing the Ministry of defense in Athens. The Exercises are from the point of view of the commentators, a reaction of Athens to the increase of migrants, who had on the previous day from Turkey to the Islands of Lesvos, Chios and Samos over. While since the beginning of the year so far, nearly 100 people a day came from Turkey, set sail on Sunday for around 700 migrants to the Islands.

a refugee child in front of Lesbos drowning

When a Dinghy off the island of Lesvos on Monday morning, a small drowned child. As the Greek state television reported, citing the coast guard, was the victim on Board an inflatable boat with 48 refugees from Turkey.

As the refugees, a patrol boat of the Greek coast guard saw through them, tearing the boat to be shipwrecked saved. The coast guard is committed to the people and to bring them to Greece. The boat went under. The coast guard have recovered the refugees, it was said more. For the child, help came too late, reported the state radio.

No requests for asylum for a month

As the Greek government spokesman Stelios Petsas said, want to take his Land for a month, no new applications for asylum more. He spoke of an "asymmetric threat to the security of our country".

Petsas also criticised Turkey, the intention to exercise with the Opening of their borders, diplomatic pressure. Ankara, had become "self to the tractor". Turkey accuses the EU to adhere to the 2016 closed refugee Pact.

From the Greek government, it was said at the weekend, within 24 hours, nearly 10,000 migrants had been at an "illegal" border crossing detained. In addition, around 140 refugees were arrested.

The Greek police forced the refugees at the border crossing Pazarkule on Saturday with tear gas, then threw some of the migrants with stones.

talks with Turkey

EU Commissioner for Migration, Margaritis Schinas will be according to your own words this Monday in Berlin. He had called at the weekend for an early special sitting of the EU interior Ministers. An EU spokeswoman said on Sunday that the European Union is in constant contact with the Turkish authorities. "The unbearable humanitarian Disaster in and around Idlib urgently requires that we act."

According to the Turkish presidency will be traveling Erdogan on Thursday to a Meeting with the Russian head of state Vladimir Putin, to Russia. He hoped that during the talks, a cease-fire could be achieved "and we will find a solution in this matter," Erdogan said. Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that the cooperation with Turkey have a high priority. Russia, the cooperation with our Turkish partners to be "extremely important".

On Bulgaria's external EU border to Turkey, it remained quiet. Media reported on Monday before a Meeting of the head of government Boiko Borisov with Erdogan in Ankara, there have been no Attempts to get out of Turkey illegally to Bulgaria. At the Meeting, the Syria crisis and the refugee problem.

The Bulgarian has repeatedly praised the good cooperation with Ankara in the protection of the common border before the illegal invading immigrants. Bulgaria has, however, strengthened the guard on the border to Turkey by the Gendarmerie. Soldiers were on standby and could be deployed to the border. This is also protected by wire fences.

Von der Leyen: "the European challenge"

The German government stressed that the agreement applies to continue to. Berlin was convinced that it was good for both sides and that it "maintained and adhered to" get to be, said government spokesman Steffen Seibert on Monday in Berlin.

The French President Emmanuel Macron said the Turkey neighbouring countries Greece and Bulgaria in the online service Twitter to its "full solidarity".

Leading EU representatives want to gain on Tuesday in Greece, a picture of the situation. EU Council President Charles Michel, President of the European Parliament David Sassoli and they would travel to Greece on the border with Turkey, said EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen in Brussels. "The challenge that Greece currently stands, is a European challenge."

Turkey does not want to stop migrants

The Turkish government had tags announced previously that they will not stop migrants on their way to Europe. At the peak of the refugee crisis in 2015, almost one Million refugees and migrants had come from Turkey to the Greek Islands.

at that Time, the EU concluded an agreement with Turkey, the influx of curb. In the past years, Turkey took 3.7 million refugees from the Syrian civil war and prevented the onward journey. (Dec/sda)

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