Despite the large focus: Women fills still a bit in the boards

The last four years, women's representation in the boards of Danish companies almost been at a standstill. Although the past year has been a lot of focus on

Despite the large focus: Women fills still a bit in the boards

The last four years, women's representation in the boards of Danish companies almost been at a standstill.

Although the past year has been a lot of focus on to equalize the number of men and women in the Danish boards, is that not happened.

Figures from Statistics Denmark show that last year was about 151.000 registered directorships in Danish companies. And of them was 19,4 percent occupied by women.

Hence the proportion is not moved since 2015 and only marginally in relation to in 2014. Here sat the women of 19.3 percent of the board members.

- It comes, unfortunately, not as a surprise, says Helena G. Hansen, acting chairman of the association, the Best Women, who are struggling to get more women in Danish boards.

- Looking at the general development, so it is an area that is quiet or almost stagnating. This makes it, among other things, because the policy does not do much other than to come up with fine words.

you're Diving down into the numbers from Statistics Denmark, there is a difference whether there is a larger or smaller company.

For the big companies (at least 250 full-time equivalents) was 19,1 percent of the seats in the boards last year occupied by women, where it was 18,7% in 2014.

At the medium-sized enterprises (50,0-249,9 man-year) the share in 2018 at 14.5 percent, which was unchanged compared to 2014.

the Best in the field are micro-enterprises (0,1-9,9 fte), which in 2018 was 21,9 percent women in boards of directors. It was the same level as in 2014.

in addition to the general debate about getting more women into the boards, then there has, since the end of 2012 has been the rules on target figures and policies for the gender composition of directors in the largest Danish companies.

This means that the largest companies in Denmark must set target figures for the proportion of the underrepresented gender in their supreme governing body.

the Companies, which are subject to the regulatory requirements, shall also develop a policy to increase the proportion of the underrepresented gender at the company's other management levels.

the Aim is to create real progress in the number of women in corporate management.

the Problem is just that companies are not obliged to follow the determined target figures, points out Helena G. Hansen from the Best Wome.

- There are not really any sanctions by the legislation, so companies can de facto only enter a number, as they seem appropriate, without any consequence for them, she says.

just As there remains a significant over-representation of men in the Danish boards, so is the same case in the Danish top management.

According to Statistics Denmark there were last year, 15 percent women in the executive committees, while the men sat on the 85 percent.


Updated Date: 28 November 2019, 10:00

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