Cecilies security was destroyed with one letter: 'My body went completely in deadlock'

It was like any other day, when Cecilie Danris one day in december 2017 went down the stairs in his recovery. When she had left the last stair, turned she the

Cecilies security was destroyed with one letter: 'My body went completely in deadlock'

It was like any other day, when Cecilie Danris one day in december 2017 went down the stairs in his recovery.

When she had left the last stair, turned she the body to the left and stuck the key in his mailbox.

But there stopped the day to be like all the others.

After half a year in advance to have been stabbed 46 times and been minutes away from dying, she had now lived in safety in a month and a half.

The violent ex-girlfriend had been imprisoned, and finally had Cecilie got a new apartment as well as a adressebeskyttelse through the municipality and the police, so no - in addition to her absolute closest family knew where she lived.

I Said with other words: Cecilie could start a new life with her little daughter in a year.

But when she had opened the mailbox and stood with the æggeskalshvide letter in hand, she knew with the same, to the feeling of security had been false.

the letter was sent from the Vestre Prison, was addressed to Cecilies daughter, Cataleya, and inside was a cd-rom, where the ex-boyfriend had recorded published the children 'Mette miss dad'.

Well to notice the ex-girlfriend, the 24. may 2017 thrust her 46 times, and the one and only was the reason why She had been given a new housing and adressebeskyttelse.

today, she remembers still, what went through her head, as she stood with the envelope in hand.

"My body was completely stuck. I shook, got anxiety and didn't know what I should do," says Cecilie Danris to the B. T.

As she walked down the stairs of his ascent, it was actually to meet her aunt and uncle, who had made the trip from Moen to Copenhagen, so together they sat into a car and drove towards the police station at Copenhagen central Station.

She delivered the letter that contained the book 'Mette miss the father of Lene Fauerby, a cd-rom with ekskærestens narration and the book as well as two gift cards to the Cousin of BR.

"It was not a coincidence that he had chosen the book. It's about that 'father' is out to travel, and that the 'father' miss Catherine, but soon to come home. And to the end of the article kiss 'father' and 'mother', and so it's all good," says Cecilie.

There are a great many things, as Cecile at that time did not understand.

Who has leaked the address, as only her closest family knew of?Violate the ex-boyfriend not tilholdet, even if the letter is sent to their daughter less than one year?How can a børnefaglig consultant sit down and help write the address on Onbahis the letter, when they should know that he has a restraining order, and when She has adressebeskyttelse?And how can the letter end up being sent out through the Vestre Prison? Is there no control?

the First response she gets after a short time.

"the Police are calling and telling me that tilholdet not violated, because it is sent to Cataleya. But honestly? She is under one year. The police have even helped me with a restraining order, so why have they not made sure that there also is a restraining order on the daughter, if he can just contact me through her?," ask Cecilie, who also tells that the ex-boyfriend the following year sends several letters addressed to her.

however, This should be even worse.

Cecilie delivered namely the letter at the police and asked that they should throw it out, so she never had to be reminded of it again.

But shortly after there was a letter from the police in Cecilies mailbox.

"They send a letter stating that they must not throw it out, then they send it to me again, and then I wait again to have to address in the letter and be reminded of all this shit," says Cecilie.

Even suspect Cecilie, to adresselækket coming from the police, and it has B. T. were the Copenhagen Police, like politikredsen also been asked whether it can be true that ex-boyfriend can write to the 1-year-old Cataleya in order to avoid a violation of a restraining order.

To this corresponds the Copenhagen Police in an email.

"the Copenhagen Police regrets, if the victim in this case feel let down by the police or other authorities. We are in the process of reviewing the matter to see whether something should have been done differently – and whether we in general can improve procedures in cases of serious violence and attempted murder."

But what about Vestre Prison?

Is there not a control that can stop a letter from being sent out to an address that is protected both through the municipality and the police?

But the Probation grants, like the Police, that is, a closer look at matter:

"We are very sorry that the victim feel let down, and we are in full swing investigating the case and the prisoners' conditions in more detail, including in relation to the accompanied output and exchange of letters. We can therefore not comment in the course further at the present time," writes Prison director, Thorkild Fogde, in an email.

Date Of Update: 26 November 2019, 23:00