40 attackers, injured, warning shots: police operation in Trier turns into a battle: "The colleagues there really feared for their lives"

A few empty bottles and broken glass.

40 attackers, injured, warning shots: police operation in Trier turns into a battle: "The colleagues there really feared for their lives"

A few empty bottles and broken glass. In front of the disco in Trier in the morning, little reminds you of what happened there a few hours earlier on Friday night. There must have been bad scenes when a police operation suddenly turned into a battle: around 40 attackers attacked around half a dozen police officers with glass bottles, fists and wooden sticks. A shopping cart was also thrown at officers. "The colleagues there really feared for their lives," said Trier police spokesman Uwe Konz.

Five police officers were injured in the night's attack - three by the aggressors and two more when the police used pepper spray. They were all discharged from the hospital after treatment. "Using such massive violence against police officers - we have never experienced this escalation in Trier," explained Konz, while the colleagues there were only doing their job. Contrary to a first report from the police, iron bars were not used.

State and federal politicians sharply condemned the attack on the officials. The Rhineland-Palatinate Prime Minister Malu Dreyer (SPD) spoke of an "incredible outbreak of violence" that would have serious consequences for the perpetrators. "Whoever attacks the police attacks each of us and he attacks our state," said Dreyer, who lives in Trier. State Interior Minister Michael Ebling (SPD) emphasized: The perpetrators should feel the full force of the law," he said. The federal government also reacted with horror to the attack.

What is known so far? According to their own statements, the police were called to the club shortly after midnight because of an assault. The opponents were then brought to the door, where the police officers began the investigation. Almost at the same time, guests from the disco and others from outside "ganged up" and "suddenly took an anti-position" against the police officers.

From the group there was then a targeted physical attack by a man who was supported by other people. When the police arrested two "aggressors", this was the trigger for the group to attack the police officers. According to the police, due to the heated atmosphere and the large number of drunk people, several patrol cars had already set off to reinforce the area.

In order to defuse the situation, a police officer fired two warning shots in the air, after which most of the attackers ran away. The approximately 40 suspects have therefore not yet been identified. "On site, the first thing to do was to take care of the injured," said the spokesman. In addition to the police officers, two or three other people from the group were injured by pepper spray.

Regarding possible reasons, Konz said: "Certainly the topic of alcohol is one. Then it may even be a fundamental distance to state institutions, to the police in concrete terms." Since the attackers have not yet been found, one can only speculate about motives. A party had been celebrated in the club from women's Thursday to Friday.

Both those arrested, aged 42 and 21, were from Trier, said Konz. The police are now investigating on suspicion of physical harm, resistance to law enforcement officials, serious breaches of the peace and attempted freeing of prisoners. She asks witnesses to upload videos and photos to a reference portal.