Companies may submit applications to short-time work

The Swiss authorities to plan, at least for the coming days, no new massive measures such as a border or school closures in connection with the Coronavirus. The

Companies may submit applications to short-time work

The Swiss authorities to plan, at least for the coming days, no new massive measures such as a border or school closures in connection with the Coronavirus. The next step, a new information campaign is at the beginning of next week.

It will be written recommendations to the population, what can you do more to protect themselves against infection or Transmission of the Covid-19-Virus as much as possible, as Daniel Koch, head of Communicable diseases at the Federal office for health (BAG), said on Saturday, in front of the media.

moreover, should the behavior of the population over the weekend, quiet and not your entire way of life upside down. It is going to conserve the resources and to not overload the emergencies in the hospitals with minor cases.

border closures are at the Moment not an Option, because you bring nothing and also many cross-border workers working in hospitals and medical practices would stop, using cooking. Also it made no sense to close the schools, since proven to be mainly people over 60 years are at risk. Children were the main carriers of the Virus.

companies are allowed to was applications to short-time working set

A journalist's question on the Seco: "How Swiss companies are supported in the current Situation?" Eric Scheidegger: "companies are currently allowed to submit applications to short-time work. In addition, a manual for pandemics for SMEs the company has at its disposal."

another Journalist asks whether the Swiss francs under the Corona of crisis will suffer. The answer of Scheidegger was: "We will see how the Situation develops in the next few days. So far, no specific effects were evident. However, we will see in the coming days, as investors position."

property location in Italy "alarming"

The situation in Italy, however, is "disturbing", in light of the current 885 confirm cases and 21 deaths had to be assumed, by a large dark figure. This means for Switzerland, that they stand on the verge of that situation, "device out-of-control" and the paths of Infection could not be traced.

"We will not do it over a longer period of time to test every case, the coughs, completely, and to isolate," says cook. You will need to in the future, focus on the serious cases. Of the mild cases was, therefore, requires much self-discipline and self-responsibility. It's also about putting the laboratory personnel at the borders, "before we need it". The products for which laboratory Tests would just slow and should not be used with mild cases, "verb" rates.

In Switzerland, the Numbers at the Moment, would but still unchanged at 12 confirmed cases. All have been infected, according to cook in Italy. In the case of the 5 are still open cases of suspicion, there is evidence to suggest that they may have indirectly infected.

All of these people have been taken for at least a week. There is, however, with security more carriers of the Virus in Switzerland, which would give the disease either more without showing symptoms, or are still sick. As soon as contagions in Switzerland confirmed, would have to be extended to the suspicion criteria according to Koch.

a Mild course in the majority of cases,

cook stressed several times, the disease will take in the majority of cases, a mild course. Clearly a dangerous contagion for the older population is circulating, where the Virus especially. Therefore, it is also not a good idea, if families use grandparents to care for children so that the parents could continue to work, if you have sick children at home.

cooking has not specified further, the prohibition for events with over 1000 people means that events with 999 persons and less, in principle, be permitted. The organizers are obliged in each case including the respective cantons to a Risk assessment. At the latest, on Monday you will make in this regard, among the cantons of a balance.

From abroad are, for the Moment, no further Repatriations are necessary, such as Hans-Peter Lenz, head of the crisis management center in the Department of foreign Affairs FDFA said. Travelers would decide at their own discretion and were not entitled to an organized exit from a crisis area. The Swiss agencies, but would provide assistance, advice and support.


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