Bent hit by wild price increase: 'It is outrageous'

Bent Pedersen had to rub it a second time in the eyes and make sure he had read right, when he at the end of november opened an e-mail on his computer. In the

Bent hit by wild price increase: 'It is outrageous'

Bent Pedersen had to rub it a second time in the eyes and make sure he had read right, when he at the end of november opened an e-mail on his computer.

In the email, he was presented with a pretty solid price increase: 10.107,37 dollars more per year, it said. And it is a kind of price increase, which affects a great many danes these days.

"It is outrageous that one just send an e-mail with a so-called 'price adjustment', which you can't even explain. I have never experienced so violent a price increase on anything," says 74-year-old Bent Pedersen.

in Order to understand the increase and how it affects a great many danes these days – you must follow well with:

the E-mail with the price increase for Bent came from the insurance company Codan.

the price increase was aimed at the owners association in Fredensborg, which Bent Pedersen is chairman of the.

In the owners ' association, there are four private homes and two commercial premises. He lives in the one housing.

It is an owners ' association in Fredensborg, which has been predicted, an increase in the association's business insurance.

It rises from 12.627,16 dollars a year for 22.754,53 dollars per year.

A ekstraregning, which now must be shared between the six properties in the association.

It will mean an extra cost of $ 1.684 euros per household per year.

"We have had insurance with Codan for many years, and the price has been fairly quiet. To you then can just suddenly get so violent an increase, even if you have not had any insurance claim with them, is absolutely wild," says Bent Pedersen.

Bent Pedersen's situation is far from unique.

Thousands of commercial real estate, which used to rent out, or manage housing, announced in these days serious price increases.

It affects the individual tenant or owner of a home in an association, for when the administrator of the property receives a price increase, to be distributed on the typical out, so that everyone in the association gets a ekstraregning.

At Codan confirms erhvervsdirektør Camilla Amstrup, that a substantial part of the clients sitting in the type properties of Codan, has been given notice of a price increase.

She will not check on how many there are, but confirm that in some cases on the properties, which has over 100 homes below it.

"And I can confirm that any of them has been a really big increase, someone has got an increase as Bent, and the other has been an increase, there is less," says Camilla Amstrup.

It is a massive increase in the cost of damage to the kinds of properties in recent years, as has been Companies to raise prices.

Expenditure, which has hit the entire industry, confirms Insurance and Pension.

Camilla Amstrup explains:

"Many of these rental properties had water pipes in the 1950s. The pipe is not feeling well today. We can see this in our costs, which in a few years has more than doubled. We can no longer bear the economic, and therefore, we have reported the increases," says Camilla Amstrup.

But in an association which the Bent is president, they have not had an insurance claim for many years. Is it not the game to increase 10,000 dollars?

"I will not go into specific cases, but I can as well understand, he thinks: 'Why should I pay more?'," says Camilla Amstrup:

"But insurance is a little bit about that the many pay for the few, and here it becomes so, unfortunately, are also the ones who have to pay to the community."

Bent do not intend to pay more for its insurance.

"We have not spoken with Codan," he says:

"When we saw it here warning, we went just in time to find another place. The here increase is just violent enough."

Updated Date: 03 December 2019, 06:00

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