Erdogan sent his army to volunteer in a Disaster

Of Kemal Ataturk, the founder of the now nearly 100-year-old Turkish Republic, a guiding principle for foreign policy, is as simple as Laden with meaning: peace

Erdogan sent his army to volunteer in a Disaster

Of Kemal Ataturk, the founder of the now nearly 100-year-old Turkish Republic, a guiding principle for foreign policy, is as simple as Laden with meaning: peace in country, peace in the world. After that, the Turks should aspire to. Ataturk was a General, he had seen much blood in his 50 years of life, as he put it in 1931, this Credo. The Republic was born nearly a decade earlier from a war.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is not a General. What connects him with Ataturk, is the absolutism of Power. He has not inherited, however, that he has taken, he has transformed the parliamentary System of Turkey into a presidential monarchy. In this System, the first man in the state is at the same time military commander-in-chief, the chief of the most powerful party, and, because of the separation of powers a little, also the Supreme judge, if he wants to be. This System has a crucial error: It leaves no contradiction.

a way to do this is to visit in Syria. Turkey has become embroiled in its neighbour country in a vicious circle of violence from which there is only one way out, does not want Ankara to risk more Turkish victims: rapid retreat. Such a surrender, and the confession of errors is not provided in the System Erdogan.

The enemies of Turkey is not Assad's army, but the Russian air force.

How else can it be explained that the Turkish army has entered an appearance in this last Syrian adventure? They sent several Thousand soldiers in the battle of Idlib, where there is to win on the ground, because the opponent controls the air space? In Idlib, a kind of battle of the Syrian civil is war, so it's even time to everything. And the real enemies of Turkey is not abgekämpfte Assad, with Iranian mercenaries force, but Russia's air force retrofitted. In a battle with Moscow, but Ankara can only lose, apart from the fact that there is a conflict between a Nato-can put partners and Russia is more in flames than the ravaged Syria.

Erdogan has sent his army in a Disaster, and his generals followed him. No one has screamed. Now the grief for the dead, and still no reversal in sight. On the contrary, Erdogan would all be taught a lesson: the Syrian Regime with military Retaliation and to the West by the refugees the message to, the borders of Turkey towards the West were open.

The President is angry at the EU, he feels left alone and forgets that he minimized the least dear President Vladimir Putin, char, than to listen to the annoying sounded a note of warning from Brussels, the hold it against him that he makes in one's own country is not at peace, and critics followed with an almost stone age relentlessness. The foreclosure against any dissidence, however, has fatal consequences to the innermost circle of Power in Ankara: The Moderate lack.

Almost four million Syrians

added, If Erdogan calls for Nato that he provoked before with weapons purchases in Moscow, then this shows his distress. But Nato can't help here, because Turkey has gone free on the Syrian battlefield. You want to force to have a say in the Syrian post-war order, and the dictator in Damascus is not the Triumph, to rule again all over the country. This is a comprehensible motive; and to understand, Yes honorable, is it, if Turkey does not want to deliver the remaining residents Idlibs the revenge of Assad. But with military means Idlib is not to save, as long as Assad can't rely on Putin, who is not afraid to let schools and hospitals to bomb, to break the resistance. The longer the conflict lasts, the more people die. So bitter it is, Assad has won the war, and not can also change the Turkey.

not to let The refugees gather by the hundreds of thousands on the border, wants Erdogan to the country. This is understandable, Turkey has already received nearly four million Syrians. If Erdogan the people had already fled to Turkey, but that they could move to Europe, it will also not make for peace.Certainly not with the neighbor Greece, which defends its borders with tear gas.

Putin Also used the refugees in his cynical calculations, he wants to increase the pressure on Turkey. What remains? Europe must increase the pressure on Putin to stop, if necessary, with sanctions, the escalation of violence in Idlib. Erdogan will remain unpredictable, because it is now his future, he has set up in Syria to a lot of the game. The new refugee drama he staged to distract. Of Ataturk's principle of Turkey is far from that.

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