Chiudere!: The Canton of Ticino's still waiting for a total border closure

you're joking, and bite heart in the next Panino. The men's round in the Breakfast room of the Hotel, Walter is in a good mood. It is early in the morning on

Chiudere!: The Canton of Ticino's still waiting for a total border closure

you're joking, and bite heart in the next Panino. The men's round in the Breakfast room of the Hotel, Walter is in a good mood. It is early in the morning on a Wednesday, will bring exceptional Decisions with. The Ticino government will call in the afternoon, declared a state of emergency.

the five men in the Lugano Hotel but nothing, only can guess that the Situation on this day will continue to escalate. Their situation is already difficult enough. Actually, she was "merda," says one. And apologized for the crude choice of words. His name, he does not want to call it, the Stress with the employer, he could not use it.

Since a week, the men are billeted in the Hotel. Simple, pretty, right on the lake it was. But the old building could still be for a few more weeks of your accommodation. What time is the live in the Hotel ends for you, is completely open. Contact with the family in Italy, to the children – currently only via video call.

her employer, a Swiss high-tech group, has as a precautionary measure, blocked five rooms for long periods of time. He does not want to take the chance that its specialists from the North of Italy, which commute daily between countries, are suddenly in the early morning in front of closed borders. In the Situation of the five computer scientists must currently be hundreds of other Frontalieri.

In Lugano, but especially below, in the vicinity of the border, are a number of large, medium-booked quality Hotels such as the Coronado in Mendrisio. Completo! In the off-season! The big Business is not the case, but says Massimo Suter of Gastro Ticino. The prices were in the basement and these Postings just a drop on the hot stone. Properly, you could not save the Situation anyway.

Waiting for the closing

The Ticino has resigned to the fact that its tourism business is on the ground. Easter, even the summer – cancellations from the North flooding in these days of the holiday Canton.

the Canton is waiting on is just the total border closure. 70'000 Frontalieri would be affected. However, the Federal authorities in Bern hesitate. You will decide on Wednesday morning instead, to close nine smaller Transitions, and to tighten the controls.

Daniel Koch from the Swiss Federal office for health had traveled according to the research of this newspaper on Wednesday in extra in the South to explain to the cantonal authorities for the decision. The courtesy visit to the high Federal officials is not likely to have changed the prevailing attitude in Ticino, but not a lot. The lack of understanding among the Locals is large and has accentuated in the last few days. In the conspicuously empty Bars and Restaurants in Lugano and surroundings of the will of the locals is clear. Chiudere! Close!

Andreas Cerny is released infectious cher attending physician in Moncucco, the hospital that treated the first Ticino Corona-patients – and, more recently, healthy again, has. Straight up, he is sitting on a chair in his office with a stunning view on the snowy Monte Tamaro and says exactly this: Chiudere. However, much quieter than the Bar-goers. And not just because of the breathing protective mask he wears.

"We need to not only close the border, but also the schools." Everything else, he says, does not comply with the requirements of the world health organization. In China, these measures would bring success, the same is true already for Italy, for example, for the city of Lodi. Behind the force of the cloth, he clearly says: "I see a vacuum of Leadership, to Decide how a droplet counter: always just a little bit, but never quite."


It is midday, late in the afternoon, you should repeat this by Andreas Cerny criticized pattern. At a press conference of the cantonal government of the state of emergency to 29 is. March proclaimed, and the closure of schools announced. But not quite. The compulsory schools remain open, be closed only sites the secondary, non-compulsory education.

During the press conference held in Bellinzona, runs, start at the major customs crossings, such as Chiasso, Ponte Tresa to jam the cars of Frontalieri. You all want to go back home, back in the Italian zone.

It is on the already under normal circumstances, the chronically congested access roads in Chaos. So, on Tuesday evening, when the Swiss customs officers began to check every single Italian car on a Swiss work permit.

Suddenly, these controls

Sara Al Oum was one of those Thousands who were suddenly checked. Heard for years to the Team of Andreas Cerny. The nurse lives in the vicinity of Varese, for the travel to your workplace in Lugano, you need an hour. Normally. With the new controls, there are now more than two hours. How long she will endure this even more, don't know you. "Nessun'idea", no Plan, she says. In spite of Mouth guard you can see in the eyes, showing the corners of your mouth down. The 37-Year-old has two small children at home, spend indoors throughout the day. The crib is closed, to the grandmother, the Small may. Risk of infection! Currently, the Italian pays a baby-sitter – of course, one that is significantly younger than the at-risk group.

In the Breakfast room of the hotel, it is break time. "Al lavoro", to the work, says the Italian quintet cheerful. Or fatalistic. Probably A Matter Of Interpretation.

Sitting a young Asian woman in a different corner of the room remained. It focuses on a taps incessantly on your Smartphone. You get in Zurich in the plane to go home, she says. "I've worked here in Ticino for a highly specialized metal company. Exciting job, parts for the space. But I can't continue like this."

Then she told of an experience at the train station in Mendrisio, as she had been attacked by a group of young people. "Virus, cinese!", they would have screamed. You thought a Chinese girl brought the Virus in Switzerland. Passers-by had to intervene. "After that, I'm out of the apartment, then later came here." She stands up, apologizes, presented with both hands your business card. Saori Kamiya. The plane from lifting in a few hours. Destination: Tokyo.

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