Customers butcher Power: ’Littering’, ’Lortebutik’ and ’Full of cheats’

Tilsvininger and the prosecutor on direct trickery and scams, to be sure, in these days and hours down over the elektronikkæden Power. Customers line up in a

Customers butcher Power: ’Littering’, ’Lortebutik’ and ’Full of cheats’

Tilsvininger and the prosecutor on direct trickery and scams, to be sure, in these days and hours down over the elektronikkæden Power.

Customers line up in a row and tells how they have experienced to be fuppet, besnakket and cheated by Powers sellers.

the Storm against Power began on Thursday when the DR programme 'Cash' revealed how Power lured the customers into the store with great bargains on click and collect.

the Problem was just that the product, in many cases, was not at home when the customer came into the store, even if it was to be in stock.

instead, they were greeted by a salesman who immediately went in once with a salgsfidus to entice customers to buy a much more expensive product, as the Power to earn more money.

A feint, which is done deliberately, said a former Power-seller to 'Cash'.

Internally call the sellers number for an 'upsell', it was of the program.

Since its unveiling, it toppled forward with the Power customers, who have experienced to be lænset in the same way.

Both Facebook and Powers its own social media full of angry customers.

B. T. has spoken with several customers who tell that they have been affected by the Powers salgsfinte. A good example is the Ena Vagner from Nyborg.

a few years ago she found a cheap dryer on Powers click and collect, ordered it and got a confirmation that it was ready for pick up.

When Ena and her husband came down in the shop, was the dryer suddenly not in stock.

instead, the seller now to foist on them a machine that was several thousand dollars more expensive.

"He ran away and had many good ideas for what we should have instead," remember Ena Vagner.

the Couple ended up buying a dryer, there was the 2,000 dollars more expensive than the one they came after.

The following months and years, she heard similar stories from his father, her husband's friend and his brother. They had all experienced something of the Power, and then, when they came down in the shop, was the product suddenly not at home.

instead, they were rolled into a salgskarrusel and foisted a much more expensive product.

So Ena was not surprised when the revelations about the Power today.

"I think it is something bad. It is not a place I shop more. I hate how something revolversalg," she says.

On social media, there is a lack not on the tantrums and nedsablinger of Power.

'The chain is so full of cheating,' writes Lykke Hansen on Powers Facebook-page: 'Lortebutik with poor customer care,' writes Daniel Zerling.

And it's comments at the mild end.

With the Power you have well noticed the storm of customers that rages over the revelations.

"Whether it is one or 100, who have experienced it here, so of course it is for many. And we are always bored by it, if a client feels they have had a bad experience. Longer is not," says Simon Frølich, sales manager in Power.

But it looks not pretty out here. Neither the programme or the stories, the customers come with today?

"We have sent a video and a mail out to all in Power that we have clear guidelines. We do not ask our employees to speak the truth to our customers. We have stressed that if some employees feel they are pressed to it, so they must take hold of us."

He acknowledges that it hurts to see the Power being slaughtered on social media.

"It's not fun. We live of happy customers. We take it here to the us. We do this every time, we hear about a bad experience. There can be errors, and of course we must help the customers," says Simon Frølich and denies that there is talk about deliberate cheating.

That the case hit the Power just before Black Friday, can seem disastrous for the chain.


"Fortunately we've had a Black Week, so we have already had a very strong week," says Simon Frølich:

"And we still have many customers who have had many good experiences with us. We expect that the happy customers will come again."

Updated Date: 28 November 2019, 16:00

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