5 essential criteria to consider when looking for a job

For an effective job search, preparation in advance is the key to success.

5 essential criteria to consider when looking for a job

For an effective job search, preparation in advance is the key to success. Thus, before embarking on your steps, it is important to draw up a list of essential criteria for your personal development at work.

For example, the Quebec company Patrick Morin – which has 21 renovation centers across Quebec – quickly understood that its success depends on each member of its team. Thus, the recommended values ​​are teamwork, respect and efficiency, which provides a favorable framework for growing within the company.

First of all, to have a fair portrait, make sure that the values ​​of the company are in line with yours. For example, does it foster team spirit? Does it encourage fun at work? It may also be relevant to find out about the company's growth, by finding out if it has expansion plans, and if it is banking on the personal growth of its employees.

Does the employer offer competitive benefits? For example, at Patrick Morin, in addition to competitive compensation, employees are entitled to:

Does the employer offer flexible working hours for employees studying, especially during exam periods? This is a major challenge for young workers who want to earn a living, but who must prioritize their academic success. Many companies have fully understood this reality and are happy to see that many students who started out with a part-time job are now working as professionals in their company.

Are experienced employees recognized at their fair value within the company? It's not just students who need schedule flexibility, retirees returning to work want to take advantage of this benefit as well. Not to mention the recognition of their experience, which is seen as a major asset in the company. They become natural mentors and trainers for other employees.

Is training offered for all employees? If we take the company Patrick Morin, it offers training upon hiring as well as advanced training (first aid, propane, pesticides, IT, etc.), not to mention their individual performance management program. This allows you to constantly evolve in the company!

Finding an employer who meets all of these criteria is certainly challenging, but not impossible. Just go through this list to align yourself well and make sure you make the right choice by focusing on the factors that are most important to you.

Are you currently looking for a job? Visit Patrick Morin's website to view available jobs. Join a Quebec company that trusts its employees by giving them the autonomy they need to develop and exercise their full potential for the benefit of the entire team.